7 Reasons You Should Stop Using Microsoft Office 365 Crack Version

7 Reasons You Should Stop Using Microsoft Office 365 Crack Version-feature image

Imagine a product available for almost ₹32000 from one site and absolutely free from other. It’s a no brainer which deal we all will lap up. But what if we told you that while one site is selling the genuine version, the other is selling a pirated copy. If you are someone who has downloaded the Microsoft Office 365 crack version, you know exactly what we are talking about.

In a report by the Software Alliance, it was found that globally, close to 40% of personal computers use unlicensed versions of software.

The reasons can range from anywhere to deliberate attempt to cut down on costs or just plain naivety. Whatever it is, using a crack version of Microsoft Office 365 is always risky and can land you in a soup. Before we explore the reasons for this, let’s understand why buying a paid subscription of Office 365 might hold you in a better stead.

RIP Office 365 Crack: Why You Should Buy the Genuine Version?

Crack version users – Yes we are looking at you. You might think that “I got the whole suite at an affordable price. Why bother to purchase the complete subscription?”.

Sorry to break your bubble but the genuine version of Office 365 suite is far beneficial for both individuals and companies in the long run.

Fancy this for example. After any software or application is launched, the developer company will release security patches to resolve bugs. But if you have opted for Office 365 product key crack, you won’t receive any patches.

Microsoft Office 365 Free Download: What’re the Limitations

  • With MS Office 365 free download or the crack version, you will be bereft of many new functionalities and security features.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint free download comes with its own troubles. It is not quite popular for its editing capabilities with no option of inserting audio and editing images.
  • Are you still not convinced to use the paid version? Well the problems surrounding MS Excel free download will change your mind.  Not only does excel free download lack cell and table customization, it also does not allow locking a sheet or cell protection.

Microsoft Office 365 Free Download Full Version: Security Concerns

  • MS office 365 free download does not meet key security standards and terms. However, with the paid plan, you get more than 1,000 security and privacy controls.
  • Paid plans have robust password policies and custom permissions to access the data.
  • If you download Microsoft 365 for free, your emails won’t be protected against spams, malware, etc.

Here’s a Simple and Economical Way of Getting Original MS 365 Suite

What if we told you that beyond the genuine software VS Crack version battle, there is a simpler method of acquiring licensed Microsoft 365 applications at the minimum cost. At only ₹100 per month, Microsoft 365 suite costs you less than a cup of coffee! Here are all the details.

  • Download the suit or app from the official site.
  • Activate licenses in just 5 minutes via Techjockey.

7 Reasons Microsoft Office 365 Crack Version Is a Big NO

Buying the crack version of MS Office 365 can be the biggest mistake. Microsoft can penalize you, your most private data can get compromised, you won’t get any support…it keeps getting worse. Read on to find out more.

  • You Will Never Get to Know About Latest Updates

For all its genuine subscribers, Microsoft releases security patches and system updates each quarter. If you are making use of the Office 365 crack version, you won’t receive such updates, rendering your system obsolete and vulnerable to breaches.

  • Microsoft Got Eyes On You

Each Microsoft Office app has a product key associated with it. In case a office 365 product key crack is used, the company can easily track it. This is because Microsoft allows one IP address for a single installation session. In case, the same IP is used for multiple installation, the company decodes that a crack version is being used.

  • Microsoft Can Sue You for Office 365 Crack Download

No matter whether you are an individual or a company, Microsoft is well within its rights to sue you. This is because the Microsoft Office 365 crack version is an official violation of its intellectual property. You can be slapped with a legal notice or hefty fines running to the tune of thousands of dollars.

  • No Bigger Security Risk Than Office 365 Cracked Version

Modern day hackers are hiding malicious programs into cracked software versions which then compromise the user’s system. The impact can range from you losing your credentials and data to financial fraud and phishing.

  • No Support Available with Microsoft Office 365 Crack

Since you have not purchased the Office suite from a registered vendor such as Techjockey, you can’t avail technical and customer support. Neither can you have the software installed on your system in a professional manner.

  • Naggy Pop-ups Will Dent Your Productivity

Still thinking of going ahead and using Microsoft Office 365 crack version? Well there’s one more thing to take note of. Each time you try to use any of the applications belonging to the cracked Office suite, a pop-up screen will tell you that your software has been flagged. You will have to confirm this to continue using the application.

  • Microsoft Office 365 Crack Version = Poor User Experience

An office 365 crack version can render your user experience to nothing even if you are using a genuine version of Windows operating systems. Certain features present in the genuine version may be completely off limits in the crack version.

Advanced Functionalities with Microsoft 365 Paid Plans

  • Microsoft Office 365 apps can be used both on the browser as well as desktop and mobile native applications.
  • Word, PPT and Excel, these support real time collaboration and co-authoring.
  • All apps within Office 365 office suite are well integrated with each other. For example, if you miss a message on Teams, the alert would be mailed to you on Outlook.
  • You can directly upload files to Microsoft 365 cloud and then share the link without having to share the actual file.
  • Excel now has a power map feature where you can convert rows of data into an insightful map for detailed analysis.
  • Each subscription gets you 50GB of email storage after which you can use the OneDrive cloud storage option.
  • Looking at Microsoft office 365 free download limitations, you won’t get features such as shading, multilevel lists and ribbons.

Time to Switch: Microsoft 365 Plans for Better Features & Data Security

It is always advised that you avoid using the Microsoft office 365 crack versions. This is because your private data is at the risk of being compromised. Moreover, Microsoft will come to know about illegitimate use of its property and might subject you to heavy fines.

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