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MyHR Suite

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About MyHR Suite

What is myHR Suite?

myHR Suite is one of the human resource management software available in the market. It oversees all the work concerning HR and payroll management by providing critical decisive tools. It helps your organization achieve success in a highly competitive landscape. myHR Suite is a web-based application that saves all your data on the cloud.

myHR Suite offers a wide variety of modules for your HR staff to work with; it provides separate modules that give you a specialization in all the activities your office needs. myHR Suite comes with an impulsive and easy-to-use interface for its users. myHR Suite is an exhaustive software that takes care of all employee-related activities. It keeps a record of employees’ work-life from hiring to retiring; it also takes account of their performance and lets you know whether they are in the appraisal list. With so many great features in the bag, myHR Suite is a good buy at a reliable price. 

Features of myHR Suite

myHR Suite gives you top-of-the-line features for your HR staff to staff to work with, here are a few features listed below for your convenience: 

  1. Employee Management: myHR Suite offers a module called “hR@man” that oversees all your employee-related activities, for example, employee’s personal information, career history, and its proof, employee’s picture, reviews, performance track record, hiring date, et cetera.
  2. Overtime Management: “eOT@man” module takes care of the employees who work overtime.  Employees can claim the overtime by filing for it in the myHR Suite system; managers can check for it through the integrated attendance devices and approve the claims accordingly. 
  3. Appraisal Management System: Offer your employees a performance-based appraisal. Establish a communication bridge between employees, supervisors, managers, and other organization departments. It leaves you with a comprehensive report of an employee’s performance. The benefit of performance-based appraisal is to provide fair-value and impartial guidance to the employee. It also induces an excellent competitive spirit among employees. 
  4. Time & Leave Management System: Take care of all your office attendance with myHR Suite’s “tiME@man” module. It records the attendance of all the employees within the office and notes all the leaves taken without notice.  It replaces the manual attendance process by integrating with attendance recording devices like biometric devices. Employees can also see how many leaves they are left with and apply for leaves accordingly. 

Price of myHR Suite

myHR Suite comes at an affordable price, but the price varies on several factors such as number of employees, number of devices integrated, customization, et cetera. To know more about the price-related details please request a call, our sales team will get in touch with you.

Sold By : BCA System

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MyHR Suite Features

Offer employees with a user account in myHR Suite that gives them access to all the personal data and functions. Like, leave application, form 16, ESIC, PF statement, et cetera.
Take care of your entire office with myHR Suite human resource and payroll management functions. It helps you to record all your employee’s functions with ease and provides you with details on their performance during appraisal consideration.
myHR Suite also gives you a robust system that does payroll management for your office. It takes account of all the leaves and leaves without notice.
myHR Suite provides the module to ease the recruitment process for HR personnel. The myHR Suite system allows your HR staff to track the applicant’s information swiftly and effortlessly. It automates the hiring process by helping you sort the resumes on criteria such as skills, education, work experience, specialization, among many others.
Take care of all your office attendance with myHR Suite’s “tiME@man” module. It records the attendance of all the employees within the office and notes all the leaves taken without notice.
Generate projects and see the performance of all the employees involved. Also, check the success rate for the projects over time.
This module is used to assign tasks to employees; this could be changed over time as the employees keep changing their work in the office. It also helps HR personnel to record the performance of every individual employee in the office.
With myHR Suite hire the best talent available in the market and nurture your existing employee base to grow with the organization. myHR Suite takes account of employees’ necessities and the organization’s demands from them.
Create employee profiles to save all their critical data, that collects as proof of their claims made in resume. Essential details such as a recent photo of the employee, work experience proof, the relieving letter from the last organization, among many others.
Take account of your employee’s performances and reward them with the help of performance management modules provided by myHR Suite. It accounts for all the activities an employee as performed right from hiring to their last day in the office.

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MyHR Suite FAQs

A. Yes, myHR Suite is available for demo. To avail the demo kindly request the call, and our sales team will contact you.
A. myHR Suite is used by a large variety of companies. It ranges from large scale enterprises to SMEs, start-ups, et cetera. It can be used in every organization that has HR requirements.
A. There are no mandatory system requirements to run myHR Suite, as it is a web-based tool that can be accessed easily from web browsers.
A. No, myHR Suite is a one-time purchase software that provides you all the functions in one payment. Any new updates have to be purchased individually.
A. myHR Suite is a cloud-based software that saves all your input in cloud computing system. It gets away with cluttering your PC with excess data.

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