20 Best Grammarly Alternatives in 2023

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DrillBit Plagiarism Checker

DrillBit Plagiarism Checker

By DrillBit

4.6 (4 reviews) Write a Review

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DrillBit Plagiarism Checker Software is one of the best anti-plagiarism solutions available in the market. This plagiar... Read More About DrillBit Plagiarism Checker

Categories in common with DrillBit Plagiarism Checker:

Plagiarism Checker X

Plagiarism Checker X

By Plagiarism Checker X

4.5 (29 reviews) Write a Review

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Plagiarism Checker X is a widely renowned plagiarism checker software when it comes to checking for plagiarism in acade... Read More About Plagiarism Checker X

Categories in common with Plagiarism Checker X :

Plagiarism Detector Pro

Plagiarism Detector Pro

By Plagiarism Detector

4.1 (3 reviews) Write a Review

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Plagiarism Detector software is used for checking content duplication in a document. The plagiarism software is importa... Read More About Plagiarism Detector Pro

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By Turnitin

4.5 (5 reviews) Write a Review

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Turnitin is one of the best plagiarism checker software trusted by over 15,000 institutes and 30 million students all a... Read More About Turnitin

Categories in common with Turnitin:



By Urkund

4.6 (5 reviews) Write a Review

Price On Request

Urkund Plagiarism Software is an efficient and reliable plagiarism checking solution, that checks the uploaded document... Read More About Urkund

Categories in common with Urkund:

Scribbr Plagiarism Checker

Scribbr Plagiarism Checker

By Scribbr

4.8 (0 reviews) Write a Review

Starting at


Scribbr plagiarism checker is a cloud-based software for students, helping them to submit plagiarism free content by ge... Read More About Scribbr Plagiarism Checker

Categories in common with Scribbr Plagiarism Checker:



By Quetext

4.5 (6 reviews) Write a Review

Price On Request

Quetext is an advanced plagiarism checking software that focuses on promoting ethical writing practices by maintaining... Read More About Quetext

Categories in common with Quetext:



By PlagScan

4.7 (2 reviews) Write a Review

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PlagScan software is an online plagiarism tool for researchers, students, teachers, people in the media, and anyone... Read More About PlagScan

Categories in common with PlagScan:



By Indigo Stream Technologies

4.7 (3 reviews) Write a Review

Price On Request

Copyscape is a software used to detect plagiarism and identify the source from where the entire document or any part of... Read More About Copyscape

Categories in common with Copyscape:

Check For Plag

Check For Plag

By Check For Plag

5.0 (5 reviews) Write a Review

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Check for Plag software is designed for web content writers and academicians to verify the content for plagiarism. Thi... Read More About Check For Plag

Categories in common with Check For Plag:


Unicheck plagiarism

Unicheck plagiarism

By Unicheck

3.6 (4 reviews) Write a Review

Starting at


Unicheck is an cloud based plagiarism checker software that combines intuitive designs with technological excellence to... Read More About Unicheck plagiarism

Categories in common with Unicheck plagiarism:

Dupli Checker

Dupli Checker

By Dupli Checker

Write a Review

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DupliChecker is a plagiarism checker tool that compares your text to numerous web pages on the internet to find any ins... Read More About Dupli Checker

Categories in common with Dupli Checker:



By CopyLeaks

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Price On Request

CopyLeaks is a comprehensive plagiarism detecting tool, helping teachers, publishers, SEO writers, and bloggers to look... Read More About CopyLeaks

Categories in common with CopyLeaks:

Search Engine Reports

Search Engine Reports

By Search Engine Reports

Write a Review

Price On Request

Search Engine Reports is an online plagiarism checker with a wide variety of SEO tools like image editors, keyword opti... Read More About Search Engine Reports

Categories in common with Search Engine Reports:

Last Updated on : 06 Dec, 2023

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Best Alternatives to Grammarly


Buyer's Guide for Grammarly Best Alternatives

Searching for Grammarly alternatives? We’ve compiled the list of top Plagiarism Checker with features & functionalities similar to Grammarly. There are a lot of alternatives to Grammarly that could be a perfect fit for your business needs. Compare Grammarly competitors in one click and make the right choice!

Overview of Grammarly Alternatives

Grammarly has established itself as a leading tool for individuals and professionals who are looking forward to improving their writing and communication skills. It is a robust grammar and plagiarism checker that comes with a user-friendly interface and offers plenty of features to its users including grammar and spell check, style suggestions, and plagiarism detection.

It has become synonymous with enhancing the quality of the written content across the digital landscape. In addition, its accessibility through web browsers, desktop applications, and mobile devices makes it an ideal choice for writers, students, and content creators across the globe. Its ability to easily integrate with various popular platforms such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and various other web browsers has made it popular. This seamless integration ensures that the users can easily seek Grammarly’s help while creating content for emails, documents, and social media posts.

Though Grammarly offers a phenomenal range of tools and features, some individuals and business organizations may look for Grammarly alternatives that will better align with their unique needs.

Certain drawbacks like high subscription costs, aggressive advertising on free version, and no provision for offline editing are some of the reasons why people are looking for Grammarly alternatives.

Why are People Looking for Grammarly Alternatives?

There are several reasons why people are looking for apps like Grammarly:

  • Highly Accurate but Cannot Catch Every Mistake: Grammarly is highly accurate when it comes to the identification and correction of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. However, one of its notable cons is that it cannot catch every mistake. Grammarly can address only common errors and enhance writing clarity. Still, it cannot address advanced-level English language errors such as complex sentence structure errors, inaccurate verb tenses, etc.
  • Suggestions are Not Always 100% Correct: People are looking for an alternative to Grammarly because the suggestions given by the software are not 100% correct. Though it excels in identifying common grammatical errors and typos, it can sometimes misinterpret the intent of a sentence. This, in turn, can lead to situations wherein the suggested changes are technically accurate but may not align with the writer's style of writing.
  • Lacks an Advanced Plagiarism Checker: While Grammarly can identify instances of potential plagiarism, it does not offer comprehensive plagiarism detection capabilities that are offered by other specialized tools like Copyscape. For example, Grammarly may show that a piece of content is 100% original with 0% plagiarism, but when checked with Copyscape, it could showcase potential similarity of content by 5 to 10%. This can be a major drawback, especially for writers and professionals who require an extensive plagiarism checker to maintain the content quality.
  • Non-Stop Advertisements in the Free Version: One of the major limitations of using the free version of Grammarly is that it has a lot of ads. Though Grammarly helps the users with resolving the grammatical and spelling issues, these ads can be annoying and get in the way when you're writing. Well, it is worth noting that these ads are a common strategy adopted so that the users can make a switch from the free version to the premium subscription of Grammarly.
  • Does Not Permit Offline Editing: Grammarly primarily works as a cloud-based service, which means that users cannot use it for offline editing. This can be a major drawback for users who need to work on their documents in remote locations with limited or no internet access. Without a proper internet connection, users will not be able to access Grammarly or make real-time corrections.

Must-Have Features in Apps like Grammarly

If you are looking for robust websites like Grammarly, then you must consider some vital features like:

  • Multiple Language Support: Grammarly does not provide support for multiple languages, and having a tool that supports multilanguage features can be a major game-changer for users. Well, not everyone writes in the English language, and there are thousands of bilingual and multilingual writers who need help with their writing in multiple languages.
  • Offline Editing: Offline editing is an essential feature that should be present in Grammarly competitors. Though online editing is convenient, there are times when the users will not have access to a stable internet connection. In situations like these, offline editing mode comes in handy, as it will help the users edit their content without an internet connection. With the offline editing mode, users can easily work on their writing projects while traveling or if they are working from remote locations where accessing the internet might be difficult.
  • Custom Dictionaries: Having a customizable dictionary is beneficial to users who frequently use technical terms or acronyms that may not be easily recognized by standard grammar-checking software. This feature offers flexibility and adapts itself accordingly to cater to the individual needs of the users without compromising on the overall content quality.
  • Custom Style and Tone: Grammarly does not offer customization options for style and tone. It only provides this feature in its enterprise plan, and this leaves the individual users without the freedom to make changes to their writing style according to the specific content needs. So, sites like Grammarly should enable writers to tailor their writing to suit the brand voice, and this will enhance professionalism and authenticity.
  • Integrations: Apps similar to Grammarly should provide integration with word processors like Microsoft Word or Google Docs or provide compatibility with web browsers like Chrome or Firefox. In addition, its integration with various popular communication tools like Slack or Microsoft Teams can be an added advantage.
  • Reports and Analytics: When looking for tools like Grammarly, users need to prioritize features like extensive reports and analytics. These should encompass vital parameters like readability scores, word counts, character counts, estimated reading time, etc. A feature like this will help the users enhance their writing and ensure that it meets various criteria for added clarity and effectiveness.

What to Look for When Searching for Websites like Grammarly?

One must keep the following factors in mind when looking for software like Grammarly:

  • Integration and Plug-In Options: Software like Grammarly should offer robust integration and plug-in options that will help enhance its usability across different platforms. Users should be able to integrate Grammarly alternatives with popular word processing tools like Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and different email platforms.
  • Accuracy: Accuracy is another essential factor that you will need to consider while assessing Grammarly substitutes. Its effectiveness is dependent upon its ability to accurately identify and rectify grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and punctuation errors. In addition, sites similar to Grammarly should be able to provide context-specific suggestions that will further enhance content quality.
  • Feedback and Suggestions: Grammarly offers valuable feedback and suggestions for writers. Therefore, Grammarly alternatives should be able to help the users by not only identifying grammar errors and spelling mistakes, but it should be able to provide insightful explanations and wordings that will help the writers to improve their content quality. Sites similar to Grammarly should offer an intuitive, user-friendly interface that will ensure that the writers can easily understand and implement the suggested changes.
  • Favorable Subscription Plans: Grammarly alternatives must offer flexible subscription plans based on the institutions' needs and usability.
  • Advanced Grammar Rules: You need to assess whether the alternative for Grammarly covers advanced grammar rules, including subjunctive mood, conditional clauses, and complex sentence structures.

Comparison of the Top Grammarly Competitors

Here is a comparison of best Grammarly alternatives in terms of plagiarism detection, grammar and spelling check, paraphrasing suggestions, multiple file format support, and more.

What Type of Users are Looking for an Alternative to Grammarly?

Drawbacks like false positives, no offline access, etc., are some of the few reasons why people are looking for sites similar to Grammarly.

  • Professional Writers and Editors: Writers, editors, and content creators who need advanced writing and editing tools may opt for websites like Grammarly. They might be looking for advanced features such as style guides, industry-specific dictionaries, etc.
  • Academic Researchers and Scholars: Academic researchers and scholars often look for the best Grammarly alternatives as the advanced-level tool will assist them with precise grammar checks and robust plagiarism detection in academic papers and research projects.
  • Educators and Teachers: Teachers and educators looking for writing tools for their students may resort to Grammarly competitors that align with their educational needs and curriculum requirements.
  • Remote Workers and Travelers: Users who frequently work from remote locations or work while traveling may opt for other apps like Grammarly that will provide them with robust offline editing capabilities so that they can complete their work without any hassles.

Techjockey’s Verdict

Grammarly has rightfully earned its place as a go-to writing assistant for countless users looking to enhance their writing skills. Its impressive grammar and spelling checks, style suggestions, and plagiarism detection capabilities have made it a valuable tool for writers, students, and professionals worldwide.

However, like any software, Grammarly has its limitations, and not all users may find it perfectly suited to their needs. Grammarly is not able to detect advanced English language errors and occasional inaccuracies in its suggestions. Additionally, the free version of Grammarly comes with non-stop advertisements, which can cause inconvenience to users. The absence of offline editing capabilities is another aspect that may not align with the requirements of users in remote or internet-limited locations.

Author: Kalpana Arya

Grammarly Alternative FAQs

A. Some of the best Grammarly alternatives for Mac include- ProWritingAid, Ginger, Hemingway Editor, and WhiteSmoke.
A. Some of the best sites similar to Grammarly for Windows that you can consider are- Duplichecker, PlagiarismSearch, Wordtune, and Scalenut.
A. AbiWord,, LanguageTool, etc., are some of the best alternatives to Grammarly for Linux.
A. Some of the best similar apps like Grammarly that are available in India include- ProWritingAid, LibreOffice, Scribens, and Ginger Software.
A. Instead of using Grammarly, you can also use sites like Wordtune, Sapling, WhiteSmoke, and Sapling.
A. Some of the best sites like Grammarly that you can use include- Unicheck, PlagSacn, Noplag, and more.
A. Grammarly is a robust plagiarism checker that offers free and subscription-based plans to its users. The free version of Grammarly does not offer any advanced features. However, if the users opt for the paid version, they can enjoy unlimited benefits and advanced features that will make the content unique and error-free.
A. Some of the best free Grammarly alternatives that the users can consider are- Scribens, AbiWord, and Hemingway Editor.
A. Yes, there are plenty of Grammarly open-source alternatives that you can consider, such as LanguageTool, LibreOffice, Hunspell, etc.
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