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Truein Face Attendance


by : Truein

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Brand: Truein

Type: Software

Operating System: Windows, IOS, Android

Free Trial Available: No

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Truein Face Attendance Software Overview

What is Truein?

Truein Face Attendance is a web-based face ID recognition solution for enterprises, which can capture the daily attendance of in-house employees, contract workers and field staff. The AI-powered attendance tracking system ensures 100 percent accuracy in face recognition even when the masks are on or the lighting is dim. It’s a mobile-based attendance system and visitor management solution, and it does not require any hardware implementation.

Further, Truein software helps with shifts management and tracking the attendance of remote employees. You can add multiple clauses in your leave & attendance policy and integrate them with Truein attendance management software. These metrics can also be exported in the form of spreadsheets to ensure seamless payroll processing. 

A dedicated employee self-service portal by Truein attendance and visitor management software lets the employees check-in and checkout  through a selfie based attendance facility. The attendance management software sends real-time alerts to admins, regarding attendance related discrepancies or punch-ins from unregistered locations. 

How to setup Truein Face Attendance System?

The face recognition software can be set up using three simple steps:

  1. Step 1: HR managers can upload employee wise data for the entire organization in bulk, using spreadsheets.  
  2. Step 2: Employees need to update their selfies from the dedicated mobile app of Truein Face Attendance. 
  3. Step 3: Organisations can place a simple mobile or tablet on the entrance to capture attendance. The software gets triggered once the registered employee simply walks towards it.  

Truein Face Attendance Software Pricing

Truein Face Attendance’s pricing is available on request. You can generate a callback request with our executives to get a detailed overview of the product. 

Truein Face Recognition Software Benefits

  1. Attendance Management: Truein Face Attendance software, with its impactful features like touchless face recognition, GPS location capture, dedicated user app and admin portal, turns out to be helpful for enterprises.  
  2. Employee Management: Organisations can use the software to take printouts of employee wise ID cards, offer forms as per the designation of an individual employee, deactivate alerts and manage contract labourers as well.
  3. Account Administration: Admins can configure multiple user roles based on the designation of individual staff. HRs can maintain an employee wise directory and configure the settings of on-site devices. 

Truein Face Attendance Features

  • checkbox Kiosk Mode Companies can take down the regular attendance of their employees by placing a kiosk device (mobile/tablet) at the building
  • checkbox Selfie Attendance with Geo-fencing Employees can mark their attendance directly through their smartphone. Accurate geofencing technology enables attendance tracking
  • checkbox Face Mask Screening Enterprises can screen their employees, for face masks to assure appropriate safety and well being.
  • checkbox Self Registration The staff can get themselves registered to the mobile based attendance software from a dedicated mobile app offered by the
  • checkbox HR & Payroll Truein Face Attendance offers an accurate HR and payroll system management facility by offering third-party software integration
  • checkbox GPS Location Companies can monitor staff wise attendance metrics by capturing the GPS location showcased by the dedicated app of Truein Face
  • checkbox Analytics & Reporting The attendance management software offers EOD summaries through SMS, along with monthly attendance reports.
  • checkbox Mobile App The face recognition software features a dedicated mobile app compatible with Android and iOS devices.
  • checkbox Dashboard A dedicated dashboard for admins helps with staff management and contractor management, besides attendance management.
  • checkbox Offline Attendance Truein Face Attendance can be operated offline, helping organisations against uncertain network connectivities.  
  • checkbox Shift Scheduling Admins can generate accurate rosters for their in-house staff. They can also use the face recognition solution to track half
  • checkbox Leave Management An intuitive leave management system helps HRs define leave policies on the company calendar. Employees can also generate
  • checkbox Alerts & Notifications The attendance management software sends alerts to admins regarding an employee’s non-compliance with attendance policies.
  • checkbox Comprehensive Employee Directory A dedicated employee directory helps with efficient attendance administration.
  • checkbox Workflows Workflow regularisation tools help with efficient business management.  
  • checkbox Employee Self service Employees can punch in attendance on their own, using the selfie or geofencing facility. 

Truein Face Attendance Plans & Pricing

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Truein Face Attendance Specifications

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  • Windows, IOS, Android
  • Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, iPad
  • Web-Based
  • All Industries
  • All Businesses
  • English

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Amit Thakkar
29, Apr 2021
star star star star star
- Simple and fast app - Lot of customization available out of box - They have very high face accuracy.. we compared against 4 OEM solutions and found Truein better - Professional support team
Likely to recommend : 10/10

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Truein Face Attendance FAQ

Q. What type of COVID-19 safety features are offered by Truein Face Attendance? arrow

A. The attendance management solution features COVID-19 safety features like mask detection, employee safety and declaration.

Q. How does the geofencing technology offered by Truein Face Attendance turn out to be useful? arrow

A. The advanced geo-fencing technology helps enterprises cross-check the attendance punched in by their staff from pre-registered locations. It is an ideal attendance management solution for contract workers and remote employees.

Q. Does your organization offer an online demo of Truein Face Attendance software? arrow

A. Yes, you can request an online demo of Truein Face Attendance. Our experts will get back to you as per the time schedule you are convenient with.

Q. Does Truein Face Attendance software require hardware installation? arrow

A. Truein face recognition software is a mobile-based solution and does not require any hardware installation.

Q. Is Truein Face Attendance available as a mobile app? arrow

A. Yes, the face recognition attendance system features a dedicated mobile app for Android and iOS devices.

Q. How accurate is Truein software with face recognition? arrow

A. Truein attendance management system ensures 100 percent accuracy in face recognition even with with a mask.

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