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About Juvlon Email Marketing

Create Beautiful Emails & Result Driven Campaigns to Grow Your Business. Treat each customer uniquely with targeted emails triggered through their behavior. Automation allows you to send what your customers want to hear and when they choose to hear it.



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About Niche Software

Niche Software Solutions has been a pioneer in digital marketing products since 2001. With companies the world over progressing towards managing their apps and data on the cloud, Niche offers cloud-based solutions that give customers the best returns on their investment. The cloud based nature of our solutions guarantees that you’ll always be connected - from anywhere, any device, and any platform. With state of the art technology and infrastructure at  disposal, the best way to help you reap the most benefits from your online marketing campaigns. “Juvlon” is Niche’s flagship Email and SMS marketing product through which the company has designed and executed highly successful digital marketing campaigns for numerous clients. Juvlon provides complete automation for your email marketing program.
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Email Templates
Variety of customised and responsive templates to suit every CMO’s and Marketing teams need. Select a template, change the layout, add pictures, add text and Voila! Your own attractive email is ready to be sent – no HTML knowledge required. You can now design your own newsletter, product promotion, welcome & sign up emails,event invitation etc which will be ready to send just instantly. You can modify the default theme to your liking, and create something that represents your brand. Deliver your emails in inbox which simply looks attractive on any device, and impress your customers.
Watch real-time campaign results in your Juvlon dashboard as soon as you send your email. Know the behavior of your audience by analyzing the reports generated through Juvlon interface. Measure the success of your email marketing campaigns with advanced reports that precisely tell you who's opening and clicking your emails. Reports are the heart of Juvlon’s success. Along with opens and clicks, you can also view opt-outs, spam or bounces occurring in your campaign. This will ultimately help you to enhance your campaigns in future. You can also download these in-depth campaign reports on your own device, and share them with your team. View referrals report which show who has referred your email to whom. You can reach out to more people through referral marketing. The referred email ids are added to your database automatically in Juvlon platform.
Email analytics helps you know the behavior of your target audience. Juvlon email reports are displayed in attractive, graphical format, and are easy to understand. You can know your subscriber's preference for receiving your emails through the analysis of their responses made by Juvlon. Access these free reports which give you subscriber details like email domain, email open time, date, and more. Discover what interests your readers and which links, buttons and images drive the most action. Create custom comparisons to know how the same list of contacts has reacted to different emails. This way you know which emails are generating better response, and driving conversions for your business.
Let’s say you are sending an email to your contacts and you have created the email using Juvlon. You have included links from your website in this email and you sent it. Now you want to track how many people actually came to your website by clicking on the links mentioned in the email. Juvlon offers a feature where you just need to do a single click and the tracking will be done automatically. Juvlon helps you create the UTM Tracking Code automatically while email creation stage, that helps you track the performance of your email campaign results in your Google Analytics account. By enabling the Google Analytics option, you can track the visits to your website in your Google Analytics account. See what website activity, sales, conversions are your email campaigns generating using our built-in Google Analytics integration.
Worried about managing your lists constantly? No need! Get valuable information like alerts for successful and unsuccessful subscriber uploads on your email id. Your duplicates and bad records are managed effectively by Juvlon. We also help you manage your unsubscribes and inactive contacts automatically. Achieve optimized and highly targeted subscriber list by keeping it clean from inactive emails and dividing your list into groups of interest. We offer superior list-editing functionality including merge, de-duplication, and inactive ids management based on activity history.
Create custom integrations with your website, or applications using Juvlon's powerful API. Juvlon Email and SMS API allows you to integrate your application directly to your Juvlon account. APIs are simple functions using which other applications can access Juvlon from within their own programming code. Without manually logging into Juvlon, from your own application code, you can use Juvlon API that lets you add & manage contact lists, users, send campaigns, get report data and more! To ensure maximum privacy for clients and their data over web, Juvlon API are fully available via SSL. For example, you could integrate your newsletter subscription form on your website with your Juvlon account. Subscribers from your website can get automatically added into your list in Juvlon. You can then send them a Welcome email immediately. There are innumerable ways to use Juvlon APIs in marketing automation which our developers are always working hard to enhance.
What if you could automate to send your message to your contacts through different communication channels? Juvlon provides you the capability of executing your campaigns using Email and SMS. And this can be done in the most easy way by managing both channels under one campaign. Create a marketing email and sms of your choice within the same campaign for sending your promotional and transactional messages. Introduce new customers to your products or surprise existing ones with an exclusive offer triggered by their behavior in multiple ways of communication. You can also leverage automation of email and sms alerts using triggers to reach your customers on any device they may use. Our automation platform allows you to engage with your customers at a larger scale with little effort.
Text messaging is a cost-effective, efficient and secure way to communicate with your customers. You can engage your audience in more ways using Juvlon's text-messaging service for sending SMS marketing campaigns. Juvlon offers a robust SMS platform with nationwide message delivery and easy-to-use tools to create your SMS in your account. Reach your customers anytime with an accurate message that drives result. Juvlon provides shortened URLs that can be automatically placed in your text message to include useful call-to-actions.
Measure the effectiveness and profitability of your SMS marketing campaigns by accessing real-time performance metrics in Juvlon. Access free reports of delivery which you can track real-time in your dashboard. You can know the delivery statistics of your SMS campaign which track the subscribers who received your SMS, and those who failed due to incorrect numbers. You can also leverage the benefits of advanced tools like click tracking of URLs in your SMS, to know customer response to optimize your campaigns further and boost your marketing ROI.
Large corporations and financial institutions use authentication to prove their emails aren’t forgeries so they don’t get blocked by overly suspicious filters. Juvlon too uses authentications to prevent your emails from being misjudged and blocked by spam filters. Juvlon supports Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and signing messages with DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) which is automatic and free.

Plans and Pricing



Rs. 260.00 ( For 3 Months )

  • 500 emails
  • 3 Months


Rs. 1000.00 ( For 3 Months )

  • 5000 emails
  • 3 Months


Rs. 2600.00 ( For 3 Months )

  • 15000 emails
  • 3 Months


Rs. 4300.00 ( For 6 Months )

  • 30000 emails
  • 6 Months


Rs. 6000.00 ( For 6 Months )

  • 50000 emails
  • 6 Months


Rs. 8700.00 ( Per Year )

  • 100000 emails
  • 12 Months


Rs. 15700.00 ( Per Year )

  • 200000 emails
  • 12 Months


Rs. 22000.00 ( Per Year )

  • 300000 emails
  • 12 Monthhs


Juvlon is a Powerful Email & SMS Marketing Platform where you can create and send Beautiful Emails and run Result Driven Campaigns to Grow Your Business.



Below are some frequently asked questions for Juvlon Email Marketing

Q. Can I make a payment by Invoice?

We're happy to provide invoicing on all our plans. You can transfer your payment using online options like Credit card, Debit card, Net Banking and Online Wallets. After transfering your amount, we email your invoice on the email id you provide to create your Juvlon account. We do not offer monthly invoicing. Other modes acceptable for payment are NEFT/IMPS, cheque, cash, or PayPal. You can immediately start using your account once your payment is processed.

Q. What if my email goes into Spam? What can I do?

There are industry standards and best practices relating to subject lines, email content, domain checks, etc. that you can follow to give your emails the best chance of meeting all mail provider and spam filter expectations. We have a Spam Score check tool to help you check your email score while creating it. Also, our very strict Anti-Spam policy does not allow unsolicited commercial email or spam to be sent from our servers.

Q. How do Juvlon Packages work? Do they have a validity?

Juvlon's pricing plans are based on the number of email/sms credits provided to you along with its validity. This means that you are provided X number of email credits in total that you can use in the Y number of days. (depending upon the package you buy) The validity provided for each package is the total number of days within which you can use your email/sms credits in your Juvlon account. If you have more requirements after you have used all your credits, you can contact our Sales team ( and renew your account.

Q. Does Juvlon provide reports for my Campaigns?

Yes, you can view your email or sms reports and check the performance (opens/delivered, clicks, bounces, opt-outs, spam etc.) and know the behavior of your audience. You can also extract all reports into an existing list, a new list or as a CSV file. Juvlon also has a provision to create a UTM tracking code automatically that helps you track the performance of your email campaign in your Google Analytics account for your website.

Q. How do I manage my email/sms bounces in Juvlon?

Bounce management of emails and smses in Juvlon is automated, advanced and complies with best industry practices. Juvlon does categorization of bounces or undelivered messages and processess them based on this categorization. You can view full documentation for each bounce, and manage you list hygiene by further exporting this data and cleaning your list.


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