RelyonSoft Saral Billing

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Price: 7500.00 INR Onwards

SARAL BILLING is a complete billing an inventory management solution for businesses. The solution caters to overall operations in billing and inventory management such as quick billing, counter billing, serial number tracking, receipts and issues management et al. View More

RelyonSoft Saral Paypack

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Price: 39300.00 INR

SARAL PAYPACK is a complete payroll solution empowering companies with best of the payroll management tools and features bundled into a single package. Entire Payroll operations ranging from capturing the employee records and attendance to payslip generation, all processes with accurate calculations can be performed automatically within this cutting edge software solution. The software is one of its kind to ESI computations mapped to Indian Labor Laws. This most user-friendly solution highly contributes to effective management and enhanced performance of the Payroll department.  View More

RelyonSoft Saral Accounts

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Price: 18000.00 INR Single User

A complete accounting software that takes care of all accounting needs of an organization. With unlimited data processing capabilities, the solution is a reliable and scalable toolset. The solution has MS SQL as back end which consists of exclusive modules for MIS and analytics reports. The software provides features for accounting, billing, pricing & discounts, views & reports, statutory compliances, etc. View More

RelyonSoft Saral TaxOffice

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Price: 8800.00 INR /single user

Saral TaxOffice is the most advance and reliable taxation software that automates the CA practice and easily manages the tax compliance. CAs can get all the balance sheet related data directly from TALLY without wasting the time to port into an external media and re-enter in the software. This cutting edge solution helps fetching all the required details directly from income tax report and balance sheet, and create the audit report as per the latest changes with e-filing facility. View More

RelyonSoft Saral Income Tax

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Price: 3478.26 INR /single user

Saral Income Tax is a holistic solution that prepares all the income tax returns and upload them to ITD website on one click through ITD eReturn Intermediary module offered by the solution. The solution provides impeccable tools and features to attain best in class performance with accurate calculations easily. View More

RelyonSoft Saral TDS

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Price: 4950.00 INR /single user

Saral TDS is a complete TDS management software built in state-of-the-art technology, complying with TDS/TCS prescribed as per Income Tax Laws of India. Saral TDS is known for the stability and regular updates with ongoing changes in TDS system. View More

RelyonSoft SaralXBRL

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Price: 11000.00 INR /single user

Saral XBRL is a software solution to convert the annual report (financial & non-financial) to required XBRL instance document which can be readily validated & filed with MCA. It is one stop solution for return filing of XBRL with MCA as per the prescribed taxonomy, from Company details entry to submitting Form 23AC and Form 23ACA in single flow. View More

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