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Webwork Time Tracker
Webwork Time Tracker
Webwork Time Tracker
Webwork Time Tracker
Webwork Time Tracker
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Webwork Time Tracker

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About Webwork Time Tracker

What is WebWork Time Tracker? 

WebWork Time Tracker software is designed for companies for real-time employee monitoring solution. This time tracking software for employees can be installed directly on their system to help managers track their productivity. It supports time tracking with screenshots and provides timesheet reports. This employee monitoring software allows organization to optimize their productivity. This software with advanced time tracking tools generates detailed and insightful reports regarding: 

  1. Application usage 
  2. Web browsing 
  3. Keystroke tracking 
  4. Cursor and mouse click activity 
  5. Screenshot monitoring, and many more. 

This employee monitoring software also allows managers to assist their employees with tasks that require instant approvals such as invoice generation. The software allows users to generate invoices for billable contracts. It also enables the users to create billable contracts for which the invoices will be created. Organizations can set hourly charges for a contract on their team or project page and share screenshots to their higher ups directly.

Efficient Employee Time Tracking with WebWork Time Tracker Software

WebWork Time Tracker software helps with various types of employee monitoring tools.

  1. Track working time of the employees accurately. 
  2. Record every mouse click and keyboard stroke 
  3. Take screenshot of employee’s desktop system 
  4. Tracks active application usage and windows browser activity detail 

How to track employees’ work time with WebWork Time Tracker?

Here is a step by step guide about how to track time for employees in WebWork Time Tracker:

  1. Download and install WebWork Time Tracker on the desktop.
  2. Open the software and select the project the user wants to track the time of. 
  3. Press the “Start” button at the bottom of the software and the software will start recording the activity. 

WebWork Time Tracker Software Features? 

Here is a list of features offered by WebWork Time Tracker software:

  1. Real-time screenshot 
  2. Activity levelling and categorization
  3. Multi-user interface 
  4. Online reporting 
  5. Invoice creation 
  6. Contract management 
  7. Application and website usage 
  8. Billable hours 
  9. Activity depression 
  10. Task management 

What is the price of WebWork Time Tracking Software?

The price of WebWork Time Tracker is ₹209/- per employee per month.

Sold By : Webwork

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Webwork Time Tracker Features

This employee monitoring system allows users to track the time of their application usage and web browsing during office hours.
The employee monitoring software allows managers to get comprehensive data on employee’s online activities during the office hours.
Managers/monitoring teams can take screenshots of the employee’s desktop in real-time.
This employee monitoring solution allows users to create invoices as per their billable contracts.
WebWork Time Tracker offers detailed reports on timesheet, web browser activity, tasks, etc. through bar graphs and pie charts.
This employee monitoring solution allows users to track their workforce’s PC activity and keep a record of it in their employee log.
Managers can access the employee monitoring data from their mobile phones in real-time.
The software offers advanced task management tools that allow users to monitor their team’s work progress on projects and help them with the goal completion before deadline, optimized utilization of workforce, etc.
The software provides a 24/7 customer support for its users through email, phone, ticketing, or live chat.
WebWork Time Tracker software enables managers to create role-based user profiles to facilitate the workflow of employees from different departments and designations.

Get Webwork Time Tracker support19 Chatting right now

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Webwork Time Tracker Specifications

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Webwork Time Tracker FAQs

A. Yes, WebWork Time Tracker is installed via confirmation from the employee whose desktop it is being deployed on. It complies with all the major regulations that are required for an ethical employee monitoring system.
A. Yes, the software helps detect false clicks and keystrokes. It automatically recognizes the clicks and keystrokes that are made unnaturally.
A. WebWork Time Tracker helps in the working of organizations that deal with a lot of sensitive information. It allows them to monitor the performance and activities of their remote employees to ensure that the data is not getting leaked out of the office.
A. Yes, WebWork Time Tracker is available for an online demo before purchase at Techjockey. Please request a call to book your demo.
A. Along with time tracking, WebWork Time Tracker also helps with invoice generation and addition of billable receipts.

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