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About Stepshot Guides

What is StepShot Guides? 

StepShot Guides is a best document management software. The software enables organizations to create step-by-step guides, training manuals, SOP guidelines, instruction materials, etc. It is a great tool for creating documents for workflow presentation to newcomers in the organization. What sets StepShot Guides apart from its competitor is the team collaboration module. Different teams can come together and create the document and check for any error without any inconvenience. 

StepShot Guides document workflow software allows users to take screenshots with a single click. With this document workflow software, organizations cannot only create documents but also customize them, if required. It copies texts from a screenshot for high paced working. 

What are the benefits of StepShot Guides? 

StepShot Guides offers a lot of benefits, here are few listed below for a better understanding of the authoring software:

  1. StepShot Guides helps in the training of new employees. It makes the information dissemination easy and simple. 
  2. This document workflow software helps in the creation of knowledge-based articles. 
  3. This software provides cloud plug-in, which can be integrated into current APIs. It makes the distribution of documents easy through the APIs. 
  4. StepShot Guides document workflow software improves productivity and helps in saving time. 

Who are the targeted users for StepShot Guides? 

All kinds of organizations can utilize StepShot Guides for their documentation tasks. The document workflow software can be used by IT operations team, Enterprise Consultants, CEOs, founders, HRs, fresher trainers, academic professionals, etc. 

What is the price of StepShot Guides?

StepShot Guides is available in four different plans; those are:

  1. Basic – Rs. 1200/- per month 
  2. PRO Solo – Rs. 3600/- per month 
  3. PRO Team – Rs. 2800/- per month 
  4. Non-Profit and Educational Organization – Price on request

For any inquiries regarding the product and prices, please request a call. Our sales team will get in touch with you shortly. 

Sold By : StepShot

Get Stepshot Guides support 23 Chatting right now

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Stepshot Guides Features

Users can create multiple documents and search the documents based on keywords. 
It helps create numerous documents in StepShot Guides and store it in the software. 
The document workflow software enables users to organize all the documents strategically and in a well-planned manner. 
Create a thorough index on all the documents with the StepShot Guides software. 

Get Stepshot Guides support23 Chatting right now

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Stepshot Guides Specifications


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Stepshot Guides FAQs

StepShot Guides supports formats like MS Word, PDF, Video, WordPress, Images, HTML, PowerPoint, etc.
Yes, you can access the offline working feature with specific plans. Please request a call for more details regarding its offline mode.
StepShot Guides utilize UiPath integration that enables the confidentiality and security of personal data and workflow processes in accordance with GDPR and numerous other applicable privacy guidelines.
StepShot Guides work for both Mac OS and Windows, with no inconvenience. System requirements for Windows: 1. Windows: 7 or higher 2. RAM: 2 GB 3. Disk Space: 2 GB 4 Processor: 1.8 GHz System Requirements for Mac OS: 1. OSX Version: 10.9 or higher 2. RAM: 2 GB 3. Disk Space: 2 GB 4. Processor: 1.8 GHz
No, StepShot Guides is not available as mobile app for now.

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