Member Acquisition Tip: Think Career Stage, Not Generation

| April 25, 2018


Membership ManagementAs the proprietor of an establishment which caters to high-end members, you might remember a time when most of your acquisitions used to be mostly older people who scoffed at young folks and spoke along the lines of “Hamare zamane mein”. While you do need the older elitists in your suave and expensive establishment, you also have to find a way to entice the younger successful crowd that is emerging out of the fast-changing corporate world.

At this point, you might be wondering why your establishment needs to acquire members from a younger demographic?

Rules of the corporate ladder have changed drastically in the last few years. Up until a few years back, the norm was something like this.

Membership Programme However, more and more young professionals in their twenties and thirties are climbing to the top of the ladder at a breakneck pace. Today, people in their 20s and 30s are directors, advisors and CEOs of many successful companies and have become trailblazers of the millennial workforce. These are the people who seek the best of both worlds: The excitement commonly associated with belonging to the youth phase and the validation received from other successful people. This makes them primed for the membership programme of clubs for recreational purposes. They can afford your services and given their age, can become long term members.

But, it is also important for you to understand that simply targeting young corporate leaders won’t be enough to make them members. That’s because:

Different People Seek Different Things Out of a Membership Programme

For a young achiever in his/her 20s, being a part of a membership programme means different than someone in their 40s. The person in his 20s might seek a membership programme as a way to network and learn more from other people and their experiences. For someone in their 50s, a membership programme might be a way to reap the benefits of decades of hard work and connect to people on a similar trajectory.

What Young Professionals Expect from a Membership Programme?

Today’s young leaders aren’t all mall-hovering, shopping-maniacs. Such professionals appreciate spending quality time and seek value through enriching experiences. For them, a membership programme of a country club, golf course or a resort is a value-adding experience to connect, communicate and learn. They seek peers with whom they can share their ideas and form meaningful personal and professional connections.

Also, keeping time commitments shorter is a smart move, as it can be profitable for people at both career stages – Young guns and retirees. While retirees can try something different and dedicate time to varying projects of interest, corporate honchos are more comfortable with shorter time commitments which allows them stay immersed in the career field of their choice.

Why Should You Target Younger Professionals for Membership Programme?

According to an Abila Membership study, sixty-two per cent of all young members join associations within the first five years of their career. Members become increasingly difficult to acquire as they progress in their career.

The reason of acquiring members in their early years is simple: The younger they are, the longer they are likely to be members of your establishment. And since they are mostly achievers in their professional field, they can bring value to both the establishment and other members. Additionally, it would be easier for them to bring in other members, as they can be a positive influence on their peers and colleagues.

How Can You Target Younger Professionals to opt for a Membership Programme?

The problem that most membership programmes have, when it comes to young folks, is the lack of personalized benefits. There’s a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach in most places which doesn’t engage this age group and consequently, drives them away. For example, if you run a clubhouse and have no activities that interest young folks, you shouldn’t expect them to stick around or talk to their friends about your establishment in a positive manner.

Acquiring high-end young members isn’t enough if you can’t provide them the sort of experience they seek. Build a membership programme that can address the needs of a myriad of people.

Set the mentoring programme for young professionals seeking advice. This is something people at all career stages can find interesting. While retirees can share their career experience with young professionals, budding entrepreneurs can make the best of guidance and networking opportunities. To make mentoring programmes a big hit, club and resort owners can take help of advanced membership management software. Krtya Membroz is one such trusted membership management system that they can use to create, deploy and manage mentoring events. It provides all the tools necessary to create an online community for members and drive engagement.

Young professionals are tech-savvy but are also becoming more private about data sharing. Bombarding them with ads and personalised messages isn’t of value to them anymore and can be deal-breakers for them. Don’t overwhelm them with offers, discounts and options but instead provide a membership experience that they can value and one that empowers them instead of pushing them into joining. There is nothing the younger generation hates more than being told what to do!


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