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Brand: RealBooks

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows, IOS, Android

Free Trial Available: No

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RealBooks software

What is RealBooks?

RealBooks is cloud-based accounting software for enterprises. It offers VAT and GST compliant accounting, inventory management, billing and invoicing management solutions for all types of businesses. Enterprises can stay updated on multiple financial matters like cash flows, payables, receivables, etc. The document management module of the software, along with a dedicated mobile app, makes the accounting flexible facilitating remote access. With 256-bits bank-grade encryption and AWS servers, RealBooks offers top-graded data protection. The scalable software can be used by large teams, where admins can schedule role based access rights and restrict backdated entries. The software sends on-time notifications via email. 

How does RealBooks help with tax invoice management?

  1. GST Ready: RealBooks is a GST ready software that offers a hassle-free return filing experience with GSTIN. 
  2. Multiple Branches: Enterprises can maintain a detailed record of their GSTIN transactions, as the software saves all the relevant data in an organized manner.   
  3. Party Ledgers: The software can be used to save customers’ GSTIN data, place of supply along with category of the registration. The software helps businesses track whether they are serving a government organization, normal person or E-commerce operator.
  4. Tax Ledgers: RealBooks can be used to mark multiple tax ledgers, add rates to them, and monitor reverse credit ledgers. 
  5. Advance Receipts: Enterprises can maintain a separate file of tax invoices while taking advances from individual clients and get them adjusted against the actual tax invoices after supply.  

RealBooks pricing 

RealBooks pricing can be obtained at request. For more queries, you are requested to ask for a callback. Our consultants will get back to you at a convenient date and time.

Benefits of RealBooks

  1. Perfect Reports: Businesses can get a comprehensive picture of their current market status, monitor production and expenses, track payable amounts and more. 
  2. Order Management: With RealBooks, enterprises can monitor multiple orders, including sales orders from customers and purchase orders to suppliers along with the status of pending orders.
  3. Profit-Cost Center management: RealBooks enables enterprises to manage multiple profit and cost centers in its unified portal. The software also offers profitability statements related to profit and cost groups. 
  4. Multi-Branch Support: The GST compliant solution is capable of managing multiple branches within an organization. It offers consolidated branch-wise reports as well.   

RealBooks Features

  • checkbox Accounting With RealBooks, enterprises can get their accounting job done in an accurate manner. The software helps with branch accounting,
  • checkbox Business Workflow The accounting software is capable of automating business workflows, helping out accountants generate appropriate business
  • checkbox Finance Management RealBooks makes financial management effortless, simple, and error-free. It comes with appropriate tools, and enhances your
  • checkbox Customization The account management software helps users in generating unique functionalities that support adequate business models. 
  • checkbox Security RealBooks uses Amazon Web Services (AWS)-powered cloud infrastructure to protect its users’ data. It also offers essential
  • checkbox GST The software helps in seamless GST return filings, tax calculations, financial reports and invoice generation etc. Enterprises
  • checkbox Dashboard An intuitive dashboard features detail about company finances, profitability analysis, quarterly summaries, compliance status and
  • checkbox Customer Management Organizations can monitor sales orders from individual customers and track expenses via RealBooks accounting software.
  • checkbox Mobile App RealBooks is available as a mobile app that helps users with their accounting works, including voucher approvals, ledger and
  • checkbox Inventory Management This feature allows business owners to keep track of their inventory. Accountants can monitor store price lists, complex
  • checkbox Manufacturing The accounting and billing software helps enterprises in monitoring their expenses related to manufacturing. 
  • checkbox Expense Management Enterprises can monitor multiple cost components and take necessary measurements to reduce the overall expense to the possible
  • checkbox Multi User login & Role based access RealBooks supports multi-user login, which increases flexibility of the software. Management can schedule role-based access
  • checkbox MIS Reports RealBooks offers detailed MIS reports, and enables enterprises to get a comprehensive overview of their current business metrics
  • checkbox Graphs & Charts The business accounts management software offers comprehensive reports in the form of graphs and charts, facilitating greater
  • checkbox Tax Management The software offers complete compliance with tax modules like UGST, IGST, CGST, SGST and more. 

RealBooks Plans & Pricing

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RealBooks Specifications

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  • Windows, IOS, Android
  • Desktop, Mobile
  • Web-Based
  • All Industries
  • All Businesses
  • English

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RealBooks FAQ

Q. Does RealBooks support GST compliant invoicing? arrow

A. Yes, the accounting solution can be used to generate GST compliant invoices. Enterprises can make notes on payments in terms of currency preferences, monitor receipts and more.

Q. How does RealBooks help with the bill of supply? arrow

A. Accountants get to generate the bill of supply in a series of separate vouchers, exempting suppliers from taxes.

Q. Is RealBooks available for an online demo? arrow

A. Yes, you can request an online demo of RealBooks. Our in-house product experts will get back to you in real-time.

Q. Does RealBooks work in offline mode? arrow

A. Yes, RealBooks is designed in such a way that users can use it in both online and offline mode.

Q. Is RealBooks available as a mobile app? arrow

A. Yes, RealBooks is available as a mobile app for Android users.

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