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About DU Recorder

What is DU Recorder?

DU Recorder is a screen recording software that aims to provide instructions or guidance about carrying out a certain procedure. It might include the steps to use a software or tool, or one might even use the software for learning or training purposes. You can easily record your videos and live stream the content on your screen. DU Recorder comes with a set of features for the business users to increase their productivity and execute business operations accurately.

DU Recorder works perfectly for any company size and its requirements. The automation provided by DU Recorder enables users to not only focus on the critical tasks at hand but also apply creative skills for problem-solving. The real-time alerts feature of the software allows you to have a bird’s eye view of the business processes to enhance operational efficiency and make smart decisions. The latest version of DU Recorder is 2.2.7.

Things you can do with DU Recorder

The software allows an individual to perform the following operations:

  1. Screen Recording: Users can record gameplay videos, video calls, and online videos clearly and smoothly at just a single tap. By using this software, you can enable front camera (facecam), and even pause and resume screen recording as per your wish. Besides, you can control your screen recording with the help of the notification bar and hide the floating window to get a frameless video. Users can record their screens as GIF or live stream their screen to YouTube and Facebook.
  2. Video Editing: Users can create better quality videos and also trim them or merge two multiple videos into one. Moreover, users can add an introduction along with subtitles to their videos or simply adjust the volume. You can also rotate or crop your videos as per your requirements.
  3. Livestream: With the live stream feature of DU Recorder, you can broadcast your screen to social platforms or screen gameplay videos, TV shows, films, etc. It also allows an individual to live stream privacy level settings, get real-time audience comments and more.
  4. Screenshot and Image Editing: This photo editing feature helps you to use the floating window or notification bar to take a single click screenshot, stitch together several images into one, crop images(s) as per your wish and blur image(s) to cover the parts that you want to hide from your viewers.

Pricing of DU Recorder

The pricing of DU Recorder is available as per the request of customers. You are requested to contact our support team through the “request a callback” option on our website. 

Unique Features of DU Recorder

  1. The software is best for video recording, editing, screen capturing, etc., which works both on desktops and mobile devices.
  2. The software comes inbuilt with features like live chat, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, etc.
  3. It supports HD video with different resolutions, frame rates, etc.
  4. You can record any screen with the audio or edit your recorded screen video, trim them or merge them.
  5. You can even record videos without adding watermarks.
  6. Users don’t need to root their devices to start recording.

Compatibility of DU Recorder

DU Recorder is available on Windows, Android and iOS platforms and supports both mobile as well as desktop versions.

Sold By : DU Recorder

Get DU Recorder support 28 Chatting right now

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DU Recorder Features

With just a single tap, users can record gameplay videos, online videos and video calls smoothly and clearly.
The software comes with a lot of settings and features to help users record the best quality videos.
DU Recorder allows an individual to merge, trim or add music to his/her recorded videos.
Users can livestream their screen to Facebook, YouTube or Twitch. Additionally, you can share movies, games, games, TV shows, sports, events, etc., with people.
Users can take a screenshot by using the notification bar or the floating window in DU Recorder in a single click.
Users can use the image editing tools present in DU Recorder to blur, crop or stitch their images as per their requirements.

Get DU Recorder support28 Chatting right now

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DU Recorder Specifications


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DU Recorder FAQs

A. You can easily get a live demo of DU Recorder with techjockey. You just need to drop in a suitable date and time as per your convenience and our l team will get back to you accordingly.
A. Yes, you can stop recording your screen by simply shaking your device.
A. ? RAM: 1 GB ? Hard Disk: 16 GB of free space ? Processor: 1 GHz Intel Pentium or Higher.
A. Yes, users can record videos in whatever quality they wish to. It even supports high-quality videos such as 1080p, 12 Mbps, 60 FPS, etc. There isn’t any recording time limit in DU Recorder.
A. Since the software supports both iOS as well as Android platforms, you can install the DU Recorder app in your handset and record your screen seamlessly.

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