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About Zoho Meeting

What is Zoho Meeting?

Zoho Meeting is a web-based conferencing software that allows users to host and join online meetings, webinars and audio conferences from any location across the globe. This best video conferencing software has given a whole new perspective to team meetings, allowing the members to collaborate and share information within the team. Zoho Meeting also enables them to transfer control to another team member during product presentations. It enables the hosts to share their computer screen with the customers and demonstrate products and ideas in real-time. The automated email reminder of the software sends scheduled reminders to the potential attendees before conducting an online meeting or webinar.

How can users host successful webinars by using Zoho Meeting?

  1. Analytics: The software provides reports based on the attendees, poll results and Q&A. Users can download those reports as CSV and XLS files and analyze them.
  2. Add Co-hosts: The software allows hosts to add co-hosts within a live webinar and enables them to present their thoughts and ideas in real-time.
  3. Polls, Q&A: By conducting live polls and Q&A sessions, hosts get better information about the attendees.
  4. Raise Hand: The attendees can use this feature for silent communication with the host of the webinar.

Pricing of Zoho Meeting

The software charges -

For Meetings:

  1. Rs. 300 per month for meetings. Allows 100 participants, and users can store up to 10 session recordings.

For Webinar:

  1. Rs. 570 per month, allows 25 attendees
  2. Rs. 870 per month, allows 50 attendees
  3. Rs.1170 per month, allows 100 attendees
  4. Rs. 2370 per month, allows 250 attendees

Interested buyers can request a callback and our customer care team will provide support related to activation key, license renewal and many others.

The Latest Version of Zoho Meeting

The latest version of the software was launched in February 2020, and has the following features:

  1. Request Control: The software allows participants to send requests for remote access to the host for collaborations and troubleshooting.
  2. Q&A option: Hosts can view all the unanswered questions by using the checkbox in the Q&A tab.
  3. Integration: Webinars scheduled using the latest version of Zoho Meeting are automatically synced with Zoho CRM, only if the user has enabled its integration option.
  4. Audio Detection: The software sends pop-ups to users and informs them to enable audio, in case it is not detected automatically.
  5. Reduced Data Consumption: The makers of the software have made adjustments to reduce the amount of data being consumed during live screen sharing on mobile devices.

Compatible Platforms of Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting is a web-based software. The operating systems with which the software is compatible are:

  1. Windows 7 (version 6.1 and higher)
  2. Mac OS X 10.10 and higher
  3. Linux: All the operating systems supporting the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox browsers.

What are the benefits of using Zoho Meeting

  1. No Downloads: Users can host or join meetings right from their browser. They do not have to download preventive firewalls and other unnecessary add-ons.
  2. Recording: Zoho Meeting allows users to record complete webinars and online meeting sessions. They can further share those recordings with others in the form of downloadable links.
  3. Customization: By using Zoho Meetings, users can add customizable fields into their webinar registration forms. They can even add their company logo for brand promotion.
  4. Security: The software makes sure that webinars and online meetings take place through SSL/128-bit AES encryption protocols. It also complies with the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework.

Sold By : Zoho by Target Integration

Get Zoho Meeting support 19 Chatting right now

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Zoho Meeting Features

It enables the hosts to know how many attendees will be joining their meeting before they finally start. The RSVP section of the email will help the host to get an exact answer.
 The software enables users to auto-sync their meeting schedule with Zoho and Google calendars.
By using Zoho Meeting, users can share their individual computer screen with their webinar attendees. This way, they can deliver live presentations and build a better bond with the attendees.
The software enables users to join or host audio conferences by using their individual VoIP or international dial-in numbers.
The software offers a live text chat feature to the host and the attendees, which is available both in private and public.
The software allows users to transmit and share videos through their webcam while they are hosting a webinar or any other online meeting.
By pressing the record button in the presenter’s toolbar, users can record complete webinar sessions. The software sends them an email once the recording is ready along with a link to view and download it.
Zoho Meeting allows users to send automated email reminders with all the conference details and joining links embedded within it.
The software allows users to embed registration forms and other meeting widgets within blogs and web pages to attract the attention of their target audience.
Zoho Meeting sends notifications to the host of the webinar when an attendee tries to enter a secured meeting.
You can lock the confidential meetings and keep them secure from any unexpected attendee.
Users can mute and even remove the unwanted participants from their webinar in order to reduce disturbance and conduct meaningful discussions.

Get Zoho Meeting support19 Chatting right now

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Zoho Meeting Specifications


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Zoho Meeting FAQs

As a host, you can use the chat tab to send messages to the attendees who are a part of the current meeting or webinar.
Users can mute participants or reduce their noise in order to make the session more informative and productive.
Yes, techjockey provides an online demo of Zoho Meeting. You simply need to send us a request mentioning your preferable time and date.
Zoho Meeting is a web-based software and has the following system requirements: ? Hardware: Desktop, laptop and compatible OS, built-in or wireless speakers, web camera. ? Internet speed: 4Mbps for presenters and 2Mbps for participants. ? Web Browsers: Chrome 55 and above, Firefox 54 and above, Opera, Microsoft Edge version 79 and Safari.
Yes! The software has a dedicated mobile app under the same name. Zoho Meeting is compatible with all Android and iOS devices.

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