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About SFAXpert Software

What is SFAXpert? 

SFAXpert is a mobile app for sales force automation (SFA) teams. It boosts reporting functions for sales force automation teams. This sales force automation app further helps managers supervise the work of their team members. SFAXpert is available in three different user modules, these are: 

  1.  Admin
  2.  Manager
  3.  Salesman

The mobile app is also available in the form of software for PC access, which makes it easier for large ground teams. This sales force automation software improves team management and boosts business results. SFAXpert simplifies your teams’ field force workflow, and even makes the work for managers efficient. 

SFAXpert app remolds the way sales force automation is supervised. The sales force automation app offers real-time viewing of the salesperson movement. It has a GPS tracker that helps salespersons track their customers. At the same time, managers can track the movement of employees in real-time. The SFA software saves all the data of potential customers which makes it easy for a salesperson to interact and get detailed information about the customers. 

SFAXpert sales force automation app manages entries for orders, payments, returns, leaves, holidays, expenses, extra activity, etc. It handles numerous tasks in a single platform with zero inconveniences. 

Who are the targeted users of SFAXpert?

SFAXpert sales force automation app is designed to make the workflow of sales force teams and their managers easier. It can be used in any trade for example medicine distribution, FMCG, garments, and technology services. 

What are the system requirements for SFAXpert? 

SFAXpert is available only for the Windows operating system and Android smartphone.  

What is the price of SFAXpert? 

Request a quote on Techjockey.com for the SFAXpert sales force automation app. Please request a call and state your requirements and size of your operations. Our sales team will contact you and clarify all your doubts. 

Sold By : Marg ERP

Get SFAXpert Software support 17 Chatting right now

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SFAXpert Software Features

SFAXpert removes human error by providing modules for expense calculation and supervision. It tracks payments of customers and checks for leftover payments.
The sales force automation software calculates all the calls that sales team makes in a day and helps with the assessment of daily performance. 
SFAXpert offers CRM modules for salespersons to better manage their relationship with customers. 
Get access to dashboard that offers predictive analysis of your sales and assists you in staying ahead of your competitors. 
The salesforce software checks for the activity log of every salesperson.
SFAXpert generates alerts for every sale made to the managers. It also generates different types of notifications for workflow updates in real-time.  

Get SFAXpert Software support17 Chatting right now

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SFAXpert Software Specifications


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SFAXpert Software FAQs

Yes, SFAXpert allows you to change the information of customers on spot. It helps in improvising the information dissemination.
SFAXpert apps offers different modules for generating customized reports. Managers can check for the performance of individual salesperson and teams as well.
Yes, SFAXpert functions even when offline and stores all the data in device when internet in unavailable. It automatically transfers data to the cloud as soon as you enter the internet zone.
SFAXpert has an in-built support system that allows you to communicate with professionals to solve glitches and issues in the app and software.
SFAXpert assists in scheduling of sales meet up with customers. Managers can assign list of customers to salespersons and check for their performance timely.

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