5 Tips to Boost Membership Retention

| March 20, 2018
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As any membership club or resort would attest, new joiners have started drying up lately. This can be attributed to the lack of new ideas to keep club/ resort members hooked and grab more attention of prospects. Plus, the hospitality sector needs to navigate a transition period when making a shift to new methods of recruitment and retainment. Apart from the old methods of recruitment (member referrals, direct mail campaigns and wooing former members), club/ resort owners need to adopt software solutions and manage their members more efficiently. The best membership management software come loaded with a slew of features like membership database, payment processing, email marketing, event registration, dues renewals and member applications, etc.

We’ll discuss few tips about how you can effectively use membership management software to boost member retention and drive your profit numbers up.

Segment Your Members

One of the sure-fire ways to increase and sustain your retention rate is by introducing personalisation in your association. Members adore personalisation, as they feel more involved and gain a sense of being a part of something bigger. Segmenting your members is an easy enough way to enforce personalisation. You can customise information, events and other promotions targeting specific members within your organisation rather than the whole organisation.

For example, you can segment members according to their preferences and provide them tailored information about upcoming events such as ladies night, barbecues and cocktail parties. This can be carried out easily using membership management software. You can set up notification reminders to notify members about such events which will increase your membership value and make your present members less likely to jump ship.

Provide Value

There are a number of ways club/ resort owners can provide value to their members to gain their loyalty while attracting new members at the same time. You can offer a competitive membership fee, establish a referral system or churn out exclusive partner promotions. But, remember! Solely offering monetary incentives may not do the trick. You can also organise swimming/ sports lessons, and family days when members can bring their spouse/ kids to the club.

Create a Digital Community

Source: welfaretech

You can augment membership experience by creating a digital community which will in turn enhance retention. Membership engagement can be enhanced by creating an engaging online community. Ask questions such as the kind of events your members would like to attend across all channels – social media, your own membership portals and through email marketing. Then, reply to their queries. You can easily keep a tab on their engagement through membership management software and identify which members engage more often.

These members can be further targeted. By engaging and interacting with your members continually, you can build trust and credibility, and connect on an emotional level.

Simplify Your Pricing & Renewal Processes

Renewing membership should be so simple that your members needn’t fret about it. Send automated reminders and notifications when their renewal is up. Draw up a list of benefits that they’ll be getting when they renew their membership. Also, include all charges in their annual fee and avoid having any hidden charges which can turn off certain members and end up costing you their membership. These emailers can be sent and timed according to members’ renewal dates.

The best membership management software offers this facility saving you a lot of time. You can also talk about additional membership perks people will get after renewing their membership. By doing this, you are more likely to get more requests for membership renewal.

Optimize UX and UI

User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) play an important role in optimizing engagement among members. How, you may ask? By creating a streamlined UX and UI website, you keep them engaged and prevent them from becoming frustrated. Ensure your website can be navigated easily, so that your members have easy access to what they need.

All this and more can be achieved with Krtya Membroz, an all-purpose membership management software. You can design flexible membership plans, customize payment terms and workflow processes while undertaking booking and cost management. It really makes your life a heck of a lot easier!


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