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About Panopto

What is Panopto?

Panopto is an online video platform that lets users share and record videos for education and business-related purposes. With Panopto, users can perform a wide variety of functions such as conducting collaborations and meetings, corporate communications, distance learning, and lecture recording. They can stream their videos in a centralised manner, measure viewer engagement, create playlists, and optimize playback with the help of the wide variety of tools provided by the software. 

Further, with Panopto users can capture video feeds from any camera and screen. They can also run multiple feeds in a simultaneous manner. The software enables its users to broadcast live videos to a particular individual or around a thousand people at a time with ease.

How does distance learning work with Panopto?

Panopto provides its users with an engaging online learning experience. The software is built with the flexibility to record any combination of video sources, in any configuration from any place and in full HD format.

  1. The software integrates with WebEx, Zoom, Skype, and other video conferencing systems to facilitate seamless interaction between faculties and students in real-time.
  2. Students get full control of their learning experience. They get to see the instructor along with supporting video feeds, slides, whiteboards, screen shares and document cameras.
  3. Panopto integrates with external LMS and web portals that are already used by the students. Thus, enabling them to access multiple videos in a smart learning environment.  
  4. Teachers can make their videos more informative and interactive one by adding quizzes in them. They also get access to quiz related results in real-time.
  5. Panopto enables the viewers to toggle between video feeds based on their individual preference at any time. Users can also alter playback speed of the video. 

Pricing of Panopto

Panopto pricing is available at the request of interested buyers. You can request a callback from our product expert team, who will offer you support regarding Panopto activation key.    

Compatible Platforms for Panopto

Panopto is a web-based solution that is compatible across Windows, iOS, and Android platforms. Thus, enabling its users to access the software features from the device of their choice. 

Benefits of Using Panopto Online Video Platform

  1. Video Content Management: The software enables its users to store all their videos securely in one centralized place and hence stream videos, measure the engagement of viewers and create playlists as per their needs and requirements.
  2. Recording Video: Panopto allows its users to record and capture video feeds through any camera or device. One can also capture multiple feeds in a simultaneous manner. 
  3. Video Search: Panopto features a wide variety of search tools including Automatic Speech Recognition, Optical Character Recognition, Slide ingestion and Digital Notes, enabling its users to search for the actual content and videos.
  4. Integration: By using Panopto, users can connect their video library with CMS, LMS, SSO and internal portals that are already used by their clients. 

Sold By : Panopto

Get Panopto support 21 Chatting right now

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Panopto Features

Panopto online video platform provides a variety of tools, enabling its users to start streaming videos with just a click. Users can also keep their video streams safe and secure through the software.
Panopto offers a wide variety of video editing tools, enabling its users to edit the video conveniently.
Panopto collaborates with Slack and Zoom, enabling its users to empower themselves and their teams, share knowledge and communicate in real-time.
The software enables users to save and share various video feeds into their cloud or system without facing any complications.
As security is the utmost concern, all the video feeds of the users are stored and saved in a centralized and secured way with proper encryption codes.
Users can record video, audio or their entire screens and download them in their personal computers by using the Panopto Capture module.
Users can start recording videos with just a single button. With Panopto, students get access to a rich and exclusive virtual classroom planned for distance learning.
Panopto helps record videos for employee training, and automatically syncs the slides, videos, or any other training material that has been captured.

Get Panopto support21 Chatting right now

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Panopto Specifications


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Panopto FAQs

Yes, the software can be easily integrated with any popular LMS, CMS and internal portals in a hassle-free way.
The software enables its users to create on-demand live videos to facilitate effective communication internally within an organization.
Online demos for Panopto software is available with Techjockey on request. You have to send us a request mentioning your preferable time and date.
Panopto enables teachers to record assessments, presentations, etc., along with private assignment folders for each of their students.
Yes, Panopto has a dedicated mobile app to enable distance learning and employee training. The application is available for both iOS and Android operating systems.

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