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About uBooks Pos

What is UBooks POS?

uBooks POS is a Saas-based point of sale and billing software. It has an integrated point of sale system, which provides a quick and more improved billing process for your business. The software has an inbuilt automatic TAX calculator and an automated inventory calculator. With UBooks POS, GST return filing has become seamless and hassle-free. Users can directly upload their invoices to the GSTN portal.

Does uBooks POS help in automatic tax computation?

In uBooks POS, users only have to choose the correct Harmonised System Nomenclature (HSN) code based on the goods and services. The software automatically applies the appropriate tax rate based on the HSN code. This saves time for the user as they no more have to perform manual tax computation.

Why is uBooks POS a preferred retail management software?

uBooks POS simplifies the whole POS process and has inbuilt automated features, making it more efficient. The software has a simple user interface that is specially designed for retail stores. All the sales transactions done through the software are presented to the user in detailed reports. uBooks POS also has a mobile app, which helps users access their POS system from anywhere and at any time.

Pricing of uBooks POS

The pricing of uBooks POS is available as per the demands and needs of the users. If you are interested in buying this software, you can request us a callback to get a more customized quote.

How does uBooks POS help with GST return filing?

With uBooks POS software, users no longer need to depend on any dedicated GST suvidha provider. The software helps users seamlessly process their GST returns and reconciliation, for which it has integrated with enComply. With this software, users can also perform return filing of form GSTR 1 and GSTR 9.

Sold By : Udyog Software

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uBooks Pos Features

The software graphically represents all the paid, outstanding and overdue invoices of the users. They can view the amount that they need to pay and the amount they will receive.
The software has made GST return filing simple and hasslefree. Users can now directly upload their invoices in the GSTN portal along with multiple validation and reconciliation.
With uBooks POS software, users can get access to detailed reports of their balance sheet, profit and loss, trial balance, GST reports and general ledger.
Users can easily import reports from external business systems like Tally in several formats. They can then process the data for return filing.
The software features a well designed and user-friendly navigation system on its invoice screen so that its users can easily allocate payments and receipts.
The software computes all eligible input tax credit amounts of the users and helps them adjust the ITC against multiple payables and post reconciliation.
The software allows organizations to track activities of the users. One can also control access to the users.
Users can create multiple GSTINs along with sub-organizations. They can also manage their shipping to and from various locations.
The software has made POS billing easy and flexible. All the payment receipts are shown on the invoice screen of the software.
uBooks POS software has a user-friendly invoice screen, which shows detailed information about receipt entries.

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uBooks Pos FAQs

A. The software helps users automatically compute their tax percentage based on HSN codes. With UBooks POS, users can easily record their inward and outward transactions, generate invoices and can also perform GST return filing efficiently.
A. UBooks POS software has made online signing simple and secure with its Digital Signature feature.
A. The software requires minimal manual inputs for invoice preparation as per the GSTN recommended format. You can also get access to accounts and transactions related reports like balance sheet, trial balance and GST reports. It graphically represents all the receivable and payable payments of the users. These features make it an ideal choice for small businesses.
A. Users can easily import their data from external business systems in various formats. They can then process the data for return filing.
A. With UBooks POS software, users can keep track of the items that they have purchased. It also identifies the stock that is available at the time of sales transactions.

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