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  1. What Is a File Converter Software?
  2. How Does a File Converter Work?
  3. Types of File Converters
  4. Key Features of File Converters
  5. Factors To Consider While Buying File Converter Software
  6. Challenges in Using File Converter Software

What Is a File Converter Software?

File converter software transforms one type of file into another. It helps convert audio, video, document, and other such files into formats like DOC, DOCX, TIF, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, etc. You just have to upload your document on the file converter software and select the preferred format for conversion. You can convert multiple files in one go with the batch conversion feature.

How Does a File Converter Work?

A universal file converter works in a browser and supports thousands of file types. With this, one doesn’t need to purchase any third-party applications, and the operation of transforming files is handled by rapid servers, which means it's ideal for use even with a mobile phone.

Steps for file conversion on Power ISO software are:

  • You may either select and drop the file(s) in the green box or manually choose them by selecting "choose a file."
  • To choose which format you need to convert a file to, you need select the box beside it.
  • To begin the processing of the files, simply press the "convert" button (s).

Types of File Converters

There are different types of file converters such as:

  • Audio converter: This helps in converting audio files to formats like AAC, AIFF, M4A, M4R, MMF, MP3, OPUS, WAV, etc.
  • Document converter: It helps in converting word files into other formats such as PDF, JPG, PPT, TXT, RTF, etc.
  • Webservice converter: It helps in the optimization and conversion of files for web services like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, WhatsApp, etc.
  • Software converter: You can convert PDF files into other formats such as Word, Excel, PPT, etc.
  • Video converter: Helps in converting video files into other file types such as MOV, AVI, MPG, MP4, WEBM, etc.
  • eBook converter: This helps in converting text files or documents into an e-book format such as LIT, AZW, MOBI, PDB, etc.
  • Hash generator: With this, you can instantly generate a checksum or hash of any string in target formats like MD4, MD5, Blowfish, DES and Gost.
  • Image converter: One can convert images into other formats such as GIF, TIFF, JPG, PNG, and BMS.
  • Archive converter: With this tool, one can generate ZIP files, TAR.BZ2 and TAR.GZ.

Key Features of File Converters

  • Drag & drop option: When using the converter on a computer, simply drag and drop files into the main section near the "Add files" option to convert them. A rectangular zone will be indicated with a red outline while dragging the files. This is where you'll be able to drop files.
  • Batch conversion support: Single files or even complete directories can be converted from a CAD format to any other supporting formats using this functionality.
  • 2-step conversion: File conversion has never been that easy. Just in a few clicks, one can have a swift conversion and get any file converted into the desired format. There is no waiting for the process to complete. It’s just a few clicks and you are done!
  • Free to use: Many of file converters are easily available and free to use. They also have millions of advanced features for efficient file conversions.
  • Easy import & download: The files of different types of formats are easily importable and one can download them as well.
  • Inbuilt media option: The inbuilt media option in any of the file converters helps it stand out. It helps the users to get their media files converted to and from any of the other formats.

Factors To Consider While Buying File Converter Software

  • Ease of use: Any file converter should be user-friendly so that the users don’t find it difficult to use.
  • Accessibility: A good file converter software must be easily available and accessible to everyone. It should be ready to use by prospective users.
  • Functionality: File converter software must be efficient enough to convert one format of the file to another. Hence, one must look for this major functionality of the file converter before proceeding ahead.
  • Security: File security is one of the major considerations. Hence, one needs to look for the best file converter which provides security and ensures that the data by the users stay safe.
  • Data transferability: One should always consider data transfer and security factors while working on a file converter software. If the recommended ready-to-use software you're evaluating can't capture and convert data effectively, it's probably not a suitable fit.
  • Efficiency: If any software does not boost operational efficiency and individual effectiveness while also optimizing workflows, it may not be a lucrative investment.

Challenges in Using File Converter Software

  • Crashing: File conversion can take anywhere from several seconds to several hours, based on the interface, file type, and size. Your application may crash or lag during this period for multiple reasons, prompting you to restart it all over again. It could also happen if your hardware is being overloaded by a massive transfer. If your files are properly backed up, this would cause no issues. However, if you're working on a tight deadline, it could be bothersome.
  • Incomplete transfers: While converting any complex file, something can get lost in the process of conversion. This implies that either the video's audio is lost, or you might have lost some other content. Hence, it becomes crucial to double-check all the completed files to make sure that they have been handled well.
  • Limitations: Items in this domain are very complex. So, if someone has a video converter, it typically only handles a single media type and a particular format connected to the media format. If your profession requires you to convert a variety of files regularly, you may need to download a lot of programs to perform the entire set of jobs. On the surface, this appears to be a simple solution, however, these constraints may be inconvenient for some of the users.

Author: Kalpana Arya

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Using file converters, one can convert files into different formats such as jpg to pdf, pdf to word, word to pdf, pdf to jpg, pdf to excel, ppt to pdf, and more .

A good file converter allows a file to be converted into multiple formats. The software provides an easy & simple step-by-step conversion method, allowing the user to just upload the original content, pick the file format to which the document should be converted, and finally convert.

As per experts, it is not a safe option to use file converters because most of the converters ask you to submit your original file to their server, then you can download the processed file, thus exposing your system or server to trojans and viruses.

In a file converter, drag and drop your file on the interface, select the format you wish your file to be converted into, and press the convert button.





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Pdftoexcel is an online converter that converts multiple PDFs at once or specific pages within a PDF to excel.... Read More About PDFtoExcel

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FineReader, Nitro PDF, DivX, HandBrake, Adobe Acrobat, etc. are some of the best file converters for Windows 10.

With the help of any good online file converter, one can easily convert any file format to any other format.  

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