How to Recruit the Right Candidate for Your Company?

| October 27, 2017

updated on February 13, 2020 at 5:40 pm

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With the right set of employees on board, a company can move aggressively towards achieving sustained growth. But, recruiting the right set of candidates for an organization is not an easy task. Tasks like filtering out the right resume for a job position, conducting interviews, and bringing the selected candidates on board smoothly call for a smarter approach. Traditional recruitment processes are largely dependent upon manual efforts, and consume a significant time with lesser chances of successful hiring.

But, with the adoption of a modern recruitment system and the best HRMS software in the market, organizations can reach out to right candidates effectively. Human resource management software also allows candidates to apply for a job through online sources like web portals and social media sites of an organization.

To make the best use of modern recruitment systems, HR professionals need to abide by these simple but effective mantras.

Finding All Recruitment Needs

To begin with the recruitment process, HR professionals first need to sit with the team leads and managers to analyse the needs of bringing new members on board. Depending upon the specific needs of different departments, the list of vacant positions can be created. Moreover, recruitment requirements can be categorized on the basis of required skills for a particular job role, and the duration in which a position needs to be filled. There can be other recruitment parameters like the required work experience of candidates and the maximum remuneration limit for different job roles.

Ensuring the Clarity of Communication

Recruitment professionals have to act as effective and transparent channels of communication between a company and its job applicants. But, it’s practically difficult for recruitment teams to stay connected with every candidate and convey the latest updates manually. Fortunately, HR management software solutions are there to add more power to all their communication efforts.

HRMS software helps recruitment teams in keeping the applicants abreast of the latest updates through emails and other digital channels.

Taking Help of Social Media Platforms

Floating the information about a vacant position on a company’s web portal is not enough. If an organization wants to reach out to a larger audience, job postings on social media platforms is a must. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can work for any organization and help it in spreading the message to a large number of interested candidates.

Making Job Postings Easy to Comprehend

Even if an organization has posted the information about a job vacancy on different social media sites, it may fail to get the desired response. One of the main reasons for getting the lower response from applicants is the incomplete or incomprehensible information posted online. If candidates are unable to understand the requirements of a job role, they are not likely to apply for it. So, organizations need to keep job requirements crisp and coherent to get the response from a good number of candidates.

Taking Employee Referral Programs Seriously

As employees are acquainted with the work culture of an organization, they are likely to refer a job candidate who can fit into the system easily. Organizations can motivate their employees for candidate references through lucrative employee referral programs. This way, they can connect with the right set of applicants effectively and in a lesser time.

If a recruitment team abides by these tricks, then the rate of bringing right candidates on board is expected to take an upward curve.


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