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About iLoveIMG

What is iLoveIMG?

iLoveIMG is also known as one of the best photo editing software for pc. The software allows multi-faceted editing of images in the system. It provides all the functions on the first page with a description of the said feature. This image editing software is very thorough and descriptive as it goes. iLoveIMG image editing software even offers multiple language access. 

iLoveIMG online image editor prioritizes customers’ necessities. Hence, it does not alter the quality of images while editing. This image editing software reduces the size of the image to take less space while retaining the best quality. iLoveIMG image editing software offers a high-end security system to protect all the edited files. It automatically erases all the files from its archived folder in two hours. 

Features of iLoveIMG

iLoveIMG editing software offers numerous features; such as: 

  1. Image Compression
  2. Resize Image 
  3. Image Cropping
  4. Convert to/from JPG
  5. Image Rotation
  6. GIF creation
  7. Arranging files 
  8. Quick Image Processing
  9. Meme Creations
  10. Cloud storage
  11. Watermarking Images

System requirements for iLoveIMG

ILoveIMG image editing software is a web-based online software that can be accessed via a web browser. Hence, there are no mandatory system requirements for iLoveIMG software. 

Price of iLoveIMG

iLoveIMG online image editing is available in three different plans; they are: 

  1. Unregistered Free 
  2. Registered Free (You only have to iloveimg.com) 
  3. Premium – Rs. 300/- per month
  4. Premium – Rs. 2400/- per annum 

For further price-related inquiries and other doubts regarding the product, please request a call. Our sales team will get in touch with you at the earliest. 

Sold By : iLoveIMG

Get iLoveIMG support 13 Chatting right now

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iLoveIMG Features

The software offers a variety of editing tools and advanced features using which users can modify and enhance their images with ease.
iLoveIMG knows the importance of data security. To combat theft of any data and to ensure that all your data is secure, it automatically deletes all the data that is stored in an archived form within two hours.
iLoveIMG provides advanced tools and professional-looking templates to its users so that they can carry on with their editing process with ease.
The software provides full freedom to its users while they are editing their images. All the steps are completely transparent and they provide you with the utmost comfort while you are using them.
Users can easily crop GIFs, PNG and JPG images, for which they can either choose pixels to define their rectangles or use the visual editor offered by the software.
Users can easily convert multiple GIF, PNG, RAW or TIF images into JPG format with the help of iLoveIMG.
With iLoveIMG, users can choose multiple JPGs and create an animated GIF within a few seconds. The software also allows them to convert JPG images into GIFs and PNG format.
Users can easily create online custom memes, add preferable images, make edits and even add texts and captions on them.
The rotate image feature of the software enables users to rotate multiple images (PNG, JPG or GIF) at the same time. The users can choose between portrait or landscape images for rotation.
The software enables users to convert HTML based web pages into SVG or JPG format. They can convert any page into an image with just a single click. They simply need to copy and paste the URL of that particular page.

Get iLoveIMG support13 Chatting right now

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iLoveIMG Specifications


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No, ILoveIMG already provides the highest level of compression without compromising image quality.
ILoveIMG online image editing software does not have any extra hidden cost. Access to all the features are covered under premium pack.
ILoveIMG uploads a copy of your image and performs all the required edits on the copy leaving the original image unharmed.
This online image editing software offers a cloud service to Google Drive and Dropbox.

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