10 Things Successful Gym Owners Do Everyday

| Created on March 7, 2020

Updated on May 27, 2021

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Profitability of your gym management business depends largely on how many prospects you address in a day. At the same time, it also counts if you are emphasizing enough on creating customer loyalty. These small changes in your daily routing can help you be at the top of your game.

  • Wake Up At Least 3 Hours Before Works Starts

One lesson you must have learnt in the first year of your fitness business – Every day brings new opportunities and challenges. One of the best ways to stay ahead of your schedule is to start your day early.

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Waking up early has other perks, as it allows you to match your step with your prospects and connect with your potential clients who work out in the open air. While they have taken the first step towards fitness, you can encourage them take a step further and join your gym.

  • Maintain a To-Do List

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With a to-do list for every day, you can stay organized and never miss out on any critical task or special event. Not just that, the to-do list helps prioritize your daily tasks and you will not feel empty by the end of the day. Some of the popular to-do apps are Trello, ToodleDo & Google Keep.

  • Stick to the Healthy Diet & Enjoy It

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Admit it, even fitness trainers and gym owners have fast food cravings occasionally. But, the secret to their fitness lies in what they do to keep the cravings at bay. But, if you have to encourage someone towards a healthy lifestyle, you must lead by example.

To begin with, set realistic expectations that motivate you to follow the healthy diet unfailingly. Also, have your workout plan ready if you have any plans of eating out or having a cheat meal.

  • Follow a Short but Effective Training Routine

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As a gym owner, you are probably as passionate about training as your clients. And, you may also justify the hours you spend on floor as a good way to connect with clients. However, you have a business to run and bring in new clients, which is undoubtedly a time-consuming endeavour.

Smart time management is the key and you need to set a balance between your passion for fitness and the entrepreneurial enthusiasm.

  • Network with Business Contacts & Communities on Social Media

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There are social networks like Activore, which allow leaders in the fitness industry to connect with other enthusiasts and share their passion. You can also create your own fitness community and encourage your staff and gym members to be actively involved there. After all, what else can be a batter place to discuss the challenges of your members and promote higher engagement.

To keep your social media community engaging, you can share posts like recipes for healthy living and can run campaigns like #ShareYourFitnesSecret. Also, you can give shout out to regular members and encourage others for the same.

  • Read 30 Minutes Every Day through Audio Books/ Ebooks

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Some of the popular websites where gym owners learn about tips and guides to attract new clients and retain existing members are Glofox and NPE. These sites help entrepreneurs start and grow successful fitness business with continued guidance.

And then, there are books like ‘Built to Grow’ by Tim Lyons, ‘Fit for Purpose’ by Kamil Choleva and ‘The Soul of a Trainer’ by Thomas Plummer. These titles are often referred by one gym owner to another.

Audio books further help expand your knowledge and act as a great brain food to devise new ideas and keep up with the world. And the plus point of audio books is that you can listen to them anytime, whether you are commuting, eating or working out.

  • Seek Updates on Current & Future Projects

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Don’t just skim the surface; know in detail about what is there to grasp! It’s important that you keep a tab on the campaigns which are doing well, online or offline. At the same time, if you are working on any future project (expanding into the retail space or fitness food), work closely with your core team to analyse the market trends. The idea is to engage, empathise and excel!

  • Interact with the Staff & Customers

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For a gym owner, your asset is not just the equipment but the staff too. They are the people who interact with your gym members every day. To utilize your staff to the best potential, you need to interact with them regularly. Ask for their opinion on any ongoing gym process and have a daily morning session with them to create a culture of inclusion.

One of the best ways to interact with your customers is to participate in a group session every day. Pick a slot at which you have the maximum attendance, so that you get to interact with maximum number of members.

  • Make Happy Birthday Calls to Your Members

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If today is the birthday of any of your gym members, it’s time to call and make him/her feel special n with an exclusive offer. A happy client is quite likely to do positive word of mouth publicity for your gym and bring in their acquaintances.

Similarly, planning thoughtful gestures on your staff’s birthday will do wonders for your gym’s goals. Remember, if you support your staff, they will support your business! 

  • At the End, Find Your ‘Me Time’

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Your ‘me time’ is just as important as the lead generation for your business. Me time is when rather than catching up on your pending messages and emails, you spend quality time on something that helps your mind disengage. Take your dog for a walk, play with your little niece or hit the tennis ground, just do something that actively takes your mind off the ongoing challenges in your business. This is the time when you can rejuvenate and come back to tackle problems at hand effectively.



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