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About Slicki

What is Slicki? 

Slicki is the best document management system for managers to supervise multiple Slack channels.  The software provides quick access to several channels to manage work and conversation seamlessly. It facilitates document sharing, team collaboration, etc. 

Slicki is a knowledge sharing tool. It facilitates quick onboarding of newcomers. In addition to that, this document management software allows proper documentation of all the conversations happening between teams. 

Slicki works as a comprehensive online database for the organizations for quick reconciliation of all the data at their fingertips. 

What features does Slicki offer? 

Slicki offers numerous features for users to get ahead in their inter and intra team working. Here are a few mentioned for a better understanding of the product: 

  1. Multiple Team Collaboration
  2. Document Archiving
  3. Document Assembler 
  4. Document Indexing
  5. Document Retention 
  6. Electronic Signature 
  7. File Recovery 
  8. Optical Character Recognition 

What is the price of Slicki?

Slicki comes in a single plan that costs Rs. 1500/- per month for five users. An additional fee of Rs. 360/- will be required for adding a new user. For further inquiries, please request a call. Our sales team will get in touch with you soon. 

Sold By : Slicki

Get Slicki support 26 Chatting right now

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Slicki Features

Slicki offers efficient and streamlined collaboration tools for teams.
Users and managers can organize their documents efficiently. 
Prioritize documents and mark them for quick recollection. 
Slicki document management software facilitates electronic signature features for secure workflow management. 
This document management software offers file recovery system for all the deleted files.
Teams can utilize collaboration tools for reviewing work documents. 

Get Slicki support26 Chatting right now

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Slicki Specifications


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Slicki FAQs

A. No, Slicki works seamlessly with Slack. You can just use the domain links for integrating the entire workplace.
A. Yes, the document management software allows users to work through several devices at the same time. Employees can transfer work from desktop to mobile or vice versa.
A. Yes, Slicki can be used for notifying employees with a single click. It also creates a Slicki page for smooth circular delivery.
A. Yes, Slicki facilitates seamless Google Docs integration, among many other tools, for effective collaboration.
A. Yes, Slicki allows users to create a thoroughly fleshed out wiki pages for all the media files, for quick accessibility.

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