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Zeta CRM Software
Zeta CRM Software
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Zeta CRM

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About Zeta CRM

What is Zeta CRM?

Zeta CRM is a cloud-based sales force automation software for business houses, offering relevant support in sales and management. The customer relationship management software offers a centralized environment to individual employees and teams working within an organization. The software can be used to store a huge volume of customer data, including contact details, activity history, online behavior, interaction with salesforce, ongoing escalations and ticket status etc. Zeta CRM also offers real-time synchronization with Zeta ERP making the monitoring process a lot easier. Further, admins can also set user-based access rights, customize generated reports and export or import the reports as per their business needs.

How does Zeta CRM enhance the lead generation process?

  1. Enterprises can enter, view and transform leads into sales opportunities in a compact manner.
  2. Access and filter multiple sales opportunities by using sales stages, amount, status, probability of closing.
  3. Create instant and customized quotes and sales orders for the leads.
  4. The software offers predefined fields for contact and sales notes along with the option of adding new fields.

Pricing of Zeta CRM

The pricing of the Zeta CRM is available as per the requests of interested buyers. You can request a callback. Our in-house product executives will get back to you on the date and time mentioned in your callback request.

Benefits of Zeta CRM

  1. Customization: Enterprises can customize Zeta CRM as per their organizational requirements. Thus retaining the overall value of their brand and offering relevant support to potential leads at regular intervals.
  2. Intuitive Dashboard: Zeta CRM is equipped with an interactive dashboard of its own. Users can monitor potential contacts, track their business sales pipeline, schedule campaigns and make essential business decisions based on the showcased data. 

Sold By : Zeta

Get Zeta CRM support 17 Chatting right now

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Zeta CRM Features

With Zeta CRM, sales managers can capture leads, customize quotes for them and convert them into promising opportunities.
 With Zeta CRM, you get access to interactive pipeline reporting options along with multiple drill-down capabilities.
The software offers a centralized notification system, using which enterprises can send campaign-related notifications and alerts to potential leads from time to time.
Organisations can generate multiple marketing campaigns for target leads and channelize their business procedures in an efficient manner.
Enterprises can efficiently track the availability of particular stocks within their inventories and monitor their access and usage levels.
The bulk email feature offered by Zeta CRM, maximizes time efficiency levels and enhances the reach of a particular campaign.
 Enterprise can generate customized sales quotes for the captured leads, ensuring better service and higher conversion rates.
The software offers a complete overview of sales opportunities, you can also apply multiple filters based on status, stage and the closing probability of a particular opportunity.  
The sales team can manage multiple leads in a simultaneous manner with Zeta CRM.
An automated support module assigns tickets to the appropriate resources, records status, nature of the incident and tracks the resolution time.
Business with vendors can be maintained in a documented format offering a transparent view of supply and purchase history.
Right from the contact details of an individual prospect to every interaction is stored within the software, you can monitor the overall journey with necessary side notes and documents.
Zeta CRM offers a wide variety of customizable detailed reports, comprising impactful graphical representations
The entire customer information database including contact details, online behavior, past interactions with the sales team are stored within the software’s database.
All monetary transactions can be precisely monitored using Zeta CRM, along with supporting documents.
The software facilitates seamless monitoring of the sales workflow, users can sync department wise data within a single platform.
By using Zeta CRM, sales managers can enter, access and transform leads into opportunities. They can use the built-in filters such as sales stages, amount, status probability of close etc.   
User access is governed by password and enables an authorized user to search the centralized database, edit layout designs, remove, edit or add fields in salesforce, customize reports and do excel import-export.

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A. Yes, you can export reports in Excel, PDF, HTML or Email.
A. You can allow your customer to update their profile, generate new tickets, send reminders, enter feedback and make a ticket status inquiry as well.
A. Yes, you can request an online demo of Zeta CRM. Our in-house product experts will get back to you as per the time schedule mentioned in your callback request.
A. As an admin, you can create customers, manage consultants, departments and sections. You can even monitor tickets and distinguish their types.
A. No, the software does not have a mobile app as of now.

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