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End the paper chase and get paid faster.Automate the process of completing and collecting contractors’ timesheets and expense reports, creating invoices, and calculating commissions to reduce data entry costs, eliminate contractor payment delays, and get paid by clients more quickly.

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About Bullhorn

Bullhorn provides cloud-based CRM and operations solutions for the staffing industry. Its automated data capture and customer insight technology helps companies engage candidates and win customers. Today, more than 7,000 companies rely on the Bullhorn platform to help increase sales, improve service delivery, and streamline operations. Headquartered in Boston, with offices around the world, Bullhorn employs over 600 people globally. The company is founder-led and backed by Vista Equity Partners.
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Features of Bullhorn Middle and Back Office

Time is money. Save hours every day by automating the time and expense entry and in turn, client approvals. It’s simple. Contractors enter their information online so that you don’t have to. And giving clients and easy way to enter and approve time means that you’ll get approvals - and get paid - faster than ever.
Requiring candidates to enter their time in both a vendor management system (VMS) and a back office system creates a poor experience, and makes it challenging for your operations team to compare data in different systems. Bullhorn makes it easy for firms to import files from VMS solutions and ensures a high degree of accuracy.

With Bullhorn, attaching signed timesheets to invoices and emailing them to clients is easier than ever, helping your company avoid billing errors and get paid faster.

Choose between several invoice frequency options and customize parts of the process to support the varying demands of your clients.

You can even send multiple invoices at once. Accomplish more in less time by sending the invoice data to your accounting system automatically.
How do you make sure that your commission plans are calculated consistently and accurately? Stop using spreadsheets. Bullhorn automates sales and recruiter commission plan calculations so you can spend less time crunching numbers. Simplify the internal payroll process and avoid expenses incurred from accidentally paying too much. What’s more, you’ll increase employee satisfaction by ensuring that your team is compensated quickly and accurately.

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  • Applicant Tracking System Integration
  • Time and Expense
  • Time and Expense Mobile
  • Invoicing
  • Commissions
  • True Cloud Software

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Save time entering time and expense and get client approvals faster.

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Bullhorn Middle and Back Office Faqs

Below are some frequently asked questions for Bullhorn Middle and Back Office

Q. Why should I care that Bullhorn Back Office focuses on Staffing?

Because, as a Staffing Firm owner, you face unique challenges in collecting time. Unlike standard corporate needs, your users include Clients and New Hires that may only be working a short term assignment. So, you need an application that understands the requirements for these users. In addition, time collection for a Staffing Firm is not only for Payroll but also Invoicing, Commissions and Key Business Reports. Bullhorn Back Office seamlessly tackles these needs using a workflow that is 100% modeled for the Staffing Industry.

Q. But I'm worried about Customer adoption.

At Bullhorn Back Office, a successful implementation is at the core of our efforts. Once you become a customer, we work with you on an intense training, implementation and communication program to ensure that your adoption rate and client/ employee satisfaction rates are through the roof!

Q. I collect time through multiple methods right now.

Not a problem at all. In order to truly see the benefits of automating timesheets and expenses, you need to use a time solution that can gather hours for all of your scenarios. Bullhorn Back Office gives you a wide range of time collection methods to account for the various scenarios in your business.

Q. But my Applicant Tracking System has a Timesheet.

We completely understand that, in some instances, the timesheet solution that your Applicant Tracking System provides might solve the problem. But, for most Staffing Companies, the unique demands of time tracking in the Co-Employment relationship call for a flexible and robust time and expense solution. Timesheets and Expenses for Staffing is all we focus on, so we obsess over solutions to problems that you face every day. Plus, with our third party integrations, we can create the connection that you need with your Applicant Tracking System to provide a seamless solution from placement to time tracking.

Q. Why would I use your Invoices when I use QuickBooks?

The benefit of using the Bullhorn Back Office Invoice system is that our Invoices also include PDF copies of the Timesheets that are related to that Invoice. From there, easily synchronize your Invoice data to QuickBooks, Peachtree or your preferred Accounting System. Never worry about scanning your Timesheets and Invoices together ever again!

Bullhorn Middle and Back Office Reviews and Ratings

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Sulabh Agrawal

Helpful Team


28th September, 2017

Ease of Feature

Ease of Use

Value for money

Customer Service

  • Pros -
  • I'm very happy to have worked with Techjockey and I have to say that their customer service is brilliant.
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  • No Cons

Yadvendra Sharma

Great Experience with Techjockey


21st September, 2017

Ease of Feature

Ease of Use

Value for money

Customer Service

  • Pros -
  • So far has worked absolutely fine, able to set up all the programs to my liking and link Outlook to my email accounts.?
  • Cons -
  • No Cons

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