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One of the best retail, trading and sales & distribution ERP software in India, Rujul ERP Software has proven its mettle with robust infrastructure, interactive and intuitive interface and sound technical background. The solution helps companies across various chores of day to day operations ranging from maintaining and managing sale, purchase, suppliers, point-of-sale solution that can meet all the requirements of managing a retail store. An ERP which is to manage multiple transactions at a given point of time effectively. The solution helps in tracking the inventory, sales and cash which is of utmost importance.

Product Features
Rujul ERP improves productivity, efficiency and customer responsiveness and provides better picture of operations of the company. ERP by RnRDatalex is an effective way to manage business resources and processes. The tool is a comprehensive solution which is designed to manage functions accordingly. It is a combined suite of business applications including retail, trading and sales & distribution.
  • Multicurrency - Sets up currency and schedules exchange rates for them. The ERP comes with period view processing and provides revaluation for the same.
  • Adaptable Tax Structure - Tax Module provides the manual taxing feature and configures multiple taxes. Provides adaptable and easy solutions to configure taxes.
  • Workflow Management - RnRDatalex has best ERP software for managing the workflow which eliminates unnecessary processes to save time. Manages the streamlined tasks and supports the workflow.
  • Analytic & Dashboard - Analyses sales and keeps the track for sales action. Also, monitors financial trends and has maximized performance which minimizes errors.
  • Multi-Company and Multi-Location - Manages sales and inventory and provides people with required services simultaneously. RnRDatalex has configurable tax engine which helps in global accounting.
  • Smart Reporting - Provides a deep and flexible view with the fast access to data and prints report accordingly.

About the Company
RnRDataLex Pvt. Ltd. is one of the fastest growing and dynamic IT companies, with deep industry and functional expertise in space of ERP & Legal CRM. Our ERP & Legal CRM Solution is accepted worldwide for its ease of use & easily configurable features. It is backed by an excellent young team of 100+ professionals, having 500+ years of manpower experience. RnR’s ERP Solution focuses on Retail, Trading, Sales & Distribution, whereas its Legal CRM Solution focuses entirely on Legal Fraternity.

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