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STB CRM Software
STB CRM Software
STB CRM Software
STB CRM Software
STB CRM Software


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What is STB-CRM?

STB-CRM is a set-top box billing and management software. It helps cable TV operators to manage their business efficiently. From customer management to checking connections of set-top boxes, the operators can seamlessly manage everything with the help of STB-CRM. The cloud CRM software stores all the information about different cable packages. It also enables users to track and maintain customer billing information within a single platform. STB-CRM sends SMS alerts to the customers on behalf of the cable operator, thus helping them get monthly payments on time.

How has STB-CRM made a set-top box billing process an easy task?

With this software, users can easily carry out set-top box billing processes in the following ways:

  1. Easy billing modes- The software lets users choose between manual billing and automatic billing modes.
  2. Flexible billing periods- STB-CRM offers monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly billing periods to its users.
  3. SMS and Alerts- The software sends SMS alerts to the customers of cable operators regarding pending payments or due dates.

Pricing of STB-CRM

STB-CRM is available in three different plans -

  1. Basic- It costs Rs.10,000 as registration fees and allows a maximum of 2000 cable connections.
  2. Silver- It costs Rs. 15,000 as registration fees and allows a maximum of 10,000 cable connections.
  3. Gold- It costs Rs. 20,000 as registration fees and allows more than 10,000 cable connections.

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The Latest Version of STB-CRM

The latest version of STB-CRM is V2.0. Some of its unique features are -

  1. It can efficiently maintain the history of set-top box change and related packages.
  2. The latest version sends notifications to designated customers via SMS, informing them about their set-top box activation and deactivation.
  3. Cable operators can easily add multiple packages and set-top boxes within a single customer account.
  4. The cable operators get reports based on daily collections in the Android app of the software.
  5. The latest version of STB-CRM also allows cable operators to generate periodic bills based on the package along with topup wise connections.

Compatible platforms of STB-CRM

STB-CRM is a web-based application and is compatible with Windows and Android platforms.

What are the benefits of using STB-CRM?

  1. Useful Dashboard- The software helps users track new connections and keep a check on the daily ones within the dashboard provided.
  2. Customer management- Cable operators can easily manage multiple customer accounts and connections within a single platform.
  3. Effective Reports- STB-CRM provides collection reports based on agents and connection areas. It also informs cable operators about active and inactive set-top boxes.
  4. SMS feature- The software sends SMS to the cable users informing them about the launch of new packages. It also sends them reminders for bill due dates and keeps them updated regarding activation and inactivations. 
  5. Highly efficient Android App- STB-CRM has a fully responsive Android app, which helps cable operators collect bills from their customers. The app also provides them with a daily collection summary report.

Sold By : FloraSoft

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STB-CRM Features

With STB-CRM, users can generate set-top box wise bills and even collect them in the same order.
The software offers an advanced customer management solution to its users. They can easily manage multiple customers and their connection histories through a single platform.
STB-CRM provides detailed reports based on bill collection, active and inactive connections, and new connections.
By using STB-CRM, users can expand and manage their business across multiple locations.
The software sends SMS alerts and notifications to the cable users to remind them about payment due dates and new package launches across multiple locations at the same time.
The software has a dedicated mobile application to provide support to cable operators, helping them manage their customers and business on the go.
The software provides various lists about bills that are needed to be collected and in-active set-top boxes, thus helping out the cable operators with their task management.
STB-CRM helps the cable operators to manage all their customer contacts in a seamless manner.
STB-CRM helps track and manage complaints received from the customers.
The software sends SMS to the cable users on behalf of the cable operators to remind them about bill due dates. It also informs them about new package launches via SMS.
STB-CRM is a fully responsive web-based software that can be viewed from any device and browser.
STB-CRM offers advanced set-top management features to its users, thus enabling them to manage any active or inert set-top box subscriptions.

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STB-CRM Specifications


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A. Yes. The Android-based app of STB-CRM facilitates customer bill collection, daily collection summary, and more.
A. Yes. You can perform both the functions.
A. Yes! The software records and maintains set-top box change history, along with the history of individual customer packages.
A. Yes! The software allows cable operators to define channel packages like basic pack, topup, or regional pack to their customers.
A. Yes, you can get live demos of STB-CRM to help you get started. You simply need to send in a demo request for your convenient date and time.
A. STB-CRM is a web-based software and is best compatible with Google Chrome and Firefox Safari.
A. The software has a dedicated Android app for cable operators, to help them with their daily management tasks anytime, anywhere.

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