Giddh Accounting Software: To Stay Cash Flow Positive

Giddh accounting software


In your process to zero in on the best accounting software, you are likely to come across several names. While some might be the new entrants, others will be the market leaders with all the bells and whistles. The confusing pricing and complex implementation process of different accounting software will further leave you perplexed.

Rather than wasting your time on scrolling through the specifications of different accounting software, go with the key to smart accounting software selection. Intuitive user experience is something that helps accounting professionals save time and money on achieving accounting accuracy along with budgeting and forecasting.

One such accounting software that promises to make GST accounting easier and simpler is Giddh accounting software. And, to keep the promise, it combines the use of Node.js and Angular.js, which leads to smooth user experience.

Let’s delve deeper into the exclusive features of Giddh accounting software, that make it worth a buy.

Cut Down Expenses, Manage Accounting Seriously

The intuitive dashboard of Giddh accounting software allows users to manage different bank accounts, expenses and revenue at a single platform. Also, the overall picture of monthly revenue and expenses along with the overall financial year performance can be tracked at ease through graphical representation. Users can sync their different bank accounts with Giddh for easy tracking of the cash flow.

Giddh accounting software

Right-Size the Balance Sheet

The sales module of Giddh accounting software will help you manage all details of your customer such as billing & shipping address, due date, etc. Also, information regarding the product you sold, like quantity, discount and tax can be managed in a hassle-free manner.

The exclusive feature of Journal Voucher allows to track debit and credit score of particulars by/ to cash, sales purchases, round off, reverse charge, general reserves and Walkover Technologies Pvt Ltd (Giddh).

Invoicing in Just a Few Clicks

Invoice generation with Giddh is all about selecting the account, amount, count and description for a given time frame. You can handle different accounts like reserves & surplus, sundry creditors, sales, purchases, other indirect expenses and reverse charge within a short timeframe. The invoice template can be further compromised based on template title, columns, and headers in line item table.

Make P&L More Useful for Your Business

Giddh accounting software

The profit & loss statement is critical for understanding the business health. If you fail to analyse the P&L accurately, you may have to dig extra hours for understanding the varied metrics like expectations, expenses and revenue. Additionally, the entire trial balance can be managed in one go for particulars like liabilities, assets, income and expenses. From opening balance to transactions and closing balance, all can be tracked in a hassle-free manner. Along with P&L and trail balance, balance sheet can also be managed using Giddh accounting software.

GSTR Form Filing Anytime & Anywhere

GSTR1, GSTR2 & GSTR3B forms can be managed using Giddh accounting software. Many useful filters are available like GSTIN (Empty, Filled) and Invoice (Empty, Filled) to make GST accounting easier even for non-accountants. At the same time, you can generate purchase invoice to be always ready for timely GST return submissions online. Filing GST return is made easy, secure and fast with Giddh. Also, it helps in status tracking by keeping the information confidential at every stage.

Tally Plus Giddh: The Winning Duo

Giddh accounting software

Tally being an offline accounting software makes it difficult to work on more than one ledger at a time. It is cumbersome for multiple users to work together on a ledger and view details at the same time. Further, users operating from multiple branches need to invest in servers and LAN with Tally-net.

Furthermore, it requires the timely manual sync and the data cannot be updated without the help of expert accountants. Fortunately, by syncing your data from Tally to Giddh, you can access every information online, anytime and anywhere. Also, multiple users can work together from different locations without spending much on LAN or server setup.

Other significant features of Giddh accounting software are daybook to manage transaction report, audit logs and manufacturing journal register.

Giddh Pricing: A Budget-Friendly Option for All

Giddh accounting software

You just need to invest the minimal amount of Rs 4000 annually to put an end to your accounting troubles. However, Charted Accountant or Company Secretary, Non-Profit Organisations and Start-ups with Revenue more than 12 and less than 20 lacs yearly can enjoy its subscription for just Rs 800. And, start-ups with less than 12 Lac annually and non-profit organizations can manage their finances for free.

So, is it a viable option for simple & secure accounting? 

Be it ledger sharing, multi-person entry, Invoice or Tally sync, Giddh accounting software provides customized solution for all. Further, GST reports along with several other important accounting reports can be generated to help accountants achieve accuracy in budgeting and forecasting. With so many useful features and competitive pricing, this software makes an ideal choice for both start-ups and big enterprises. After all, accuracy in accounting with minimum complexity is what every business demands in today’s competitive landscape.

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