RetailGraph POS Software Review: Ensuring Quick & Safe Sale Transactions

Are you a retailer running a brick and mortar store? Are you still using that old-fashioned cash register? If yes, there are higher chances that you are struggling with tracking day-to-day income and expenses. You might think that you can manage all of it without a POS software, but trust me, you need the tech boost to make everything fall into place.

RetailGraph is a point of sale software that can help in managing your retail store smartly. A product of Softworld (India) Pvt. Ltd., it is a comprehensive retail management system developed especially for SMEs. And it has been making quite a noise amongst small and medium enterprises lately.

Let’s see what makes RetailGraph’s POS software the SMEs favourite.

User-Friendly Interface

RetailGraph’s interface is user-friendly due to its quick drop down menu, easy to understand menu options and shortcut keys. When you log in, there is a ‘Start’ button on the bottom left-hand side, which includes every item on the menu. Along with this, you can view the most frequently used options. On the right-hand side, there is a calendar to give you quick reminders and help you with preparing schedules.

Last but not the least, you can operate this POS software via touch screen as well.


Inventory Management and Beyond

RetailGraph provides you with information about the products which are in demand by customers, and those which are simply consuming the shelf space. You can manage product transfer for your multiple branches easily. The physical transfer will take time but on the system, it is just a matter of a few minutes. Suppose, your warehouse is in Jaipur and you have to send them to your store location in Delhi. The distributor in Jaipur will record all the details on ‘Issue Stock Location’ form and the retailer in Delhi just have to click on ‘Receive Location Transfer’ option to acknowledge the transfer.

Further, this POS software helps in reconciling current stock. You can cross check your physical inventory count with the system count.

One of the most interesting features of this POS software is ‘product conversion’. If you have purchased certain products in bulk and want to create combo packs of the same or different products, RetailGraph’s POS software helps in managing details related to this as well.

Multiple Grid Options

This is one of the exclusive features of the RetailGraph POS software.

For every option in the menu, there are predefined columns but you can always add more to them as per your convenience.

The subcategory, Outstanding Reports, under ‘Receipt’ category already has columns for accounts, due amount date, invoice number and net amount. However, you can always add more to the existing column. Do right click on the page, choose the option of adding more grids and you will get the list containing multiple options to choose from. You can also change the order of columns by simply dragging them left and right

This option to customize forms is available for all the menu options.

Shortcut Key

There are certain menu options which are used more as compared to others. RetailGraph’s POS software makes things easier by allowing you to create shortcut keys for them. Whichever option you choose will come on your home screen as an icon and you can directly open that particular form from there.

Let’s say you use sales invoice every now and then. Instead of going to ‘start’ option and then moving to Sales>Sales Invoice, you can save your time by making the shortcut key for Sales Invoice.


RetailGraph’s POS software allows you to keep complete details of your employees and their payroll on it. Generating salary slip, keeping a record of advance salary paid, and maintaining ESI/PF register, everything is possible with this software.

Export Reports

RetailGraph facilitates ‘Export to Excel’ option for all its reports. In fact, you can export your selected reports to PDF, HTML, RTF, text as well. This POS software gives you the option of filing GST returns and uploading forms (like R1, R2) online. And you can export them as well. This is not it, you can email them to concerned persons straight away.


RetailGraph is a software with some of the unique features. However, it has its own set of limitations and they go as follows:

  • It is a multi-device software, but on mobile, it doesn’t provide the complete set of features, which is available on the web version.
  • It has in-built accounting and payroll software features but it doesn’t facilitate third-party software integration.
  • It isn’t a full-fledged multi-currency system. Only the currency of Nepal and South Africa are supported by ReatilGraph’s POS software along with the Indian currency.


Above mentioned features are some of the unusual options which you will not find in every POS software. Apart from these unique features, you are provided with all the basics options that form part of a POS software. My experience of using ReatilGraph says that all these options are here to make your work easy.

Aditi Lohia

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