15 Best Screen Sharing Apps for PC to Mobile & Vice Versa

| June 27, 2020

updated on December 17, 2021 at 12:48 pm

Screen sharing app


Share information and content over video/audio calls through remote screen sharing apps. Select the entire desktop or the part thereof to showcase to the online conference attendees the files, documents and images. Cloud storage, data encryption, user import, reporting, recording management and custom domains are other key functional areas of the desktop sharing app.

Desktop sharing apps

Both paid and free screen sharing app for PC as well as mobile are easy to set up. These are the best solutions for connecting remote teams and coordinating team efforts to highlight the brand values, share new research or distribute new information.

List of Paid and Free Best Screen Sharing Apps for PC and Mobile

Let’s check the best screen sharing applications, which would make work from home easier with clear communication and better understanding.

  • Screenshare Zoom

Desktop sharing apps

Share the content on your screen with free remote screen sharing app Zoom. You can select a part of the screen or the entire desktop and audio/video clips as per the organisation’s or individual requirements.

Using dual monitor is the peculiar advantage of Zoom screen sharing app wherein it is possible to see shared screens and participants individually on different monitors.

Screensharing option: Video conferencing through various video layout options.

Zoom Screen Sharing App Helps Share:

  • Whiteboard
  • Video taken from the secondary camera
  • Audio
  • Applications
  • A specific part of your screen
  • Entire screen of your phone or desktop

Platforms supported: Windows, Android, iOS, Linux and Mac

Pricing plans: Zoom screensharing free basic version charges no registration costs. There are three monthly paid plans available on Techjockey:

  • Pro– ₹ 1074
  • Business– ₹ 1432
  • Enterprise– ₹ 1432

Best Screen Sharing Apps for Android (Screenshare Android & Other Devices)

  • Skype Share Screen App

Screen sharing app for PC

Enjoy making audio and video calls with screenshare mobile features with Skype. The screen sharing app Android also lets you screenshare iPhone to Mac with ease and comfort. With a few clicks, you can screenshare phone to laptop and connect with official contacts, friends, etc.

End users can host video meetings and share screens to present their ideas without going through the hassle of downloading or signing up to the Skype free remote screen sharing app.

Screensharing through: Through video conferencing and audio calls

Skype for Business Share Screen App Features:

  • One click online meetings
  • Audio capture
  • Group screen sharing
  • Downloadable screen share recordings
  • Onscreen projections for reviewing
  • Integrated screen sharing

Platforms supported: Android, MacOS, Chrome, iOS and Android

Pricing plans: Get in touch with us with a call back request. We will help you with latest Skype Screen Sharing App pricing details.

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  • TeamViewer Mobile Screen Sharing App

Screenshare Android to PC

Collaborate productively with remote teams through TeamViewer screen sharing app. Connect with ease at your preferred time and location over this secure desktop sharing app.

This screen sharing software helps screen share important details with colleagues and others, such as, official documents, papers, images and photographs without having to share the full files. You can connect over secure network and create well equipped global teams with this best screen share program.

Screensharing through: Remote access and support

TeamViewer Screen Sharing App Features:

  • VPN alternative
  • Cross platform support
  • Secure unattended access
  • Remote printing
  • Session compression
  • Ensures effective training and collaboration
  • Provides the best image quality
  • Online screen sharing through encoded packets

Platforms supported: Desktop, Android and iOS

Pricing plans: A total of five plans are available on Techjockey:

  • Support plan for mobile devices at ₹ 5400
  • Add on Channel plan for ₹ 11400
  • Business subscription at ₹ 16200
  • Premium version for ₹ 31800
  • Corporate plan at ₹ 75000

  • Inkwire Screen Share + Assist (Screenshare Mobile App)

Inkwire screen sharing app for Android is used for sharing on screen content with other Android users. The best part about using this application is you can share the screen while recording any other information for next screensharing or watching content on another device.

The free remote screen sharing app generates a unique passcode every time you share a piece of information with another user.

Screen sharing through: Remote access

Features of Inkwire Screen Sharing Software and App:

  • Draw over shared screens
  • Voice chats
  • Simple UI

Platforms supported: Screen sharing app for Android

Pricing plans: Inkwire app can be downloaded for free.

  • VNC Connect (Screensharing App for Android & Other Devices)

Screenshare phone to laptop

Streamline all your collaboration duties and responsibilities with VNC screen sharing app. You can remotely connect with the systems of your colleagues, teams, suppliers and clients for effective and barrier free communication.

The screen sharing app is easy to deploy and offers direct cloud connectivity besides multi factor authentication. It’s time to improve your business management and let teams coordinate with each other efficiently through VNC Connect screen share application.

Screen sharing through: Remote access

VNC Connect Screen Sharing AppFeatures:

  • Attended/unattended access
  • Printing, chats and file transfers
  • Session encryption
  • Granular access control
  • Rich session permissions

Platforms supported: Windows, iOS, mac, Linux and Android

Pricing Plans: Aside from a free trial, there are two paid plans- Professional and Enterprise.

  • Professional plan can be subscribed for ₹ 1271
  • Enterprise version would cost you around ₹ 2542.

Best Screen Sharing Apps for Mac (Screenshare for Mac and Other Devices)

  • Join.me

Screenshare iPhone to Mac

Showcase your products, content, information and branding to clients/ attendees with Join.me screen sharing app. This screen mirroring app for PC helps instantly share the screen by clicking on the broadcast button and start your online knowledge/information sharing session.

The advantage of mobile screen sharing app aside from screen share phone to laptop is you can customise the URL to highlight your brand to the attendees.

Screensharing through:  Video conferencing

Join.me Screen Sharing App Features:

  • One-click scheduling
  • Presenter swap
  • Mobile whiteboard
  • Personal link
  • Unlimited bridged audio conferencing
  • Customisable meeting background
  • Pass presenter feature for better collaboration

Platforms supported: Android, iOS. Also, there are plugins for Chrome, Outlook and Office 365.

Pricing plans: Three monthly plans are available.

  • Lite plan for around ₹ 762
  • Pro plan for ₹ 1525
  • Business at ₹ 2287

  • Slack Screen Sharing App

Screen sharing app Android

Present and draw on your screen with Slack screen sharing app for PC and mobile. Let others too draw on the screen for a streamlined information sharing process.

There is a specific tool attached to the screen sharing app; a pencil tool for drawing attention to specific parts of the screen. Most importantly, as the active speaker continues to speak, only her or his video would get displayed irrespective of who else is talking.

Screen sharing through: Video conferencing

Slack Screen Sharing App Features:

  • Guest access
  • Google authentication
  • Message highlights
  • Channel recommendations
  • Integrated file sharing
  • SOC and HIPAA compliance
  • Two factor authentication
  • Data encryption

Platforms supported: Android, iOS and Windows

Pricing plans: There is a free plan for download that supports smaller teams. Paid plans for Slack screen sharing apps are:

  • Standard– ₹ 203
  • Plus– ₹ 381
  • Enterprise Grid– You will have to contact the software’s sales team from their official website.

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  • Troop Messenger

Screenshare free

Grow your business and meet all the official requirements by connecting with teams/clients through Troop Messenger screenshare iPhone to Mac app.

The screen sharing app for PC has multiple features installed for discussing ideas and important details with screen share updates in the form of doc files, pictures and videos. Make use of the software for one on one messaging and group chats.

Screen sharing through: Video conferencing

Troop Messenger Screen Sharing App Features:

  • Entire/part screen sharing
  • Screen sharing with chat
  • Recipient can stop screen sharing at their end
  • Helps share screen even without using office LAN
  • Helps view presenter’s actions like typing and programming

Platforms supported: Android, iOS, Linux, Windows and Mac

Pricing plans: Monthly Premium and Enterprise version for ₹ 75 and ₹ 375 respectively.

  • FaceTime Screen Share App

Facetime screen sharing app

Facetime screen sharing app for Mac/iPhone is used for sharing screen with other available macOS users. Ask for assistance, seek new information and get in touch with clients across the globe with Facetime’s screenshare iPhone to Mac capabilities.

Screen sharing with the application is easy as all you got to do is click on the message option. Now FaceTime has been updated with latest software update iOS 15 due to which anyone from the link can join FaceTime call. It isn’t restrained to iOS users anymore. Thumbs up to Apple for doing so!

Screen sharing through: Video conferencing / screen sharing feature

FaceTime Screen Sharing App Features:

  • iMessage application
  • End screen sharing options
  • Screen control permissions

Platforms supported: MacOS, iPhone and Android

Pricing plans: Get in touch with the Apple’s official website for more details.

  • Screenleap

desktop sharing app

Connect with audiences and share facts as well as information with Screenleap desktop sharing app that is also used for iPhones and Android. Conduct live webinars and attach to it all relevant documents to showcase new knowledge or improve the visibility of your brand.

Even your attendees can take part in the video conference by discussing and pointing out relevant details. API integration is also available to integrate the screen sharing app into the website.

Screen sharing through: Video conferencing

Screenleap Desktop Sharing App Features for Free:

  • Scheduled meetings
  • Possible to add upto eight viewers/clients

Features as found in Pro/Basic plan:

  • Control sharing
  • Audio conferencing
  • Unlimited meetings
  • Viewers from 30-150 allowed

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Features in Company plan:

  • Account management
  • Customisation and branding
  • Embeddable viewer
  • Centralised billing
  • Screen recording

Platforms supported:Windows, Android, Mac, iOS

Pricing plans: Aside from a free plan, there are three paid plans available:

  • Basic for ₹ 1143
  • Pro at ₹ 2364
  • Company at around ₹ 2974

Best Screen Sharing Apps for Windows (Screenshare Windows and Other Devices)

  • GoToMeeting Screen Sharing App for PC & Mobile

GoToMeeting screen sharing app

Businesses large and small depend on GoToMeeting screen sharing app for cloud sharing of screen content with attendees and viewers across the globe. SAML SSO login ensures that the data you share over the network is secured and safe.

One of the most distinguishing features of the software is its turnkey room equipment that helps create a meeting room for screen sharing in few minutes.

Screen sharing through: Video conferencing, web meetings and audio sessions

GoToMeeting Screen Sharing App Features:

  • Meeting transcription
  • Meeting diagnostic reports
  • Active directory connector
  • Calendar integrations
  • Unlimited recording
  • Helps scare documents, presentations, etc.

Platforms supported:Windows, Android and iOS

Pricing plans: Professional plan costs around ₹ 915 and Business version is for ₹ 1220. There is third plan called the Enterprise plan whose details you can avail by contacting GoToMeeting’s official website. You can also try the fourteen day free trial version.

  • Whereby

screenshare phone to laptop

Solve queries, find resources and conduct discussions with Whereby screen sharing app. As an end user, you don’t have to go through the complication of registration or downloading as this app to screenshare phone to laptop works with the help of simple links.

All you got to do is share the custom link and join immediately the session for screen-sharing.

Screen sharing through: Video conferencing/meeting

Whereby Screen Sharing App Features:

  • Custom branding
  • Floating emojis
  • Recording
  • Helps share the entire screen or parts
  • Also, you can focus on what you want to show
  • Support for upto four participants

Features under paid plan:

  • Auto full screen of shared video
  • Calendar integration
  • Custom domain
  • Branded rooms
  • Lock rooms
  • Priority support

Platforms supported: Web browser/iOS

Pricing plans: You can either opt for the Business plan at ₹ 4574 or the Pro version costing around ₹ 761. Try the free basic version to test the software for its capabilities. 

  • Mingle View Screen Sharing App for Windows 10

Mingle View is a screenshare free desktop sharing app, requiring no additional installations for using it. Join or create online meetings/presentations and share screen for improving the quality of discussions and showcasing your brand. All you need is a six digit ID code for joining the screenshare session on a PC.

Screen sharing through: Remote access/remote control sharing

Mingle View Features:

  • Unlimited participants
  • HD screen quality
  • No limit for hosting meetings
  • Peer to peer connection
  • SSL support

Platforms supported: Windows 10

Pricing plans: It’s a best free screen sharing app for PC.

Best Screenshare Apps for Free Screen Sharing

  • Google Hangouts Screen Sharing App

Google Hangouts screensharing app

Let other people see the screen next time you host a video conference through Google Hangouts screensharing app. Communicate effectively and highlight all the important information by screensharing directly with this application. Hangouts free desktop sharing app helps show the entire screen or a part thereof to all the attendees of your online web conference.

Screen sharing through: Video conferencing/ video calls/ group conferencing

Google Hangouts Screen Share App for PC Features:

  • Intelligent muting
  • Auto screen focus
  • Voice calls
  • Instant messaging tool
  • Integration with Google applications
  • Watermark function
  • Built-in screen sharing

Platforms supported: Web based, Android and iOS

Google Hangouts Pricing plans: Screenshare free with Google Hangouts screensharing app. 

  • Chrome Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop screen share platform

Feel free to share content of your screen with participants using Chrome Remote Desktop screen share platform. Even others can gain access to information on your system in case you decide to share your system with others.

Add members for remote support or remove them with Chrome Remote Desktop screen sharing app. The advantage of using Chrome Remote Desktop screen share app for PC is that it can be set up for even ad-hoc remote support.

Screen sharing through: Remote access

Chrome Desktop Support Features:

  • Trackpad mode
  • Reconfigurable key mappings
  • Highly responsive
  • Remote support

Platforms supported: Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android

Pricing plans: Opt for Chrome Remote Desktop free download without paying any registration fee.

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Which Screen Sharing App is Best for Your Business?

Screen sharing applications make the task easy for clients/teams situated in different locations working remotely. For coordinating your business or official responsibilities effectively, opt for any of the above enlisted best screen share program free and paid options.


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