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About Rydoo Expense Management

What is Rydoo Expense Management

Rydoo Expense is an expense reporting solution designed to help its users with the process of automating their business expenses. This software helps in an effective expense management process and is suitable for a wide range of businesses, irrespective of their size. With its extensive real-time expense management feature, it allows users to scan and digitize receipts, and extract receipt data as well.

Apart from helping users to deal with all the travel and expense management operations with precise detail, this application also ensures the maximum efficiency in their business. Moreover, Rydoo Expense integrates with other accounting and ERP packages, like Oracle, SAP, Quickbooks, Microsoft Dynamics, Xero, Netsuite, and Sage.

How does Rydoo help its users in managing their business in real-time?

Rydoo Expense Management helps its users in the management of real-time business by automating the expense management process. Besides, it provides one’s business with insightful analytics, helping users to understand the rate of outputs and the returns generated. Moreover, by adapting digitized work approaches, this tool transforms the way of storing files by simply uploading them over the computer. Once a receipt is uploaded, you can add additional notes to each file, while managing time, advances and mileage.

Pricing of Rydoo Expense Management

The pricing of Rydoo Expense Management is available as per the needs and demands of the user. The company has divided its pricing plans into three types:

  1. Team: Recommended for up to 50 users, billed at ₹500 billed annually,
  2. Growth: Recommended for above 50 users, billed at ₹668 billed annually,
  3. Enterprise: Recommended for 500+ active users, price on call.

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What are the benefits of using Rydoo Expense Management?

  1. Paperless mode of management: With Rydoo, users get the opportunity to go paperless and save themselves from the threat of losing physical documents. Users can easily scan the documents via smartphone and upload them over the platform. Besides, Rydoo extracts all your essential data, thus eliminating hectic manual data entry tasks.
  2. Add expenses and Analyse costs: With Rydoo, you can submit and store details of all your expenses on-the-go. You can even attach each of your expense claims to your trips, which will later help analyse the expenditures. This will further enable you to make right financial decisions.
  3. Data-driven decision making: Using this software, you can track where your money is going by having real-time and accurate data in hand. Through Rydoo’s online expense reports, you can have a detailed overview of what’s going on in your business in real-time.
  4. Automated expense approvals: Rydoo helps users in approving or rejecting expenses automatically and over a shorter period. With automated approvals, you can reduce the workload of your approver without losing the grip over expenses of your company.

Compatible Platforms for Rydoo Expense Management

Rydoo Expense Management is a web-based software, and hence can be accessed from any platform or device, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS.

Sold By : Rydoo

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Rydoo Expense Management Features

Backed by the Rydoo Expense Management app, users can easily keep track of and approve the expenses made within an organisation. Moreover, the team's expenses can also be controlled with some adjustments over the app.
Rydoo provides a deeper understanding of all the expenses made by a company. Moreover, with the spending and expense receipts being a click away, you can opt for a real-time overview, and get the information you need.
With the OCR feature, the process is amplified as you can extract all the relevant data automatically with the scan. Using this feature, important information like merchant, date, currency, and amount is filled precisely and without errors.
With its integration with major companies like Uber, SAP, Lyft and slack, among others, users can easily keep a track of their expenses on a wider scale.
Rydoo makes the process of Audit Trail transparent by timestamping all the tickets and activities. Moreover, with all the systems logged and timestamped, it becomes easy to keep an activity overview.
The control and tracking feature allows businesses to enable a strict check on the expenses and the uses of funds within the organization.  
Rydoo enables users to get detailed analytical insights into the expenses made at every stage, helping them to take an improved and cost-effective measures for various business operations.
With a detailed, time-stamped coupon, you will be able to track all the employee and miscellaneous expenses. In this way, Rydoo prevents you from making bad investments.
With Rydoo, you can easily auto-scan receipts and save yourself from the burden of carrying documents with you physically.
Being an on-premise application, users don’t really need to carry any given document with them. Clicking and uploading files and reports happen in real-time with this software.

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Rydoo Expense Management Specifications

Rydoo Expense Management Reviews

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Rydoo Expense Management FAQs

Rydoo provides protection against DDOS attacks. The software comes with antivirus programs, firewalls, separated virtual networks (DMZ) and more. Moreover, with data encryption, it performs strict safety and security measures.
Once you’ve authorized your accounts via the application, you’ll be presented with a history view, which allows you to monitor the expenses of individual trips.
Rydoo is a web-based software that one can access via web browsers on any platform or device. Hence, there are no mandatory system requirements for Rydoo Expense Management Software.
Yes, Techjockey provides online demo sessions for Rydoo Expense Management. You can send us a request for the same along with a convenient date and time.
Yes, there is a mobile app both for Android and iOS devices.

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