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Trends Revolutionizing Inbound Marketing in 2018

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Inbound MarketingAs we have entered into the third quarter of 2018, it will be right to say that it has been the year of digital innovations. Today, around 89 percent of enterprises are considering the digital-first strategy. Among all, start-ups are more driven towards adopting a digital business strategy.

Many businesses are now leveraging the power of digital platforms to market their business and grow. However, their vision is short-sighted with the focus on monthly goals. While trying to achieve short-term goals, they often ignore the power of strategic planning.

This is where inbound marketing comes in! It helps businesses align their digital marketing strategies with long-term business goals and objectives. Inbound marketing promotes the flexible approach while allowing businesses to adjust with the rapidly shifting digital environment.

Inbound marketing is all about understanding the buying behaviour of customers and attracting them through relevant content. The idea is to address the problems of customers through your content and help them at every stage of the buying process.

Let’s have some valuable insights into the trends that are revolutionizing inbound marketing practice in 2018.

#1 Guest Blogging Via PR

#1 Guest Blogging Via PR“In general, Webmasters can improve the link of their sites by increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to their pages.”Google Support

It doesn’t come as a surprise that most of the digital companies are adopting guest blogging as a strong SEO practice. It helps SEO professionals get more backlinks and drive higher traffic. But, in the quest to get the maximum number of backlinks, they often divert from the original idea of getting quality traffic from backlinks. Getting visitors on your site who are not interested in your offerings would turn out into a futile affair.

Quality backlinks can help in establishing your website as a high-quality resource which others want to refer.

You can leverage the power of PR professionals to get value-driven articles published on high authority sites. Even Google recognizes backlinks from high authority sites.

So, what exactly you need to rank high in search results?

  • Your content should resonate with your buyer persona and address their problems
  • Implement the best SEO practices like relevant keyword usage, anchor text and use of visual aids.
  • Leverage PR to publish your articles and give a linkback to your site from theirs.
  • For product pages, you can approach high authority websites to share reviews about your offerings. This way, you will get back link to your product pages organically.

#2 Long In-Depth Content is the Key

Guest blogging is undoubtedly an effective approach to get inbound traffic on your website. At the same time, blogging on your own site will be like the frosting on the cake. High-quality, consistent blogging is the secret to transforming your business. But, you can’t become the next BuzzFeed by throwing together a run-of-the-mill post, which can probably finish in 500-800 words.

#2 Long In-Depth Content is the Key

Majority of people have now ditched short write-ups and are focusing on 1000 plus word blog posts to drive more traffic. And, stats as mentioned above resonate with the same trend.

Article writing is like practicing the leadership skill – You need to keep your employees motivated without micro-managing them at every step. Similarly, if you write too little, you may have to settle down with a little or no traffic. At the same time, writing average quality posts that are 1000 plus words long every day will take your website nowhere.

So, find the middle path and write long, researched articles that help you connect with your buyer personas.

Trends Revolutionizing Inbound Marketing in 2018Posting 2-6 long, researched articles per week would be enough to drive quality traffic on your website.

#3 Quora As a Potent Marketing Platform

#3 Quora As a Potent Marketing Platform


Where else you can get a better idea of how big is Quora as an inbound marketing tool than the Quora itself. Yes, Quora provides answers to all possible questions, including something related to the platform!

It qualifies as a discussion forum where people don’t hesitate to ask questions, as answers are readily available. Quora allows its users to pick their interest groups and increase the visibility of their answers.

Another way to use Quora as a marketing tool is to create and run qualitative surveys here. All you have to do is create customized survey questions and get ready to fetch valuable insights based on the answers.

#4 Leveraging the Power of Instagram

Are you leveraging the power of Instagram for your business to the fullest? Now is the time to rock the platform which is now delivering 29 percent more social engagement than Facebook, and 60 percent more than Twitter.

The Instagram algorithm now works in a way that your business page can attract more followers through the power of storytelling. The carousel post functionality is driving much attention of marketers and users alike. While people enjoy swiping to the left and viewing more picture in one go, marketers are loving this feature as people end up spending more time on the post. The same applies to videos, as people these days like to consume information in the form of content. Even videos can now be shared in the carousel format. Yippie!

Another exciting feature to be explored for marketing on Instagram is posting visuals for 24 hours. Through Instagram stories, you can create polls, show your location, and even go live. If you have more than ten thousand followers on your Insta page, you can also use the ‘Swipe Up’ feature and help visitors shop the item.

To widen the visibility of your brand, you can adopt these trending inbound marketing techniques.  It’s still not late. Adopt these strategies to transform your business.


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