Aavaz Call Center Suite

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1,500 /user/month

  • Server and Implementation cost  will be additional to the license cost

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A world class cloud based call centre platform, Aavaz is a complete SAAS solution delivered on browsers/smartphones that enables efficient interaction between businesses and their customers. Aavaz is an integrated CRM, dialer with different voice options based on various business needs. It helps in optimising workflow and makes dialling faster and more accurate.

Product Features
  • Integrated contact management Optimised workflows makes dialling faster and more accurate
  • Run effective outbound/inbound campaigns
  • Lead and support ticket management
  • Live agent monitoring
  • Integrated Voice, CRM, Marketing, Lead, Support on dialer
  • Setup your PBX and IVR in a few minutes
  • Powerful De-duplication
  • Report on everything
  • Complete call recording and tracking
About The Company
Voice is a very important customer touch point, for sales, marketing and support but has always been expensive and has always suffered from poor track-ability. Aavaz Communications provides world class cloud based call centre solutions across the globe. It delivers enterprise call-centre product suite for cloud and traditional setups. With its simple setup process that instantly powers professional inbound and outbound calling at no additional infrastructure requirement, Aavaz enables new revenue, streams and savings.

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