What Will AI Technology Bring to Your Business in 2019

Artifiial_Inteligence_Artifiial-InteligenceWhat Will AI Technology Bring to Your Business in 2019


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Walmart, the world’s largest retailer in terms of revenue is soon to have robots as janitors! So, get ready to be amazed at the view of autonomous robots with AI capabilities scrubbing the floors of Walmart stores across the US. Artifiial-InteligenceWhat Will AI Technology Bring to Your Business in 2019 If you think that’s it. Buckle up! Soon, AI will chart its course into the flight deck and in the back office. Thanks to advancements like automated flight systems and ‘fly-by-wire’ controls, AI technology is now all set to be one of the crew members in the cockpit. Source wiredThis is just a glimpse of how businesses across different industries are relying on the latest technology trends to free up their employees for higher value tasks. AI technology was everywhere in 2018 and the hype is not going to die down soon, at least not for the next 12 months! AI Assistants Will Be More Active Most people don’t even realise how AI-driven predictions are influencing the way they search for any product on Amazon or browse through movie options on Netflix. This is interesting to know how AI and machine learning comes into play to help people make sense of the myriad amount of data. Businesses are primarily benefitted by this trend, as they can make the most of the ocean of data available in the modern world to anticipate the behaviour of their customers. As one of the hottest AI trends for 2019, AI Assistant will make businesses more efficient in understanding their customers. Take for instance, natural language algorithms converting speech into computer-readable data to provide more profound insights into how customers communicate. Kia and Hyundai cars are geared up to include this AI trend for 2019 for suggesting destinations based on the past preferences of the users. AI Assistants will also browse through your calendar to find what’s lined up next and accordingly suggest destinations. Not just Kia and Hyundai but other car dealerships are also working extensively to bring in the exclusive features of car assistants in their latest models. And why not! These are going to be the future of AI. Source blog.trelloAI & Automation Will Get a Firmer Grip on Your Business AI technology is already a hot topic in the tech space, but in 2018 we witnessed an increased use of AI in healthcare, business, gaming and other industries. Take for instance chatbots, which is making the conversation between consumers and brands hassle-free. Consumers enjoy using chatbots and other such standard messaging tools and voice-activated interfaces to raise their concerns anytime and from anywhere. Not just customer service departments but even HR professionals are leveraging the power of chatbots and AI assistants to handle mundane tasks and focus on their core competency. AI also presents opportunities for healthcare professionals to gather data from patients and improve healthcare services.  Along with giving competitive edge to healthcare providers, AI technology is widely used by e-commerce businesses to automatically tag, search and organize information from image and video. Shoppers can further discover associated products on the basis of shape, size, colour and brand. Taking visual cues from images and videos is possible with none other than AI applications, which is only expected to grow in the coming year. More Jobs to be Created by AI It’s hard to predict whether the rise of AI technology will lead to unemployment in the future, but it’s not going to happen at least in 2019. If you go by the Gartner prediction, AI will create more jobs by the end of 2019 than it will take away. While 1.8 million jobs will be engulfed automation, 2.3 million more jobs will be created. With AI applications bringing significant tech revolution in education, healthcare and public sector, more process transformation is expected leading to higher job opportunities. However, with digital transformation, players in these industries need to deploy the right set of technology. At the same time, they need to train the workforce to benefit from AI trends for 2019.


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