15 Best Free Online Flowchart Maker Software in 2023

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Flowchart software is ideal for turning complex data into comprehensible visual charts and diagrams. In the flowchart maker, you can expect iconic imageries, beautiful typographies, and editable filters.

What is Flowchart Software?

Flowchart software offers data-linked diagrams for multiple purposes like drawing floor plans and documenting all business processes. Flowchart tools helps create hierarchy with interconnected shapes.

Creating the blueprint of a plan is much easier with flowchart software. The flowchart creators are therefore ideal for visually representing complex data in a simplified form.

What are the Features of Free Online Flowchart Maker?

The best free flowchart software online provides a range of design tools for diagrams, organizational hierarchy, workflow charts and more. Its key features are:

  • Standard shapes- The free flowchart design software and the paid ones provide a range of standard shapes. Shapes like diamonds, rectangles, arrows, and ovals help draw excellent graphics.
  • Templates- Flowchart software provides pre-built templates for developing fast customized designs, graphs, and charts.
  • Grid tools- Grid tools help with auto-snapping of shapes for creating precise drawings.
  • Diagram exporting– Paid and free flowchart software makes it easy to export diagrams into multiple image formats for easy printing.
  • Quick font search: The best free flowchart software online helps with managing fonts using multiple filters.
  • Professional themes- Best free flowchart software supports professional themes in the form of various layouts, fonts & colours.

15 Best Free Flowchart Software for Windows & Mac

The best paid and free flowchart creators help different types of professional diagrams. The best online flowchart makers are:

  • Lucidchart

Best for: Professional templates

online flowchart maker - LucidChart

Lucidchart is an online flowchart maker, best for preparing powerful visuals and diagrams of the available data for better decision-making. Lucidchart also supports quick admin controls, easy integration, and better collaboration. This free flowchart tool can further be used for developing custom org charts.

Features of Lucidcart:

  • Professional templates
  • Shape library
  • SSO support
  • Custom org charts
  • Data visualization & collaboration

Lucidchart Flowchart Software Pricing: Available on request at Techjockey.

Usage: Process mapping, agile planning, and system/software design

Platforms Supported: Lucidchart is a free flowchart software for Windows and Mac OS X.

  • Visme

Best for: Creating printable content

free online flowchart maker - Visme

Visme, an online flowchart maker that helps in developing graphs and charts for all existing data. Visme also supports preparing of interactive graphics and table of contents.

Features of Visme:

  • Linking pages & slides to objects on a canvas
  • Embedding content
  • Offline sharing
  • Clickable pop-ups
  • Connectors, symbols & such design elements

Visme Online Flowchart Maker Pricing: This free flowchart software also offers the following paid plans:

  • Standard- ₹ 1100
  • Business- ₹ 2126
  • Enterprise- Available on request

Usage: Social media graphics, easy flow diagramming & infographics

Platforms Supported: Thefree flowchart design software is a web-based application.

  • Draw.io – (diagrams.net)

Best for: Collaborative editing & importing diagrams

best flowchart software - drawio

Formally Draw.io and currently ( diagrams.net) is a free online diagram software used for building process diagrams and flow diagrams. This flowchart software also supports collaborative editing and feedback sharing. Draw.io helps draw mind maps, network, and engineering diagrams.

Features of Draw.io:

  • Drawing org charts
  • Confluence documentation
  • Advanced diagram power functionality
  • Intuitive interface for styling and editing diagrams
  • One-click option for exporting diagrams

Draw.io Pricing: Paid plans start for up to twenty users start from ₹ 806. There is also available a free thirty-day trial for this software to make flowcharts.

Usage: Embedding diagrams from OneDrive and GoogleDrive and doing sequence diagramming.

Platforms Supported: The online flowchart maker is available for Windows & mac OS platforms.

  • SmartDraw

Best for: Intelligent formatting

best free flowchart software online - SmartDraw

SmartDraw is a robust flowchart and org maker trusted for its organizational chart templates. SmartDraw offers different diagram types and symbols for drawing flowcharts.

Alignment, automatic spacing and multiple colour schemes are inbuilt into this online flowchart maker for the designing process.

Features of SmartDraw Flowchart Software

  • Document control and retention
  • Team administrative controls
  • Intelligent formatting
  • File export and import
  • Designer templates

SmartDraw Flowchart Software Pricing: Available on request at Techjockey.

Usage: Infographics, organizational charts, wireframes, strategic planning & venn diagrams.

Platforms Supported: SmartDraw is available for Windows & Mac and provides web-based support.

  • Visual Paradigm

Best for: System context & information flow diagrams

flowchart maker free download - Visual paradigam

Visual Paradigm offers robust online tools for drawing flowcharts and managing documents. The online flowchart maker is best for drawing system context, information flow diagrams, brand essence wheel & doing value stream mapping.

Visual Paradigm further helps with user story mapping and in implementing scaled scrum processes.

Features of Visual Paradigm:

  • Drag & drop diagram editor
  • Multiple formatting options
  • Effective modelling tools
  • ADM & process navigation tools
  • Process reengineering and analysis
  • User story mapping

Visual Paradigm Pricing: Visual Paradigm paid plans start from ₹ 7257. It is available as a free flowchart tool on trial basis.

Usage: Managing scrum projects and agile backlogs

Platforms Supported: Visual Paradigm is available as a free flowchart software for Mac and Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10.

  • Edraw

Best for: Unlimited template resources

free flowchart creator - Edraw

Edraw is a powerful diagram software trusted the most for drawing charts of different types. These could be mind maps, flowcharts, network diagrams and gantt charts.

The free flowchart creator offers the swiss army knife tool for creating accurate diagrams. With the help of Edraw online flowchart maker, you can ensure effective data visualization and project management.

Features of Edraw Flowchart Maker:

  • Data-interactive org charts
  • Gantt chart & mind mapping tools
  • Easy export for finished diagrams
  • Image editor
  • Hierarchical mapping
  • Revision history

Edraw Flowchart Maker Pricing: Available on request at Techjockey.

Usage: Floor plans, circuit diagrams and org charts

Platforms Supported: The flowchart maker free download is available for Mac, Windows, iOS & Android.

  • Visio

Best for: Drawing professional diagrams using ready-made templates

free process flow diagram software - Visio

Visio is a flowchart and diagram maker supporting starter diagrams, stencils and premade templates. Visio lets you draw complete diagrams that can be customized using annotation pen, finger or ink. You can also use Visio flowchart maker for connecting flowcharts and diagrams with real-time data.

Features of Visio flowchart maker :

  • Functionality for auto connect
  • Data integration in real-time
  • Shape customization
  • Brainstorming & business process diagrams
  • Pre-built professional templates

Visio Online Flowchart Creator Pricing: Visio paid plans start from ₹ 360 per month.

Usage: Master flowcharts and data-linked diagrams

Platforms Supported: Thisflowchart maker free download is available for Windows XP, Vista, 7,8 & 10.

  • Adobe Spark

Best for: Professional themes & iconic imagery

free flowchart tool - Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is deployed the most for developing video stories, web pages and graphics. The best free flowchart software online even offers free icons and images for drawing the best designs. The built-in magical tap module in this free flowchart tool lets you personalize the diagrams with chosen logos and colours.

Features of Adobe Spark Online Flowchart Maker:

  • Premium templates and fonts
  • Beautiful fonts and typography
  • Easy file sharing
  • Updated content ideas and trends
  • CC library for managing design assets
  • Easy GIFs and animation
  • Multiple layouts and design filters

Adobe Spark Online Flowchart Maker Pricing: Adobe Spark offers a yearly plan of ₹ 18936. More details along with a free demo is available with Techjockey.

Usage: Web pages and custom graphics

Platforms Supported: Adobe Spark is a free flowchart software for Windows 7,8 & 10.

  • Canva

Best for: Pre-set filters & advanced editing tools

Canva free flowchart software online

Canva free flowchart software online offers workflow processes for creating designs and illustrations. The free process flow diagram software also supports multiple elements, shapes and icons for editing all designs.

Features of Canva Free Flowchart Maker:

  • Image library
  • Stock of vectors and photographs
  • Professional layouts
  • Drag & drop functionality.

Canva Flowchart Maker Pricing: Canva offers a yearly paid plan of ₹ 8331. More similar details and free demo support available with Techjockey.

Usage: Photo editing, business cards, photo collages and infographics.

Platforms Supported: The free flowchart software for mac & Windows is also available for android and iOS.

  • Creately

Best for: Interactive interface & image library

free flowchart design software - Creately

Creately free flowchart software is used for drawing, conceptualizing and analyzing designs. The free flowchart design software offers an extensible library and specialized shapes for visualizing the best shapes/designs. It also provides drawing shortcuts for applying formatting changes.

Features of Creately Free Flowchart Software:

  • Visual templates
  • Technical diagramming
  • Single interaction for drawing connectors/shapes
  • Predefined formatting options & styles
  • Quick tool bar

Creately Flowchart Software Pricing: Yearly plan for up to three users is available at a price of ₹ 6445. Details of other plans and free demo is available with us.

Usage: Fishbone diagrams, story boards, concept map, block diagrams, onboarding, custom SLA and collaboration.

Platforms Supported: Thisflowchart maker free download is for both mac & Windows.

  • Gliffy

Best for: Unlimited diagrams and templates

software to make flow charts - Gliffy

Gliffy is a free flowchart software offering drag and drop interface for preparing flowcharts and BPMN & UML diagrams. The online flowchart maker helps with exporting diagrams into multiple formats. You can also use the free flowchart software for performing inline editing and creating wireframes.

Features of Gliffy Flowchart Maker:

  • Automated diagram automation
  • Commenting tool & privates sharing
  • SSO integration
  • Team management & centralized security
  • Live diagram embedding

Gliffy Flowchart Maker Pricing: Paid plans start from ₹ 585. Gliffy is available as a free flowchart maker on trial basis.

Usage: Design projects and software engineering

Platforms Supported: Gliffy is afree flowchart software for mac and Windows.

  • Grapholite

Best for: Network layouts

Grapholite online flowchart creator provides inbuilt styles and themes for preparing beautiful designs. This free flowchart software has the sketch mode as its USP so that styling any object in the flowchart is easy. Grapholite is based on intelligent algorithms for drawing connections automatically between the different diagram elements.

Features of Grapholite Flowchart Tool:

  • Business process modelling
  • SWOT analysis
  • Network layouts and planograms
  • UI mockups
  • Wireframes and web-site structures

Grapholite Flowchart Tool Pricing: Paid plans start from ₹ 3671 and more details are

available on the vendor’s website.

Usage: Flowcharts, floor plans, swim lanes, mind maps and org charts

Platforms Supported: The free flowchart software download can be done for both Windows 7/8/10 and iPad.

  • Cacoo

Best for: Multi-user editing & accessing revision history

online flowchart creator - Cacoon

Cacoo free flowchart software offers attractive templates and intuitive tools for drawing impressive visuals and diagrams. The online flowchart creator provides project timeline & mockups/wireframes for building the best charts or graphs. The best flowchart software is ideal for link embedding and sharing too.

Features of Cacoo Flowchart Design Software:

  • Online whiteboard
  • Multi-user editing
  • In-app chats and video
  • Activity notifications
  • Templates and shapes library
  • Screenshots and image importing

Cacoo Flowchart Design Software Pricing: Price details of this free flowchart tool along with free demo support is available with team Techjockey.

Usage: Mind maps, database/network diagrams, flowchart, and wireframes

Platforms Supported: Cacoo is afree flowchart software for mac and Windows.

  • FreeMind

Best for: Drag & drop functionality for visualizing projects

FreeMind flowchart software provides colour formatting and icon tools for organizing diagrammatic forms into different visuals. The best flowchart maker online also offers multiformat support so that file exporting is easy and quick.

Features of FreeMind Flowchart Software:

  • Graphical links for connecting nodes
  • Icons on nodes
  • Folding branches
  • Options for colour formatting
  • Intuitive drag and drop support

FreeMind Flowchart Software Pricing: FreeMind is a free online flowchart maker software for mac and Windows.

Usage: Directory trees, mind maps and HTML/XML documents.

Platforms Supported: FreeMind is a free flowchart creator for Windows and Mac.

  • PlantUML

Best for: Intuitive language & ASCII art diagrams

Tool for UML diagrams - Plant UML

PlantUML is the best flowchart software for converting textual descriptions into clear UML diagrams. The online flowchart creator is widely used for making sequences and activity diagrams.

Features of PlantUML Flowchart Tool:

  • Multilanguage support
  • Wireframe graphical interface
  • ASCII art diagrams

PlantUML Flowchart Tool Pricing: PlantUML is a free online flowchart maker tool.

Usage: Object diagram, deployment diagram, timing and state diagram

Platform Supported: Mac and Windows


  1. What is the best free flowchart software?

    The best free flowchart software that would help with drawing beautiful imageries, typographies, pictographs and more are ConceptDraw, iGrafx FlowCharter, yEd, Flowgorithm and Dia.

  2. How to create a flowchart for free?

    There are a few essential steps you need to take for creating flowcharts for free. The important steps are:

    Step 1- Login to the downloaded or the web-based flowchart software
    Step 2- Next, select the Data option to choose the desired flowchart icon
    Step 3- Sizing tab would appear now
    Step 4- Click on the grey icon on Sizing tab to choose the building option
    Step 5- The building option can now be used to add a number of connected shapes at a time
    Step 6- Flowchart is now ready and you can add more connectors
    Step 7- Once done, save or share it with ease.

  3. Which are the best free flowchart software online?

    Canva, Textografo, FlowBreeze, Venngage and ClickCharts.


Pictographs, org charts, infographs, mind maps, flowcharts, etc., you name it and the free flowchart software would do the job for you. Create professional and customizable diagrams easily with the best free flowchart makers.

Published On: March 6, 2021

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