10 Upcoming Tech Events, Conferences & Seminars in 2020

| December 31, 2019

updated on March 22, 2021 at 11:04 am

tech events


Whether you are an engineer, technology professional, entrepreneur, you must be interested in attending some of the biggest technology-related events in 2020. It’s time to book your calendar for upcoming tech conferences, technical seminars, tech summits, HR tech conferences across the globe.

upcoming tech events 2020

These events provide a plethora of opportunities to grow your knowledge, business and professional contacts. These also provide a platform to showcase your ideas, products and services. Therefore, we have curated some of the most popular technical events to attend in 2020.

Top 10 Tech Events & Conferences in 2020

While there are various events happening across the globe a few of these tech events provide an insight and opportunity to share ideas. Here is our technical events list of top 10 Tech Events, Seminars and Conferences in 2020.

Event Month Date Venue
ET Ace Tech Exhibition   January 24th-26th January 2020 Hyderabad, India
Women in AI Dinner   January 28th January San Francisco, California, USA
IOT Expo February 19-21 February 2020 New Delhi, India
E-Vehicle Show and BV Tech Expo   March 22nd-24th March 2020 New Delhi, India
Adobe Summit March-April 29 March-2nd April 2020 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Google Cloud Next April 6th to 8th April 2020 San Francisco, USA  
Globe Tech Engineering Expo May 29th -31st May 2020 Pune, India
Gartner Data & Analytics Summit   June 8th-9th June 2020 Mumbai, India
The Next Web Conference   June 18th-19th June 2020 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Cosmo Tech Expo   July 16th-17th July 2020   New Delhi, India
  • ET Ace Tech Exhibition

When: 24th-26th January 2020

Where: Hyderabad, India

Ticket Prices: Ace Tech Exhibition is open to trade visitors and there is no charge to visit ET ACETECH.

Tech Event Details:

ET Ace Tech is one of Asia’s leading trade and tech fair for innovation, architecture, design and building materials. The various tech events in the exhibition will provide opportunities to explore, communicate and know about various technological breakthroughs in the field of architecture, design and building materials.

Every year, ET ACETECH hosts a plethora of international brands along with well-known architects, real estate professionals, investors, engineers and designers from across the globe. 

  • Women in AI Dinner

When: 28th January

Where: San Francisco, California

Ticket Prices: ₹8923

Tech Event Details:

Women in AI Dinner 2020 is a one of its kind event where leading women in the field of AI come together and discuss the progress and the future of AI and its impact. It also involves networking and discussions with experts and other noteworthy figures related to the research and development of artificial intelligence from across the globe.

The event will also explore the role of artificial intelligence in various sectors including manufacturing, retail, healthcare, security and transport.

  • IOT Expo

When: 19-21 February 2020

Where: New Delhi, India

Ticket Prices: The entry for visitors is free however, you are required to register on the official website of IOT India Expo 2020.

Tech Event Details:

IOT or Internet of Things has become a crucial part of our lives. With constantly changing virtual ecosystem, new and path breaking avenues being created constantly. IoT Expo 2020 aims to bring these innovative technologies to the people.

It will also bring leaders from the industry to present their ideas and inform the attendees about the future of IoT and its role in shaping the future.

  • E-Vehicle Show and BV Tech Expo

When: 22th-24th March 2020

Where: NSIC Okhla,New Delhi, India

Ticket Prices:  The tickets are free however attendees need to register with their details on the event’s website.

Tech Event Details:

BV Tech Expo India presents an array of opportunities for businesses in the e-vehicle (EV) industry. Tech conferences at the expo will also present the advancements in technology and what is in-store for e-vehicles.

Various big names in this field will be attending this event and well-known global brands will showcase their innovative products and services. BV Tech Expo India will also provide opportunities for networking and tapping on to the potential of EV technology.

  • Adobe Summit

When: 29 March 2nd April 2020

Where: Las Vegas Nevada

Ticket Prices:

  1. 1. Early-bird Price (Till 31st January) – ₹1,21,000
  2. 2. Standard Price – ₹1,35,224

Tech Event Details:

Adobe Summit is one of the leading global events which brings the brightest of minds together to share their thoughts and views for the future of technology. The event aims to provide valuable takeaways in the form of insights, technological tools, and innovations in various avenues such as Adobe Marketing Cloud and much more. Attendees at this Summit will be able to understand the future of content and data.

Some of the most prominent speakers at Adobe Summit 2020 include:

  • Shantanu Narayen, CEO Adobe
  • Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft
  • Hubert Joly, CEO Best Buy
  • Mindy Kaling, Actress/Writer/Producer
  • Pam Oliver, FOX Sports, to name a few
  • Google Cloud Next

When: 6th to 8th April 2020

Where: San Francisco, USA

Ticket Price: ₹1,06,966

Tech Event Details:

Like Adobe Summit, Google Cloud Next is one of the leading global conferences for people who want to know about the latest development in the field of cloud and other innovations by Google.

Around 200 sessions are lined up at this tech summit by renowned keynote speakers, Google Cloud Next aims to provide a detailed perspective in the fields of machine learning, and enterprise.

  • Globe Tech Engineering Expo

When: 29th -31st May 2020

Where: Pune

Ticket Prices:

Engineering Expo is free however the attendees are required to register themselves on the event’s official website.

Tech Event Details:

Globe-Tech Engineering Expo is one of the most popular SME events of the country that focuses on Engineering and various developments in product manufacturing. The event aims to promote the engineering and manufacturing sector of the country and explore national and International innovations to augment the engineering ecosystem of the country.

Keeping up with the mission of youth employment, start-ups and, ‘Make in India’ CEE aims to connect like-minded individuals and experts to evolve the current technological scenario of the country.

  • Gartner Data & Analytics Summit

When: 8-9 June 2020

Where: Mumbai, India

Ticket Prices:

  1. 1. Early-Bird Price (Till 10th April) ₹62,000
  2. 2. Standard Price – ₹ 71,500

Tech Event Details:

Gartner Data & Analytics Summit, is a tech event that provides a common communication platform to global research experts, and data and analytics leaders.

The summit aims to hold sessions connecting culture with technology and how cultural analytics can help in driving geographical innovation. The session will focus on technique for designing compelling data, building creative environments, redesigning culture and emphasizing on roles development and much more.

  • The Next Web Conference

When: 18-19 June

Where: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Ticket Prices: ₹34,300

Tech Event Details:

The Next Web Conference (NWC) is another popular technology conference that brings top-tier investors, technology executives and promising startups from across the world.  It hosts about 15,000 attendees in a day and about 3,500 global companies.

Some keynote speakers for the 2020 conference include:

  • David Cancel, CEO & Founder of Drift
  • Mary Gray, Senior Principal Researcher of Microsoft Research
  • Mark Adams, Head of Innovation of Vice
  • Purna Virji, Senior Manager of Global Engagement of Microsoft
  • Cosmo Tech Expo

When: 16th-17th July 2020

Where: New Delhi, India

Ticket Prices: Visitor Entry is free while exhibitor space costs ₹1,08,000 per stall.

Tech Event Details:

Cosmo Tech Expo is one of the most popular tech trade show aimed specifically at presenting innovations in the cosmetic and derma industry. Exhibitors from across the globe will be attending the event and bring the latest from the fields of cosmetics along with beauty products and services.

Cosmo Tech also hosts technical seminars and tech conferences, featuring new entrepreneurs, technical professionals and start-ups to learn about the new technological trends.

Checklists for Attending Tech Events in 2020

It might be a hassle to choose which event to attend and what are the things you should consider before and after booking tickets. Hence, we have prepared a checklist of the things that would make the whole experience easy:

  • Visit the event page to know about the events better. It also provides an insight about different nuances of the event.
  • Check the date and time of the event. You don’t want it to coincide with another engagement.
  • Always go for an early-bird booking, to get discounts. In addition, if you wait for too long, you might miss the opportunity to get tickets later.
  • Book the tickets which are more pocket friendly. In some events, you have the option to buy standalone tickets for a particular session.
  • Download the schedule/voucher if the website has any. This will help choose the events you are interested in.
  • Always keep your visiting cards handy, as networking is one of the main agendas to attend conferences and tech events in 2020.
  • While some events let you record videos or the talks from well-known personalities, most of the events have a no-record policy. In that case, note down the salient points on a notepad.
  • Socialise and interact with like-minded attendees. Communicating with others will not only help in expanding your horizons but also present opportunities to do something new.

If an event has one or more known speakers or well-known personalities, choose that event. It will broaden your horizons and will make the whole experience enriching.


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