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About FlashBack Screen Recorder

What is FlashBack Screen Recording Software?

FlashBack Screen Recording Software helps users to record their screen in real-time for a wide range of purposes. Plus, this screen recording software offers an in-built editing suite for adding more value to the recorded clips. The software facilitates the creation of highly engaging video tutorial as it also supports audio with the screen recording. FlashBack Screen Recording Software helps record specific sections of the monitor in real-time.

FlashBack Screen Recording Software also supports microphone and webcam which helps the user record spoken tutorial videos. The screen recording software tool is also capable of automatically synchronizing the audio and video clips for smooth rendering. Users can directly upload clips to YouTube from the software or they can save it on the FlashBack Connect.

Why should I use FlashBack Screen Recorder?

FlashBack Screen Recording Software can be used for office and personal work. It allows users to create educational lectures and publish it on YouTube through an in-built plugin. Plus, it is a helpful solution for making narration-type videos. Users can record their video game footage and record the audio separately then overlap it in the video editing suite. Plus, the software also allows users to add extra images and clips to make their videos more interactive. The editing suite has a multi-track outlay which makes the task of video editing easy. Lastly, FlashBack Screen Recording Software can record multiple screens in real-time. 

What are the features offered by FlashBack Screen Recording Software?

Here is a quick overview of FlashBack Screen Recording Software feature: 

  1. Real-time screen recording 
  2. Audio capturing 
  3. Simultaneous multiple screen recording
  4. Commentary recording 
  5. Multi-track editing timeline 
  6. Webcam and microphone support

What is the price of FlashBack Screen Recording Software? 

The price of FlashBack Screen Recorder depends on your screen recording requirements. Please request a call back from our sales experts for further inquiries.

Sold By : FlashBack

Get FlashBack Screen Recorder support 28 Chatting right now

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FlashBack Screen Recorder Features

The software helps users record their screen activity in real-time.
This screen recorder also captures the audio through the device or a microphone.
FlashBack Screen Recording Software can capture screens from multiple devices simultaneously.
The software can record multiple screens in real-time.
Users can schedule the screen recording at any time and the software will automatically start the process according as scheduled.
This video recording software allows users to record the narration audio.
It provides multi-track video and audio editing tools, which allow users to trim, cut, add clips, and much more.
Users can export videos from the software after final rendering and import clips to use it for the purpose of editing.
This screen recording software provides templates for captions and timestamps to boost the interactivity of the video.
The software allows users to zoom in and zoom out on the certain elements of the video to create focus.
The software also offers various templates of transition slides for the users.
The software offers a real-time webcam support to record videos.

Get FlashBack Screen Recorder support28 Chatting right now

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FlashBack Screen Recorder Specifications


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FlashBack Screen Recorder FAQs

To merge clips in FlashBack Screen Recording Software, you can follow the steps: 1. Open the first clip in the player and select the final frame of that clip. 2. Go to the “insert” option in the menu and select “FlashBack Movie” 3. Select the second clip and it will automatically merge with the first clip.
Yes, you can create clips out of a movie. For that you should upload the movie file in the FlashBack editing timeline and select the part you want. Now go to “File” and then “save frames.” Then click on “save the selected frames to a new movie” and enter the name and specify the storage location.
FlashBack upgrades can be purchased separately.
Yes, FlashBack Screen Recording Software can render GIFs.
FlashBack Screen Recording Software is available for a demo before purchase at Techjockey. Please request a call to get yourself a demo.

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