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SkyVF is Hospital ERP which built for Clinic, Hospital & IVF management. Developed by the team of experienced doctors & IT Experts. And came up with best HMS system ever for Hospital Industry with lots of very useful features for Admins as well as users. View More

Sara hospital Management Software (HMS)

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Sara hospital Management Software (HMS) has been developed to use in Hospitals, Medical Centers, Health Clinics and Medical Institutes to make the record keeping process of all the patients’ medical details or other information easier and accessible.  View More

Sara hospital management advance software (HMAS)

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Sara hospital management advance software (HMAS) has been developed to use in Hospitals, Medical Centres, Health Clinics and Medical Institutes to make the record keeping process of all the patient's medical details or other information easier and accessible View More

GxP Assets Management

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An efficient and compliant asset management process is a mandatory requirement for highly regulated companies. ValGenesis allows regulated companies to manage the entire lifecycle for all of their GxP assets such as facility, instruments, equipment, computer systems and analytical instruments, while maintaining a solid documented audit trail and real-time validation status for every asset. The GxP asset management capabilities are tightly integrated with the Validation Lifecycle Management functions within the system thereby improving compliance and traceability, thus ensuring consistency in the corporate validation and quality processes. ValGenesis’ asset management functionality provides regulated organizations with the security and accountability they need to track, manage and monitor GxP assets throughout their lifecycle while also meeting the complex regulatory requirements enforced by applicable regulatory agencies.  View More

Web based end-to-end enterprise HIMS solution designed to consolidate data at various level of hospital engagements and from multiple hospital care and administrative units such as financial, clinical, back office. It is a comprehensive and integrated ERP for Hospital Management solution available on the web which caters to appointment, registration, OPD, LIS, RIS, IPD, OT, IPD & billing module along with an online claim system, etc. View More

Datamate Mediware

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Price: 8000000.00 INR Onwards

One of the best Hospital Management suite of software applications globally enabling effective and efficient management of large Hospitals. The software is technically robust and encompasses all departments of hospital like OPD/IPD, lab management, blood bank, pharmacy, finance, admin, etc. View More

NeoITsoft Hospital Management Software

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Price: 20000.00 INR onwards/license

An integrated new gen hospital management software which converges latest technology and administrative process to manage work process within the hospital. It is designed for multi-speciality hospitals to cover a wide range of Hospital administration and management processes. It is an integrated client server application which uses Microsoft technologies as Front End and Flexible back end (like Oracle, SQL, etc). View More

Yash Infosystem DYN MEDLAR

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Price: 75000.00 INR onwards

Dyn Medlar is a web based hospital management system which help hospitals operate paperless. The software is integrated solution helping management of various daily activities across departments like Reception, OPD/IPD, accounting & Finance, payroll, inventory, Business Intelligence, pharmacy, optical centre, etc. View More

Bigdbiz Hospital Management System (DocApp)

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Price: 45000.00 INR onwards

DocApp is a holistic Hospital Management Software which aims at automating the operations and processes for enhanced productivity and flawless functioning of hospitals. The software binds various functions at hospital together like Doctor's schedule, phone booking, appointments, OPD/IPD, check room availability, pharmacy management, view and patient's documents, patient history maintenance, reports creation, etc. View More

GSTi Health-Sys

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Price: 7500.00 INR onwards/centre

A fully integrated Hospital Management Software capable of addressing every critical administrative/operational issue. The software brings together the key functional areas/activities on a single platform like general administration, user management, HRMS, OPD? IPD, billing, corporate package, diagnostics at radiology lab, generating MIS reports for efficient business function. View More

Accurate Administrator Plus

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Price: 500000.00 INR

Administrator Plus an integrated new generation hospital management software which converges latest technology and administrative process to manage work process within the hospital. This is designed for multi-speciality hospitals, to cover a wide range of Hospital administration and management processes. View More

Dcsinfoway Hospital Biz

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Price: 250000.00 INR

Hospital Biz is an ingenious software for healthcare industry enabling utmost hospital management. This software provides easy access to critical information thereby enabling the management to take better decisions on time. The software helps effective management of all operational activities at hospital like front office, OPD/IPD, insurance claims, patient information & status finder, room status & charts, billing, data backup & restore, EMR, payroll for staff, etc. View More

NT Soft Medicare

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Price: 125000.00 INR

Medicare is an integrated Hospital Management software that addresses all the major functional areas of hospitals and help management take critical decisions, monitor performance of various departments, etc. The software provides benefits of streamlined operations, enhanced administration control, improved response to patient care, cost control and improved profitability. View More

Caresoft HIS

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Price: 60000.00 INR onwards

The software helps healthcare delivery organizations look beyond traditional module-based applications that unleashes quantum improvements in revenue cycle management and clinical processes productivity and attains time-to-service for care providers. The Hospital Information solution helps achieve significant improvements by analyzing processes at all levels, incorporating business improvements, configuring products, implementing procedures with content and internalizing best practices. View More

HexaTech MediSmart Hospital Information system

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Price: 100000.00 INR Onwards

MediSmart HMS is powerful, easy to use and is designed and developed to deliver real conceivable benefits for effective hospital management. The software provides benefits of streamlined operations, enhanced administration & control, superior patient care, strict cost control and improved profitability. The software helps manage operations like OPD/IPD, patient registration with photograph, MIS & reporting, TPA processing, Finance & Accounting, etc. View More

mcRAV Hospital Management System (HMS)

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Price: 60000.00 INR Onwards

HMS is a leading edge hospital management system primarily meant to improve overall services and efficiency of hospitals. Using the software, the hospitals can focus more on their services and leave all management concerns pertaining to patients, doctors, appointments, laboratory, blood bank, pharmacy, nursing & wards, and many more to this software. View More

Swastin Hospital Management System

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Price: 20833.33 INR

HMS is a Windows based Hospital Management system which addresses the major functional requirements of small to large multi-speciality hospitals. The scalable and secure software is a menu driven solution and categorized into various extensive modules incorporating all vital operations for smooth and efficient functioning of each domain in the hospitals. Some of the modules are registration, OPD/IPD management, investigation, finance & accounts, inventory management. View More

Perfect Hospital Management

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Price: 20000.00 INR Onwards

A complete automation solution for undertaking effective hospital management. The software equips hospitals to effectively manage all departments with enhanced performance at reduced costs. Hospital Management System incorporates different modules incorporating all operations for different departments including patients, doctors, nursing, diagnostics, inventory and many more. View More

Swastin Cloud ERP- Hospital & Nursing Home

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Price: 41666.67 INR /year

Hospital & Nursing home is one stop shop for overall automation needs in hospital & nursing homes for enhanced performance with lesser efforts and reduced costs. The cloud based solution provides storage space in Swastin Cloud along with impeccable software features. The hospital management software helps core hospitals and nursing home operations manage effectively and integrate it with other automated modules for smooth functioning such as inventory, purchase, finance, sales, and CRM. View More

Reckon Sales Nursing Homes

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Price: 19999.00 INR Onwards/year

Nursing Homes software from Reckon Sales is a leading edge solution that equips the nursing homes with functional tools and features to enhance the performance and services. It is a smart end-to-end solution to manage patients, doctors, appointments, pharmacy, pathology, stores, and accounting from a single platform effortlessly. The software provides an array of useful reports to get analytical data that helps in taking informed decisions. View More

Trio Corporation Hospital Management System

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Price: 45000.00 INR Onwards

OPD/IPD management software is a Window based software, Suitable for both the General Practitioners and Specialty Doctors to configure the application as per their needs. The solution help hospitals decide how services could be delivered more effectively to reduce cost and to improve quality. The solution is user friendly, scalable and portable, secure and has auto backup facility. View More

Dataman Aarogya

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Price: 50000.00 INR Onwards

A NABH compliant Hospital Information software that helps in easy management of multi-specialty hospitals, nursing homes, polyclinic, medical shop, pathology and radiology labs. This super-specialty software provides excellent services and solutions across the Healthcare Industry with integrated health management system which assists them in the critical needs of the hospitals. View More

AAS Technosoft Hospital Information Management System (HIMS)

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Price: 30000.00 INR Onwards

HIMS is a versatile and comprehensive full-service various -module hospital resource planning software suite, precision engineered to enhance the administrative efficiency of hospital & Research. HIMS is multi-module web based application that runs on a shared master database enabling different departments to share information, communicate & co-ordinate with each other. View More

EBS Hospital Management System (wardmaster)

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Price: 175000.00 INR

Wardmaster is a cutting edge Hospital Management system software that equips the hospitals with comprehensive automation tools for effective management. View More

Qmarksoft Hospital Management Software

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Price: 65500.00 INR Onwards

Hospital Management System from Qmarksoft facilitates the hospitals and nursing homes to efficiently manage various departments, patients, doctors and other associated elements for eminent performance contributing to enhanced productivity. View More

Catalyze MyOPD Beds

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Price: 25000.00 INR

MyOPD Beds is an end-to-end healthcare solution catering to overall automation needs of nursing homes and medium sized hospitals. The solution has been designed specifically to smoothen the operations such as patient management, doctor’s management, appointment scheduling and execution, billing, bed allotment, admissions, discharge and reception desk support. View More

ADM Hospital ERP

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Price: 250000.00 INR Onwards

Hospital management system is a one stop shop for managing small to large hospitals through the software and automate a lot of manual processes. The software supports the day to day various operations across various departments like reception, OPDs, IPDs, laboratory, diagnosis, blood banks, pharmacy, accounting, payroll, & HR, etc. View More

Augurs Hospital Information System

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Price: 35000.00 INR Onwards

A Windows and Web based Electronic Medical History Record (EMHR) helping multi-specialty hospitals. The Health care management software is a fully integrated and best windows solution, for mid-size to large hospitals. The software is an integrated information system which has been designed to manage the Administrative, Financial and Operational aspects of a Hospital. View More

Micraft Hospital Management System

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Price: 250000.00 INR Onwards

Hospital Management System has been designed to provide a fully-integrated and highly automated IT framework for healthcare providers with a low total cost of ownership. ERP healthcare solutions help integrate the requirements of mission-critical areas through health care-specific scheduling or management and enterprise intelligence. View More

Asmi Global Hospital Information System

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Price: 300000.00 INR Onwards

Global - HIS is a web based hospital management software that has been designed and developed to compete against emerging software industry inclination towards development of centralized Browser Based application which not only put an end to dependency of user to a single machine but also does not hog system resources.  View More

Asmi Global HMS

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Price: 18000.00 INR Onwards

Global HMS is the most technically advanced application developed for Healthcare. It primarily focuses Hospitals and is packed with assorted features to help healthcare service provides ensuring effective patient care. View More

Adroit eHospital Systems

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Price: 500000.00 INR Onwards

eHospital Systems is a holistic solution that helps in efficient hospital management. The solution helps as a decision support system for the hospital authorities for developing comprehensive healthcare policies. The software is designed to manage all aspects of a hospital operations such as OPD/IPD Management, Patient Registration, Appointment, Billing, HR/payroll, etc. View More

Birlamedisoft Quanta HIMS V2

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Price: 260000.00 INR

A leading web based hospital management ERP which is aimed at streamlining Hospital operations by enhancing administration and control while keeping in mind the responsiveness to patient care. The exhaustive list of features available in the software helps in digitalizing the entire hospital operations and departments. View More

Agriya Zocdoc Clone - Doctor Appointment Booking Platform

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Price: 83819.00 INR

Zocdoc Clone is a doctor appointment booking platform for convenient doctor appointment booking that caters to medical profession. Building your platform with this software will ease the patients and doctors as well as physicians in scheduling their times accordingly. View More

Mahiruho mCare(Hospital Management System)

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Price: 90000.00 INR

Mahiruho, mCare the hospital management system that revolutionizes the daily workflows of multispecialty hospitals with its state of the art cloud based infrastructure and a seamless UI that ensures efficiency of your organization. mCare is the ultimate solution to your woes in hospital management. Manage doctors, patients, beds, accounts. Maintain control over your hospital anytime, anywhere all at your fingertips in an intelligently designed dashboard. View More

Hospital Management software is a bundle of common hospital operations packaged as a single software solution catering to overall automation needs. The software is an integrated technology based solution of various departments for improved performance and enhanced healthcare services at reduced costs. Before you buy hospital management software, ensure that it is comprised of vital modules specially designed to address exclusive functional needs in miscellaneous departments.
The enduring HMS features can be listed as:
  • Patient Management: A perfect HMS consists of a sound patient management system addressing vital functions right from registration and admission to discharge and billing. Complete patient details along with the doctor assigned, prescribed treatment and medicines, clinical diagnosis and reports and medical history is maintained here. Appointment scheduling, consultation and allocation of beds/rooms/wards for in-patients as well out patients can be well managed by this intuitive feature of HMS.
  • Doctors Management: All vital details pertaining to doctors’ contacts, skills, schedules, appointments etc. are dedicatedly managed by doctors’ management tools and features. Hospitals can keep track of patients attended by a specific doctor is each department and appointments scheduled.
  • Diagnostic and Laboratory Management: Overall diagnostics and laboratory processes can be efficiently managed in the exclusive modules. Integrated with patient, doctors and nursing modules, this interactive set of features and tools helps in accurate diagnosis and relevant effective treatment for the patient.
  • Pharmacy: The Pharmacy features and tools are generally provided within the HMS that equip the hospitals to administer the pharmacy operations and keep track of pharmacy billing, sales and purchases.
  • Inventory Control System: Inventory control is an eminent feature/ toolset in HMS for effective stock control and monitoring in hospital items and instruments. This module also caters to the inventory control of housekeeping items as well.
  • MIS Reporting: The most crucial but beneficial feature set of MIS reporting in HMS allows the hospitals to generate analytical data that helps in effective decision-making. Various reports pertaining to doctor wise, department wise, corporate wise patients, bill status, collections, diagnostic tests count, stock movements etc. can be generated effortlessly.