12 Best Free Whiteboard Animation Software 2020 for PC & Mobile

| May 14, 2020
Whiteboard animation software


The Whiteboard animation software helps create animated video content using audio mixer and colouring tools. Text features, inbuilt templates and images help with giving videos a rich imagery and background. Businesses, individuals and companies using the video scribe software for purposes such as training employees, promoting products, creating interactive video content, etc.

Free whiteboard animation software

Why prefer whiteboard animation videos over traditional ones?

It is beyond doubt that the number of online users is on the rise and so is people's interest in going through rich animated content for varied purposes. Stats indicate that six out of ten people depend on online videos for entertainment, education and information sharing purposes. Education or training, whatever be the reason behind people preferring whiteboard animation videos.

Whiteboard animation videos is known for simplifying different ideas and ensuring better retention and interaction. Unlike traditional or life like videos, animation content is deeply engaging in nature and thereby more preferred. 

What is Whiteboard Animation Software?

Whiteboard animation software helps convey any story or idea interactively through the sequences drawn on a whiteboard. It replaces traditional educational videos where hosts would record themselves while they are explaining any concept on a physical whiteboard.

Whiteboard animation software has given a creative twist to the traditional approach and is quote engaging in nature. As a result, white board animation software is quite popular among marketers, educators, animators, and more.

How to Create Whiteboard Animation Videos?

create whiteboard animation video

Whiteboard animation videos are explanatory in nature while at the same time being highly entertaining and interactive. The steps required in creating online animation video content with the help of a whiteboard animation software are:

  • Step 1 - Innovative Content

Script or content of the video matters aside from great animated characters. Ultimately this animation depends on content that the video would narrate. So make sure the content or script is innovative and interactive.

  • Step 2 - Storyboard

Develop a storyboard depicting the characters/story of your content. Storyboards can later on be converted into videos.

  • Step 3 - Style

Think about the style you would want the whiteboard animation video maker to provide. Glass board, notebook are some good examples of themes available within whiteboard video maker free online and paid ones for styling the videos.

  • Step 4 - Stroke Style and Colour

Different stroke styles and colours make whiteboard animations more appealing and attractive. Colour tools, style forms, etc. are all built in within the best whiteboard video makers.

  • Step 5 - Final Touch

Adding animation is the last step for creating whiteboard animated videos. Texts, lines, effects, adjustment of timeline, sound/audio and background music are all final touchups required in online whiteboard animation video creation.

List of 12 Best Open Source & Free Whiteboard Animation Software in 2020

Free and open source whiteboard animation software solutions have integral features attached to them for creating high quality videos. The best free whiteboard animation software solutions in 2020 are:

  • RenderForest

Video scribe software

Organizations and businesses use Renderforest whiteboard animation software for developing animated promos, advertisements, explainer videos and business presentations. With hundreds of animated characters, interactive scenarios and music available, you are free to create stunning animated content. RenderForest whiteboard animation software also provides animated video templates and free tools.


  • Company presentation toolkit
  • Online video editor
  • Audio visualisations
  • Outro maker
  • Kinetic typography
  • Site builder
  • Logo maker
  • Landing page creator
  • Music visualisations

Premium Pricing: It’s a free whiteboard animation software that provides 30 MB storage. For more storage space and HD video quality, you start with its ₹699/month plan.

Supported Devices: Windows and Web App.

  • Animaker

Whiteboard video maker

Animaker whiteboard video maker is used by animation professionals and amateurs for creating animation videos in a few simple steps. You can use its drag and drop builder feature for developing live action videos. It also provides a stock of over a thousand photo/video templates that can be used for preparing instant whiteboard animated content.


  • Infographic video maker
  • Animaker voice
  • Thumbnail maker
  • 2D animation videos
  • GIF creator
  • Character builder
  • Instant resizing for social platforms.

Premium Pricing: Animaker for Windows can be downloaded for free from their official website. For its premium plans, you can visit our product page.

Supported Devices: Windows

  • VideoScribe

Best whiteboard animation software

VideoScribe whiteboard animation software used for creating, sharing and publishing video content in less time. It is also available as a free whiteboard animation software on trial basis for limited time so that you can check the application for typing text, selecting images and adding voiceover/music. 


  • Watermark
  • Export/import scribe files
  • PNG and JPEG sequences
  • Voice recording
  • Drag and drop

Premium Pricing: Currently the software is available at a price if ₹1271. More information regarding this pricing plan can be accessed by putting to us a request for callback.

Supported Devices: Windows and Mac

  • Powtoon

Free whiteboard animation software without watermark

Powtoon whiteboard animation maker is helpful for the creation of visually appealing professional video content. Short videos and animations can be easily drawn through this whiteboard animation software. You can create delightful educational, training or marketing content and share it through available social media platforms. Businesses are widely using Powtoon software for creating PowerPoint videos and YouTube video ads.


  • Custom fonts
  • Third party reseller rights
  • Premium exports
  • Unlimited access to content
  • MP 4 downloading 
  • HD video
  • GIF and image file representation
  • Publish as PPT/PDF
  • 5 looks style chooser

Premium Pricing: You can get your free account on Powtoon and start creating attractive whiteboard animation videos. However, Powtoon business plan start at around ₹1430/month.

Supported Devices: Web based

  • Raw Shorts

Whiteboard animation maker

Raw Shorts is one of the best whiteboard animation software used for converting text into animated videos of your choice. The YouTube whiteboard animation software deploys AI intelligence for scanning, analysing, assembling and customising text content for video creation. You will get animated whiteboard templates where you can drag and drop different elements to make it ready for rendering and sharing.


  • Animated explainer videos
  • Motion backgrounds
  • Real estate video templates
  • Stock video
  • Promo video maker

Premium Pricing: The monthly plan of Raw Shorts software starts at around ₹4450. You can use the whiteboard video maker free on trial basis for a limited period of time.

Supported Devices: It’s a browser-based whiteboard animation software and runs on any device.

  • Animiz

Whiteboard video maker free

Animiz whiteboard animation software helps develop professional animation content for publishing and sharing. You can use this video maker free online on trial basis for testing the application adding watermarks, GIFs, vector images, templates and charts. Aside from these, end users can access the platform for editing videos, adding animation effects, importing PowerPoint and putting subtitles.


  • Scene transition effects
  • Background music
  • Hand drawn animation
  • Voice over
  • Scenes per project
  • Built in roles
  • Vector images
  • Voice change
  • Audio merge
  • Bar charts
  • Sound/role editing
  • Animation effects panel

Premium Pricing: You can begin with the Standard plan of Animiz whiteboard animation software at ₹2190 per month.

Supported Devices: Windows 7/8/10/XP/Vista

Best Whiteboard Animation Software Online for Education & Other Purposes

Whiteboard animation software provides 2D and 3D motion aside from helping create some of the best custom characters. Some of the best whiteboard animation software for education, training, marketing and other purposes are:

  • FilmoraPro

Whiteboard animation software open source

FilmoraPro animation tool offers advanced editing tools for letting end users develop precise video/animation content. Additional features such as automatic stabilisation, inbuilt screen recorder and preset transitions help create professional high definition content for viewing, sharing and publishing. 

You can enhance the audio quality, add your signature style to every clip and do a lot more with FIlmoraPro by Wondershare. IT provides additional features to add text and titles, lights and flares, and warp and distort.


  • Audio compressor
  • Motion tracking
  • Text and titles
  • Pan and zoom
  • Ease in/ease out options
  • Masking
  • Wrap and distort

Premium Pricing: You can use the whiteboard video maker freely on trial basis for limited time. Otherwise it is available at a price of ₹11,379 for lifetime. More details about price details can be accessed at our product page

Supported Devices: Windows and macOS

  • Explaindio

Whiteboard video maker free online

Utilise Explaindio whiteboard animation software for doodle sketches, motion videos and 3D/2D animation. The drag and drop of this whiteboard animation creator is critical for developing professional video content and customising it with messages. You can easily export and share content made through Explaindio whiteboard video maker.


  • Pre made text animations
  • Multi timeline editing
  • Import images/videos
  • Hundreds of fonts available
  • Background audio tracks

Premium Pricing: You can get in touch with us regarding the price details of Explaindio.

Supported Devices: Desktop software for Mac and Windows PC

  • Camtasia

Camtasia edits videos for tutorial and presentation purposes. The software uses screen recordings for adding effects and templates in order to develop high quality video content. You can take advantage of this whiteboard animation video maker’s flexible intuitive tools for some relevant high definition rich video material.


  • Quiz maker
  • Transitions between screen and slides.
  • Zoom in/zoom out & Pan
  • Annotations and call outs
  • Webcam and screen recording

Premium Pricing: Camtasia is available on trial basis as free whiteboard animation software without watermark. It is otherwise available for ₹20,467 on lifetime basis. You can get in touch with us and access more details about its pricing plans.

Supported Devices: Windows and Mac

  • TruScribe

YouTube whiteboard animation software

Customised infographics, whiteboard animated videos or graphic recordings, TruScribe video scribe software helps with all types of creative projects. Squilgl tool within this whiteboard video maker translates texts into videos for tutorials, presentations and demonstrations. You can make hand-drawn whiteboard videos that presents even a complex information in a simple manner.


  • Digital graphic recording
  • Artist's hand insert
  • Background images
  • Editing tools

Premium Pricing: Use TruScribe as free whiteboard animation software, available on trial basis for limited time. Pricing details for the premium plan is available on the official website.

Supported Devices: Web app, iOS and Android

  • Vyond

Vyond whiteboard animation software

Vyond whiteboard animation software is an interactive tool for engaging diverse audiences through professional animated videos. This whiteboard video maker is available on trial basis and lets users experiment with visual communication techniques to interact with the audience. Businesses are widely using Vyond whiteboard animation software for internal communication and marketing purposes.


  • Expanded timeline
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Global editing
  • Premade templates
  • Legacy video migration update

Premium Pricing: You can opt for its yearly plans to save more. All pricing plans are available on its official website.

Supported Devices: Windows 7/SP 1 and later versions, and Mac

  • EasySketchPro

EasySketchPro tool

EasySketchPro tool provides many advanced design tools for creating sketch videos in easy simple steps. The whiteboard animation software deploys drag/drop tool, import option and uploading for final development of animated video content. Online marketers, businesses and enterprises utilise the software for advertising about their products.


  • Drawing time settings
  • Royalty free images
  • Professional polished backgrounds
  • Background music upload

Premium Pricing: The price of this whiteboard animation software is available on its official website.

Supported Devices: PC and Mac


  1. How to find the best whiteboard animation software?🧐

Look for features such as annotating tools, intuitive mechanisms that help add images/graphics/audios, pre built templates, editing functionalities, shortcut keys for keyboard, zooming options and screen recording. These are highly crucial for developing an interactive whiteboard animation video content.

  1. What are the steps to create a whiteboard explainer video?🙄

The basic steps to creating whiteboard explainer videos are:

  • Selecting content, which is interactive and fun
  • Creating storyboard that depicts the content curated so far.
  • Next, style the storyboard through themes available within paid or free whiteboard animation software without watermark.
  • Add varied strokes and colours to all the content created so far.
  • Lastly, give final touchups in the form of text, audio, background music, etc. to come up with the final whiteboard animation video.
  1. Is there any whiteboard animation app?❓❓

Some of the best available whiteboard animation apps are:

  • FlipaClip
  • Moovly
  • Educreations
  • VideoMakerFX
  • Ziteboard
  • Doodly
  • Animation Desk

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