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Gallery Yours Sincerely With Classplus
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play Updated Official Classplus Demo | Classplus app demo | ft. Chandan Mendiratta
play Classplus- complete coaching solutions
play Yours Sincerely With Classplus | Episode 10
play Yours Sincerely With Classplus
play 15 Ways to grow your Online Teaching Business | 3-Minute Webinars by Chandan | Classplus Demo


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Classplus Overview Classplus is India’s renowned B2B ed-tech startup designed to help teachers and the people associated with the content creation industry scale their online learning business. It has empowered educators through a user-friendly online learning app that none of its competitors in I... Read more

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Classplus Software Pricing, Features & Reviews

Classplus Overview

Classplus is India’s renowned B2B ed-tech startup designed to help teachers and the people associated with the content creation industry scale their online learning business. It has empowered educators through a user-friendly online learning app that none of its competitors in India has done before.

In just 36 months after its launch, Classplus has managed to achieve nationwide expansion and has successfully secured its position as one of the leading contenders in the learning management software category. Classplus has managed to digitize more than 100,000 educators in approximately 3,000 cities across India, and this has benefitted around 40 million students. It offers educators a comprehensive mobile solution that will help them manage coaching, communication, assessments, payments, and various student engagement programs easily.

In addition, Classplus will also help educators monetize their online classes, and in turn, this will help them to grow their business outside their native cities. To date, Classplus has successfully raised around $160 million from various investors across the globe, including Tiger Global, AWI, RTP Global, Blume Ventures, Sequoia, and more.

What is Classplus?

Classplus is a Learning Management Software designed for coaching institutes to operate online. Classplus offers multiple utilities that enable coaching institutes to expand in an online environment. It offers a strong digital infrastructure which assists in conducting online classes properly.

Online institutes or educators can use Classplus to create their personalized course curriculum and add videos on different subjects. The learning management mobile application allows users to create an online store for educational content and monetize videos, notes, test papers, etc. They can also add personal names and logos to the Classplus coaching institute management app for branding purposes.

Classplus learning management system allows users to conduct online tests with accuracy and transparency. Online teachers can provide the students with enough material for mock practice by using the Classplus online test portal. The Classplus app and web version also helps in uploading question papers online and allow educators to conduct regular tests and Classplus quizzes.

Why Choose Classplus Learning Management Software?

  • Stats Dashboard: Classplus software comes with a stats dashboard using which you can easily monitor the student activity on the app.
  • Marketing Dashboard: This will help you take charge of your marketing as the learning management solution will enable you to create sales coupons, send out notifications to students, & create visual materials like posters and thumbnails.
  • Create Your Own Store: You will have an opportunity to create your e-learning store, using which you can easily list and sell your courses online.
  • Live Classes: With Classplus, you can seamlessly connect with your students without compromising on the security of users’ data.

How It Will Help Grow Your Coaching Institute or Tutoring Career?

Classplus web and app version offers a variety of features that allow institutes to create a fully functioning platform for themselves and their students. With this learning management mobile application, you will get a video portal to upload and categorize course materials for students’ easy navigation. It also takes away hosting issues from teachers/institutes, as Classplus does data hosting for the user.

Another key feature of Classplus web and app version is the online testing module. Teachers can upload test papers into Classplus along with the answers and make those available to their students directly. Once students complete a test, it automatically sends reports to both the teacher and student with detailed analytics on their performance.

What are some prominent Classplus features?

Here are some important features offered by the Classplus learning management app/software:

  • Your Brand Identity: To keep your existing brand identity intact
  • Live Video Lectures: Switch to hybrid teaching for better reach
  • Content Security: Relax! Your Content is secured on your app.
  • Fee Collection: Hassle-free fee payment collection.
  • AI-Powered Leads: Insights on who’s interested in your course
  • Online Store: To sell your courses and earn 10X
  • Easy Assessments and Results: We make it easier than ever before.
  • Fee Records: The coaching institute management app keeps a through record of all the fee receipts of students.
  • Quickly, Easily Create Online Courses: This coaching institute management software allows online institutes to monetize their video lectures & notes.

Classplus Compatible Platforms

Classplus is a web-based solution that can be accessed anywhere from PC, Mac, and mobile devices. Classplus online coaching app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Benefits of Classplus App for Educators

Classplus app provides several benefits to educators in the transition from offline to online teaching. Educators include online teachers, school and college teachers, coaching teachers, tuition teachers, and independent teachers.

  • Live lectures: You can create video lectures without any storage restrictions. You can also take multiple live classes with automatic recordings. There is no limit on the number of students.
  • Increased earnings: Teachers can create and sell their study materials across India, gaining an additional source of income.
  • Automatic test results: Automatic checking and solutions are available when you conduct online tests.
  • Smart attendance: Classplus provides the live attendance option. You can receive monthly reports of class attendance and share the information with parents.
  • Communicate anytime: Teachers can contact students and parents 24/7. A live chat option is also available. Chats can be disabled when you are busy.
  • Student reports: Receive personalized and detailed performance report for every student.
  • Fee management: You get receipts of fee payments. There are automatic reminders for due fees.
  • Security and privacy for content creation: Data security for the content you create is ensured via SSL AES 256-bit encryption. Educators can control what information can be viewed by admin and other individuals.

Classplus Pricing

Based on the unique needs and preferences of users, Classplus offers two broad plans that are customized according to the user.
1. Classplus for Creator Plan
Classplus for Creator plan is specially designed for educators and content creators, and currently, it is priced at Rs 16,999 for two years. Some of the basic features covered under the Classplus for Creator Plan are:

Classplus app is available on Android devices

  • You can efficiently conduct tests
  • Helps sell courses online
  • Allows you to access the software using the web portal

2. Classplus Pro Plan
Classplus Pro plan is designed for medium to large-scale medium and large coaching centers and is presently priced at INR 19,999 for two years. Some of the basic features covered under the Classplus Pro Plan are:

  • Classplus app is available on Android devices
  • You can easily conduct tests
  • Sell courses online
  • Access the software using the web portal
  • You can easily manage large batches of students
  • Streamlines the learning process for the students with ease

Classplus pricing is available on request at Please request a call back for more inquiries.

What Does Classplus Do?

Classplus is a robust learning management software designed to help educators earn additional income by creating and selling their courses online. It is a robust learning solution with advanced features for course distribution, video content sharing, online assessments, payments, etc.

Is Classplus Free for Teachers?

Classplus is a reliable learning management solution that will enable them to earn money by selling courses online. Teachers can also communicate with students through chat and cater to their doubts and queries both personally as well as in groups.

How Can I Earn Money on Classplus?

Classplus is a robust learning management solution designed for educators. Using the platform, teachers can sell their courses online. Apart from selling online courses, teachers can also take live classes and create online tests with ease.

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Classplus Pricing & Plans

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Classplus Features


Your Brand Identity

With Classplus you can easily build a reliable and reputable brand identity.


Live Video Lectures

Enhance the learning experience of students with live video lectures and revamp your teaching strategy.


Content Security

You don’t have to worry about the content security as all your data is well-protected within the software.


Fee Collection

A robust solution that will help you to collect the student’s fees easily & all the data will be stored at one place.


AI Powered Leads

Gain a better understanding about the prospect students and people who are keen in your course.


Online Store

With Classplus you can expand your online e-learning business by selling your courses & earning more profits.


Easy Assessments and Results

You can easily create online assessments and announce results for the students.


Fee Records

Streamline your financial transactions with ease and easily access all the finance-related data with ease.


Quickly, Easily Create Online Courses

This coaching institute management software allows online institutes to monetize their video lectures & notes.


Create Online Test

Seamlessly create online tests for your students to assess their skills and knowledge.

Classplus Specifications

  • Supported Platforms :
  • Device:
  • Deployment :
  • Suitable For :
  • Business Specific:
  • Business Size:
  • Customer Support:
  • Training:
  • Language:
  • Windows iOS Android
  • DesktopMobileTabletiPad
  • Web-Based
  • Education
  • School/Colleges/Coaching
  • Small Business, Startups, Medium Business, SMBs, SMEs, MSMBs, MSMEs
  • Phone, Email, Live Chat, Communities
  • Documentation, Videos
  • English

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pros_icon “The team is really helpful with solving our problems. The ease of creating & storing content/study material on the platform.” Ashish Vidyarthi - Jan 5, 2021

pros_icon “I like that it can take attendance, assignments, reviews, can chat and everything.” Mukul Yadav - Aug 31, 2020

pros_icon “The best thing is that I don't have to take care of the admin work.” Rahul - Aug 31, 2020


cons_icon “Sometimes the solution to a problem takes time but its gets solved in the end.” Ashish Vidyarthi - Jan 5, 2021

cons_icon “None that I can think of. Before i was unaware of some features, Now its sorted with demo.” Romi Sharma - Aug 27, 2020

cons_icon “It's really a good experience. The only con I have found is the lack of video notes feature.” Rawat R - Aug 22, 2020

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Review by: Mohit Goenka

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Review by: Prof. Baljinder Singh

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dalbeer gujrati

Verified reviewer:linkedin_verify

Founder, Education


Reviewed on: Feb 25, 2024


“A Logistical Nightmare for Desktop Users”

I recently encountered challenges while attempting to log in to the education website, which regrettably impacted the user experience. The issue first manifested as an OTP request limit exceeded, creating a barrier to accessing the platform seamlessly. This restriction added an unnecessary layer of complexity to the login process. Additionally, the subsequent attempt to log in on a laptop was met with a notification stating, You are already logged in on the web in some other device. Please use that same device to login. Unfortunately, this message left me in a predicament as I was unaware of any concurrent logins on other devices, and I have not knowingly logged in on multiple platforms. This situation has not only hindered my ability to access educational resources promptly but also raised concerns about the security and transparency of account activity. I would appreciate a comprehensive resolution to rectify these issues and ensure a smoother login experience for users. Improved communication regarding concurrent logins would also be beneficial to enhance user awareness and address potential security concerns. Overall, I believe the platform could benefit from refining its authentication processes and providing clearer insights into account activities to foster a more user-friendly and secure environment.

Pros :

Cons :

Switched from : annon



Value for Money


Customer Support


Ease of Use


Likely to Recommend


Ashish Vidyarthi

Verified reviewer:linkedin_verify


Software user since: 1-2 years

Reviewed on: Jan 5, 2021


“The most helpful app for teachers”

Pros :

Cons :



Value for Money


Customer Support


Ease of Use


Likely to Recommend


Mukul Yadav

Verified reviewer:linkedin_verify


Software user since: < 6 months

Reviewed on: Aug 31, 2020


“There's nothing more I want.”

Pros :

Cons :



Value for Money


Customer Support


Ease of Use


Likely to Recommend


Classplus FAQ

A. Yes! The developed app will be registered in your Coaching’s Name and will bear your Logo.
A. Yes, you can add existing students to your app.
A. Teachers, parents, and faculty members can use Classplus. It will help them streamline communication between all three parties.
A. We suggest that you start taking live classes through your branded app, which will be auto-recorded. If you take offline classes, start recording them in the classroom, and you can easily upload them on the app.
A. You can take a live class for up to 4 hours.
A. The app is extremely easy to use. You can create a course, upload the content, and start selling in two easy steps.
A. Classplus software is offering two plans for users: the Classplus Creator plan and the Classplus Pro plan. Both the plans have been designed keeping in mind the unique needs of the user. The creator plan is priced at INR 16,999, and the Classplus Pro plan is priced at INR 19,999.
A. Classplus will enable users to create their own e-commerce platform to easily list and sell their courses. Besides creating online courses, the learning management solution will help the teachers easily create, upload, and conduct online assessments and tests with an auto-correction feature. In addition, for a better learning experience, teachers can connect with students and set up live classes with automatic recording.
A. Yes, the test module allows you to conduct unlimited exams and share their results with the
A. Yes, you get a mini website and the app to sell courses.
A. Yes, Classplus is a good learning management platform for teachers and educators as it will help them expand their e-learning businesses, boost their income 10x, and improve the learning experience of students.
A. No, Classplus is a robust learning management platform and you can add unlimited students to it.
A. No, Classplus is not a free platform. The learning management solution offers two pricing plans to cater to the unique needs of the users. One is the Classplus Creator Plan, which is priced at INR 16,999, and the second is the Classplus Pro Plan, which is priced at INR 19,999.
A. No, Classplus does not offer a free trial.
A. Yes, Classplus Lite is free for a lifetime.
A. Classplus is a SaaS-based learning management platform that is designed to help coaching centers, educational institutions, and teachers to create and manage their online teaching business, including tracking student attendance, creating and publishing online courses, performing assessments, and more.

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