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About Adobe Sign

What is Adobe Sign? 

Adobe Sign is a digital signature software and a vital part of Adobe Document Cloud suite. It is a must-have solution for corporates that work with digital documents regularly. It creates an electronically protected digitally signature which is counterfeit-proof. In addition to that, the digital signature takes a very short time to apply, it is as easy as sending an email. Adobe Sign provides an official database for companies to collect and store electronic signatures from the entire workforce through web forms. The signature of an individual is only accessible to them through a self-service portal to avoid misuse. 

Adobe Sign uses stringent methods to protect user-information from any type of theft or misuse. The e-signature software makes it easy to apply digital signature to the documents. The seamless integrable interface of Adobe Sign allows companies to create customized plugins in their APIs. These plugins can be used to apply the digital signature in emails, documents, etc. on the go. 

Why should you use Adobe Sign? 

Adobe Sign offers the best in class digital document management services in the market. It is regarded as one of the most premium solutions for the application of digital signature in daily usage. Adobe Sign identifies the types of documents and automatically places the digital signature, wherever it is required to be signed. PDF is one of the most used formats for sharing documents online, even the confidential office documents are shared through PDFs these days. Adobe Sign provides the appropriate solution for signing the documents electronically faster than ever before. 

Benefits of using Adobe Sign

  1. The digital signature software ensures higher file security for authenticated access
  2. It checks for duplication of files and notifies the user before automatically removing
  3. Adobe Sign reduces the paperwork delays that are caused due to signing stoppage
  4. Guarantees the highest level of legal compliance
  5. Tracks the e-signature process for easy auditing and higher transparency

Features of Adobe Sign 

Here is a quick rundown of the features offered by Adobe Sign: 

  1. Auditing trail 
  2. Automated reminder 
  3. Signature authentication 
  4. Customizable templates 
  5. Mobile signature 
  6. Multi-party signing 
  7. Task progress tracking 
  8. Specialty contracts 
  9. Workflow management 
  10. Government contracts

What is the latest version of Adobe Sign? 

The latest version of this digital signature software available is Adobe Sign V2. 

What is the price of Adobe Sign? 

The price of Adobe Sign varies based on customer requirements and the size of their operations. Please request a call for further price and feature-related inquiries. 

Sold By : Adobe

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Adobe Sign Features

The e-signature software allows users to create, save, and share digital signatures in real-time. 
Adobe Sign does not limit itself to managing PDF documents, it also helps in signing MS word documents as well.
 This digital signature software helps users digitally sign their PDF documents. 
Mega Sign allows users to send the files in bulk with signature related work. 
Adobe Sign provides document templates for creating digital signatures. 
The software generates reminders and notifications for work updates through emails.
 Users can send or attest documents in bulk for working with clients and their teams alike.
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Adobe Sign Specifications


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Adobe Sign FAQs

A. Adobe Sign prioritizes digital security for users and companies alike. It uses industry-grade security practices for e-signature protection.
A. The digital signatures generated by Adobe Sign meets all the stringent legal and security guidelines set in place for the highest level of accuracy.
A. Techjockey provides demo for Adobe Sign. Please request a call to get the demo scheduled.
A. Adobe Sign has a mobile application available for both iPhone and Android platforms.
A. This e-signature software uses cloud-based storage system for saving all the work data. This also facilitates sharing it with others in real-time.

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