Syncing Mobile Apps Will Ensure Better Results And Security

| June 6, 2019



Mobile app development has come a long way and now you can choose from a wide range of such apps for your specific purpose. With innovative features such as augmented reality and others incorporated in its design, these apps have made mobile usage much easier whether it is for entertainment purpose or for making any business transaction or purchases. However, all these designs and features should be in sync perfectly so that it ensures the functionality of the app at its highest level as well as the security of it to its optimal level.

Since augmented reality takes the center stage in mobile app development now, it is required that you understand about it first to make sure the technology and your purpose is perfectly in sync. AR is something that is real and truly modifies an app.

  • One of the best examples of AR and its effectiveness is the face filter option that you find in Snapchat.
  • Remember, Pokemon Go? This is the game that was based fully on augmented reality on a mobile device.

However, there are also other apps such as Instagram that has implemented this unique feature as well to increase its usability and also as an effective strategy to generate more revenue.

There are a few mind blowing statistical facts that will substantiate how effective and useful AR is for business apps or for any other for that matter. These are:

  • Apps with augmented reality usually have more than 800 million downloads
  • There are more than 5 million active users that use such apps on a daily basis and
  • When it comes to the revenue generation aspect the figure stands at an amazing $1.2 billion mark.

These figures speak in volumes for themselves about the popularity and success of the apps with augmented reality and also indicate at the reason why more and more businesses are focused ion incorporating augmented reality into their apps and mobile technology.

Simply put the apps that have augmented reality help in creating better brand awareness, engagement and revenue not to say anything separately about its enormous amount of downloads.

Syncing wearable technology

When it comes to mobile devices, wearable technology is something that you cannot avoid talking of. This technology has become increasingly popular in the mobile circuit but this too needs to be in sync to show its potential and effects.

Such wearable devices consist of different varied items such as:

  • Fitness bracelets
  • Healthcare monitors
  • Smart watches and
  • Smart glasses.

You can pair these all with a mobile app to enjoy the inherent benefits of it.

Consider Fitbit as for example. When you wear it and sync this with a suitable app, you can do a lot of things such as:

  • You can track your heart rates
  • How many miles you have walked in a day.

Among all other things you can also use this device socially as well when you sync it with mobile devices. Doing this you can compare your progress with your friends and make it into a healthy competition.

The reason of popularity of these wearable devices is that you can pair it with you mobile devices which in turn encourage engagement with the use of this wearable technology.

If you are fond of statistics then be informed that industry experts estimate that more than 125 million such wearable technology units will be shipped by the end of 2019. This figure is in comparison to the 50 million units that were shipped in 2015.

The revenue factor

If revenue is what you are concerned of, then you can generate a lot of revenue from mobile apps. These are in fact making a killing which is why you will see all companies and sorts of businesses are designing an app of their own. Whether it is or, it is a trend now to have a dedicated app of own.

If you consider the jump in the revenue from the apps on a global scale from 2016 to 2017 you will see that:

  • There was a considerable increase in the revenue figure in both Apple App Store and Google Play Store and
  • There is no sign of this trend slowing down.

In fact, experts believe that it will continue to thrive and by 2020 the global revenue from these apps will exceed $190 billion, which is almost triple the current figure.

Syncing mobile devices with homes

There are several apps that are now being developed with intent to improve user experiences ad that too within their own homes. The notable signs that points to this fact are:

  • You will see several businesses syncing your air conditioning and heating unit at home with your mobile phone simply using an app. This has enabled the users to control temperatures irrespective of the fact that they are at home or not by simply reaching out to the mobile phone in their pocket and pressing a button.
  • When it comes to home security, it has also been integrated with mobile app technology as well. There are specific apps that come with a video camera synced with the doorbell. This enables you to see who is at the front door automatically as soon as the bell rings. Using such apps you can also control and monitor all of the security cameras on the outside and inside of your home.

Do not be surprised because there is more to come. You can even have apps now that connect with your smart refrigerator at home. This app will enable you to see inside your fridge while you are at the grocery store to know what items are running low and what you need to buy!

Summing it up

In short, modern apps have ensured mobile security and enhanced it though it is just an understatement. This is because big companies still face security breaches which is why most consumers are still apprehensive about the potential dangers and are therefore reluctant to give away any personal information or make payment of their utility bills expecting a fraud.

However, the mobile app is on the rise as companies are taking care of the security aspect.


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