12 Best Game Screen Recorders for PC & Mobile (Android and iOS)

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Gaming is a resource-intensive task. In addition to it, recording the gameplay requires extra power, which hampers the performance on a low-end PC or an Android smartphone. But the prices of such PCs and smartphones are high, and not everyone can afford them. The solution lies in switching to a system with much higher processing power.

A cheaper alternative to game screen recording uses a game screen recorder that has a minimal impact on the system performance. The game recording software ensures smooth gameplay and high-resolution recordings. 

What is a Game Screen Recorder? 

Game Screen Recorder is a system applications that help gamers capture their gameplay on different devices like Mac, Windows PC, Android, or iOS phones. Videos can be captured in HD quality and stored in different formats like MOV, GIF, MP4, and more. 

Many such game screen recorders also allow webcam recording, live stream recording and capturing different gaming moments with screenshots. In addition, images and videos can be shared on social media sites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more. The purpose can be to display gaming skills, share ideas, create tutorials, improve existing skills, and more. 

Best Screen Recorder for Gaming with Internal Audio

  • NVIDIA Screen Recording

game screen recorder pc

Nvidia is a game recording software that enables gamers to manually record gameplay videos up to 8K HDR at 30 FPS or 4K HDR at 60 FPS. In addition, it is hardware accelerated and runs in the background with a minimal impact on performance.

This helps improve your in-game experience. In addition, it automatically captures and saves your best gaming moments. Gamers just select the highlights they want to share.

NVIDIA Screen Recording Features

  • Automatic/ manual optimization of game settings  
  • DVR-style Instant Replay mode  
  • High-quality broadcast with just two clicks  
  • Custom graphic overlays for live streaming  
  • Create up to 15 second GIFs   
  • Capture and upload screenshots at up to 8K   
  • Post-processing filters on games 

NVIDIA Screen Recording Pricing: You can visit the official website and download this free game recorder for PC.   

NVIDIA Screen Recording Compatibility: Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10

  • Gecata Screen Recorder for Games

Gecata Screen Recorder is a simple to use and multifunctional software for live streaming and recording gameplay sessions without lags. It uses NVIDIA or Intel hardware acceleration for faster encoding. The system audio is captured from the mic.

You can use hotkeys to control recording while playing the game. This screen recorder for gaming can work offline but needs the internet to upload your video on YouTube or Google Drive using the in-built video editor.

Gecata Screen Recorder Features

  • Record gameplay in 4K and at up to 120 FPS   
  • Overlay webcam video  
  • Two-way sound capture to save audio streams separately  
  • Add music, visual and sound effects  
  • High-quality screenshots  
  • Customize overlays to monitor frame rate, file size, and more in real-time 
  • Add stock content

Gecata Screen Recorder Pricing: For personal use, the lifetime license pricing starts at INR 859 for 1 PC. For 1 PC and 2 apps, the price of gecata by Movavi starts at INR 2,149.

Gecata Screen Recorder Compatibility: Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 32-bit or 64-bit.

  • LoiLo Game Recorder

best game recorder

LoiLo is a free, easy to use game recorder for PC where both game and user’s voice can be recorded with a single click or using a hotkey. It offers different capturing options, and you can fully customize the video to the desired frame rate, resolution, and quality.

This game screen recording software has been tested to show minimal performance loss compared to many other game recorders like Fraps. 

LoiLo Screen Recorder for Gaming Features

  • Simple setup  
  • Create full HD videos in high resolution   
  • Motion-JPEG format support   
  • Reasonable file sizes  
  • Easy to add commentary  
  • Selected area recording 

LoiLo Pricing: None LoiLo is a Freeware game screen recorder.  

LoiLo Compatibility: Windows7, Windows8 32bit/64bit (not compatible with Vista, XP)  

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  • Action! Game Screen Recorder

Action gameplay and desktop screen recording software enable gamers to capture gameplays in 4K quality at 120FPS. Other supported resolutions include 2K and 3K screen recording for single displays, 8K for AMD Eyefinity or NVIDIA 3D Vision setups.

You can save videos in MP4 format and upload them to social media platforms or even live stream them. The green screen mode cuts out the background from webcam footage and replaces it.

Action! Game Screen Recorder Features

  • Fast screen recordings playback  
  • Time-shift recording to save the best gameplay  
  • Selected application recording for privacy  
  • Add live audio commentary to recordings  
  • Webcam background removal  
  • Capture screenshots of screen and game  
  • Record all sounds, music and game audio  
  • Slow-motion effects

Action! Game Screen Pricing: Action! lifetime deal starts at INR 1467.49  

Action! Game Screen Compatibility: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Free Action! RCU application for Android.

  • D3DGear (Changed)

best game recorder

D3DGear is a video game plugin (add-on software) that automatically attaches to the game when it starts. You can easily record or broadcast video by pressing a hotkey. There is minimal lagging and loss of frame rate.

This gameplay recorder can also compress recorded videos in real-time. It works well with resource-intensive games like Grand Theft Auto V and Battlefield 1. You can live stream to multiple streaming platforms simultaneously at a customizable bitrate.

D3DGear Gameplay Recorder Features

  • Video recording resolution up to 4K (3840×2160) and 20-120FPS  
  • Measures and maintains the constant frame rate  
  • Background loop buffer recording  
  • Live streaming at slow speed  
  • Screenshot Capture  
  • Face Camera and Media File Overlay  
  • Exclude background audio (Windows 10)  
  • Record Oculus Rift VR Games 

D3DGear Pricing: The price of the D3DGear screen recorder for gaming starts at INR 2217.36. 

D3DGear Compatibility: Windows Vista, Windows XP or higher

  • Bandicam Screen Recorder

Bandicam is a screen capture and screen recording tool that can be used for 2D/ 3D games. It uses DirectX/OpenGL/Vulkan capturing technology to minimize CPU, GPU, and RAM usage. Besides being a PUBG screen recorder, it is an online video recorder for browser-based and flash games.

Bandicam latest version comes with an improved power-saving mode and support for a microphone noise suppression filter. With customization options, you can change resolution, codes, and FPS for real-time gameplay recording.

Bandicam Screen Recorder Features

  • Record 4K Ultra HD video up to 3840 x 2160 in size  
  • Real-time drawing while recording  
  • Record selected areas  
  • Webcam support  
  • Video compression for file size reduction  
  • Two Sound Mixing for game and microphone sounds  
  • Record 24+ hours without stopping  

Bandicam Screen Recorder Pricing: Bandicam lifetime shareware license starts at INR 2965.41 for 1 PC.

Bandicam Screen Recorder Compatibility: Windows Vista, 7/8/10 (Support for 32/64-bit), Windows XP with older versions 

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Best Screen Recorders App for Gaming on Android 

Some of the best screen recorders for Android gaming are discussed

  • Vidma Screen Recorder APK (Changed)

Vidma is an all-in-one screen recorder app for gaming that enables gamers to record videos without a time limit. It supports high-quality recording (1080p, 60fps) without lag issues. For Android, this online video recorder is available in Lite and Pro versions without any root.

The Lite version saves up to 54 per cent space. There are many shortcut options to ease recording and share them. It also offers the brush tool to draw on screen.

Vidma Screen Recorder Features

  • Floating window to control recording 
  • Add music in screen recording 
  • Internal sound recording (for Android 10 and up)  
  • Cut, crop, rotate, trim videos 
  • Control recording speed  
  • Facecam option   
  • Add stickers and texts to videos 
  • Capture screenshots 

Vidma Screen Recorder Pricing: In-app purchases for this screen recording app begin at INR 742.09 per item.  

Vidma Screen Recorder Compatibility: Requirements of Android vary with the device. It is good to have the latest version of Android. 

  • Mobizen Screen Recorder APK

Mobizen Screen Recorder APK

Mobizen allows gamers to record their screens and save them to their devices. The maximum recording resolution is 1440P at quality of 24Mbps and 60FPS.

There is no sign up required. It is easy to start, pause, and stop the recording gameplay, video, and live broadcasting. It also offers screen capture and image editing functions. You can save long gameplay screen recordings to external memory like an SD card too.

Mobizen Screen Recorder Features

  • Full HD/ Quad HD recording  
  • Clean screen recording with hiding Air Circle mode  
  • Image editing functions like BGM, trim/ split video, frame extraction  
  • Drawing on top of other apps to highlight important points  
  • Create GIFs and memes  
  • Create own watermark  
  • Face recording  
  • Watermark removal 

Mobizen Screen Recorder Pricing: In-app purchases start at INR 73.54 per item.  

Mobizen Screen Recorder Compatibility: It requires Android 4.4 and above.  

  • DU Recorder Live Stream APK

DU Recorder lets users record and edit every gameplay action on the screen. It also enables live streaming for mobile games. There is no root required, and you can adjust options like the FPS and size of video output. The maximum video output option is up to 12Mbps and 60FPS. 

You can save the video game recordings in the smartphone’s storage or share them directly over social media platforms.

DU Recorder Features

  • Adjust video volume  
  • Add background music  
  • Floating window for control  
  • Crop and link video fragments  
  • Capture screenshot  
  • Image editing tools  
  • Add live tools like subscriptions with a single click 

DU Recorder Pricing: Premium options start at INR 222.11.

DU Recorder Compatibility: It requires Android 5.0 or greater. Also works with Windows, MacOS, iOS 

  • XRecorder APK

best game recorder for pc

XRecorder APK is a game recorder app that enables users to capture clear screen videos and screenshots easily. There is no recording limit or watermark. It allows trimming of video and changing its speed. 

You can adjust screen resolution (240p to 1080p), FPS (15FPS to 60FPS), and quality while recording gameplay. Apart from internal storage, there is an alternative storage location, an SD card to store recordings of this game screen recorder for Android. 

X Recorder APK Features

  • Full HD video (1080p, 12Mbps, 60FPS)  
  • Pause/resume recording  
  • Screen rotation  
  • Floating Window for one-touch control  
  • Facecam overlay anywhere  
  • Countdown timer to be prepared  
  • Screen recording with voice/ audio for gameplay 

X Recorder APK Pricing: In-app purchases begin at INR 296.17. 

X Recorder APK Compatibility: This screen recorder for android gaming requires Android 5.0 and up.  

Best Game Recorder App for PUBG 

There are several screen recording apps for PUBG on both android and iOS. 

  • FBX Game Recorder

best game recording app

FBX Game Recorder records HD gaming footage in the background without lagging the game, even on older low spec PCs. It works for both Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) PUBG Mobile. 

It uses hardware acceleration to have minimal impact on game performance. It supports webcam recording up to 120 FPS. It has powerful editing tools to create clips with desired encoding, FPS, resolution, and more. The recordings can be shared over social media. 

FBX Game Recorder Features

  • Save instant clips with a hotkey  
  • DVR style option for non-stop recording  
  • Record Web games/old games   
  • Capture high-quality screenshots for sharing  
  • Slow-motion effects  
  • Customized captions  
  • Add stickers, sound effects, and GIFs to videos 

FBX Game Recorder Pricing: Pro version can remove the watermark. The annual subscription starts at INR 1410.33 per year. You can also get a lifetime license at INR 3637.17. 

FBX Game Recorder Compatibility: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64 and 32-bit OS) 

  • AZ Screen Recorder APK

AZ Screen Recorder is a game recording app that provides stable and high-quality screen recording (1080p, 12Mbps, 60FPS) for popular mobile games. This screen recorder for PUBG has no recording time limit, and you can pause/ resume screen recording.

It is easy to change resolutions, frame rates, and bit rates. It offers the option to control screen recording through a floating window or notification bar. You can compress video, edit audio, or extract images from video. You can transfer recorded videos and screenshots to a computer via Wi-Fi.

AZ Screen Recorder Features

  • Record gameplay with external sound (internal sound from Android 10)  
  • Screen broadcast with different resolution settings  
  • Draw on screen while recording  
  • Trim, crop, rotate, remove middle parts of videos  
  • Add subtitles to videos   
  • GIF maker  
  • Live streaming face cam (front camera)  
  • Screenshot capture, editing, and sharing  

AZ Screen Recorder Pricing: In-app purchases are starting from INR 106.89 per item.   

AZ Screen Recorder Compatibility: It requires Android 5.0 and above


  1. Which is the best game recorder for a low-end PC?

    Gecata screen recorder uses hardware acceleration for smooth gameplay recording at the high-resolution quality for low-end PCs. LoiLo Game Recorder is a great choice that has a low impact on performance if you want a completely free option.

  2. Which is the best screen recorder for gaming?

    Nvidia screen recorder is the screen recorder for gaming on PC. It is free, has great features and a huge community. However, if you do not have an NVIDIA graphics card, you can opt for other great options like Action! Game Screen Recorder.
    For Android, the Vidma screen recorder is an ideal choice. It saves space and has an internal sound recording option with newer versions of Android (10 and up).

  3. Which screen recorder do gamers use?

    Gamers use many different screen recorders based on their system compatibility (PC, Mac or Android/ iOS), games they play, and the features they want in their budget.

    Some popular choices include the Nvidia screen recorder, Bandicam Screen Recorder, LoiLo Game Recorder, and AZ Screen recorder.

  4. How can you record games on your computer?

    For recording gameplay on PC, you need a game screen recorder that is compatible with your system. A gameplay recorder has options to record videos, capture important moments in clips and screenshots, add their voice or another audio, and share them with others.

    There are many free and paid software available like Gecata screen recorder for games, Action Game Screen Recorder, Nvidia ShadowPlay, and more.

  5. Is NVIDIA Screen Recording Software free?

    Yes, NVIDIA Screen Recording software is a free game screen recorder for PC.

  6. Is Gecata Screen Recorder free?

    Yes, the free version of the Gecata screen recorder for PC from Movavi is available with restricted options.

  7. Is LoiLo free?

    Yes, LoiLo Game Recorder is completely free without any limitations.

  8. Is Action! Game Screen Recorder free?

    No, this game recording software is not available for free download, but you get a 30-day free trial.

  9. Is D3DGear free?

    D3DGear game screen recorder is not available for free but has a 15-day trial option.

  10. Is Bandicam Screen Recorder free?

    Yes, there is a Bandicam free version for game recording with limited features and uploading on various social media platforms.

  11. Is Vidma Screen Recorder app free?

    Yes, it is available for free download on Android.

  12. Is Mobizen Screen Recorder free?

    Yes, the Mobizen game screen recorder is available for free download on Android.

  13. Is DU Recorder free?

    Yes, this game screen recorder app is available for free download on Android.

  14. Is X Recorder APK free?

    Yes, the screen recorder for the gaming app is available for free.

  15. Is FBX Game Recorder free?

    Yes, FBX game recorder free version has core recording, editing, customization, and saving features.

  16. Is AZ Screen Recorder free?

    Yes, the app installation for this video game recorder is free.

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