vtiger Customer Relationship Management (Cloud Based CRM)

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CRM for sales team(s) from vTiger is a comprehensive software which help sales team operate in an effective and efficient manner as it empowers them with various tools like contact management, lead management, analytics, sales pipeline management, appointment and schedule manager, forecasting, email marketing, collaboration, etc. The software is a holistic tool as it is beyond a CRM tool as it takes care of all small to large requirements of sales team and that to from a single platform itself. Also, the software is available as an application for both iOS and Android, hence the required information can be accessed by the user on the move.

Product Features
  • Manage contacts
    • Know your contacts better, with a complete historical view
    • Take action with an email or call, or get assistance with a @tagged comment
    • Know when to act with idle contact, activity, and other notifications
    • Stay on top of commitments with detailed tasks and calendar events
    • Import contacts from anywhere, automatically
  • Schedule appointments
    • Book appointments in a single step
    • Have more productive conversations with pre-scheduling questionnaires
    • Reduce no-shows with pre-meeting email reminders
    • Save time with automatic data capturing into vtiger
    • Get pre and post meeting prep time with meeting buffers
    • Professionalize meeting page with custom design
  • Track deals
    • Focus on winning, with every opportunity transparent and accounted for
    • Visualize opportunity pipeline on a dashboard in real time
    • Move opportunities through the sales cycle more quickly
    • See what’s important with filtered lists of opportunities
    • Stay on top of commitments with detailed tasks and calendar events
    • Add detail with attached documents, or collaborative comments
    • Measure performance with exportable reports, pivot tables, and charts
    • Forecast future sales
  • Build forecasts
    • Plan better, with pre-built sales forecasts
    • Forecast revenue, periods, months or years out
    • Forecast revenue based on different scenarios, including guaranteed revenue, best case, worst case and more
    • Set private forecast amounts on opportunities
    • Export forecasts to CSV files for sharing or further analysis
  • Automate workflows
    • Enable workflow automation
    • Automatically create leads and contacts from website form submissions
    • Automate next steps from email
  • Email marketing
    • Easily build send beautiful email
    • Increase engagement with targeted recipient lists
    • Increase engagement with targeted recipient lists
    • Automate follow-up emails with autoresponders
    • Help sales have the right conversations, with contact-level campaign engagement
  • Sales Reporting
    • Build reports from any data in vtiger
    • Create and pin real-time charts to the dashboard
    • Export reports and charts to CSV files
    • Schedule periodic emailed reports
  • Pre-built insights
    • Sales Analytics & Insights
    • Dive deeper into analysis, with pre-built pipeline, team, and activity analytics
    • Visualize the health of sales pipeline
    • Slice and dice chart data with related tables
    • A range of pre-built charts and tables visualize sales organization's health
  • Tasks & activities
    • Create record-linked tasks and events
    • Pop-up notifications on screen and mobile
    • Automatically create follow-up tasks
    • Integrate with Google, Outlook, and other calendars
  • Collaboration
    • Mention co-workers to collaborate
    • Users can see real-time notifications whenever they are mentioned
  • Documents ad files
    • Find and share marketing documents from right inside vtiger
    • Upload documents directly to leads and contacts
    • Never go looking for email attachments again
    • Integrate with Dropbox and Google Drive
  • Mobile apps
    • Available for iPhone, iPad and Android Devices
  • Integrations
    • Available for Gmail, Office 365, MS Outlook, MS Exchange, Mail Chimp, Mozilla Thunderbird, Mozilla Firefox
About The Software
Founded in 2004 with offices in San Francisco, California and Bangalore, India; vtiger is a CRM software company on a mission to help customer facing teams at small and medium sized businesses build lasting relationships with customers through CRM software that helps them work more effectively. That software, vtiger CRM, is available in more than 20 languages, and supported by an active community of business users, developers, and partner networks in more than 110 countries.

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