The Top 8 E-Commerce Solution for your Online Store

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With the global and Indian e-commerce market growing rapidly, the need of having an e-commerce store has increased. There are a lot of elements to be figured out for setting up an e-commerce store, one of which includes selecting the right e-commerce solution. Figuring out which e-commerce software to choose can be a confusing task due to availability of various solutions in the market. This post intends to make your research work easier and help you choose the best platform fitting in your needs and objectives. These will assist you in building your own e-commerce website and include a shopping cart with an ability to process payments online.


Magento is the most popular and one of the best e-commerce solution for businesses wanting to start their online store. It is easily customizable, with an availability of a large number of plugins and extensions, allowing addition of any new functionality. It is an open source and robust e-commerce software, with a highly active community for assistance. It is also more SEO-friendly than other platforms, offering a high level of scalability.


Shopify is a well-known e-commerce platform too. It is a powerful e-commerce solution, with a huge user-base. Shopify will allow you to easily pick a template, optimize the design, add a product catalogue, organize your products and product lists, and create blog posts from a single administration dashboard. It has a large number of add-ons with a variety of professional and attractive templates to select from. It is SEO compliant, with 24/7 client support.

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Big Commerce

Big Commerce is another well-known e-commerce solution, with easy-to-use interface. It offers varied features for hosting, store design, SEO, m-commerce, marketing and inventory. It ensures extensive support and many in-built features with beautiful free design templates. It is meant for smaller businesses as well as big-sized online stores. This platform allows you to leverage on various social channels to reach more potential customers.

Open Cart

Open Cart is a leading open source e-commerce solution for online business, offering flexibility in setting up a store and supporting a wide range of capabilities. It gives an option of integrating various design themes to give your website a unique look. It will easily let you to set up a store, add/manage your products, use shopping cart to buy them, and then process the orders. It is user-friendly with an easy-to-use interface. It gives you lifetime free support and free software updates.


WooCommerce is a robust platform, offering extensive features to build a store on WordPress. A business owner who is already having a WordPress site and wants to run an e-commerce store can easily add WooCommerce plugin to start with the online business. It has hundreds of extensions, allowing you to add multiple products and product categories. It also has multiple payment gateways covered. It is user-friendly and cost-effective platform specifically for small businesses, with a huge WordPress support community.


Volusion is a feature-rich e-commerce solution with an easy to use interface, which can be run with zero technical knowledge. It gives you a variety of comprehensive set of tools, along with ensuring 24/7 customer support. It is complete hosted e-commerce solution, allowing you to sign up and get started immediately. It can be easily setup, with the capabilities of handling a bigger number of products and catering to your requirement of advanced features in the store.


3dcart is a hosted shopping cart software and online store builder, allowing you to build an e-commerce store on your existing website. It can help you build a visually attractive online store with huge range of features and functionality. This easy-to-use e-commerce software doesn’t require any development skills, allowing you to handle hundreds of products. It is a great solution that gives boost to growth and offers scalability with capabilities of handling increasing number of customers and sales.

Big Cartel

Big Cartel is specifically designed for small merchants, artists and musicians. This e-commerce platform is user-friendly and can get your store up and running within a short span of time. It can help the creatives sell their work in the easiest manner possible. It can assist them in building, managing and running their e-commerce store in an intuitive way.

There are many e-commerce platforms out there that can fulfill your requirement of setting up and running your online store successfully. But before choosing the best one for you, you need to do a need-analysis, which will help you take better decision. You need to consider your future business goals and the scalability requirements too. As once you have started running a store, switching over to another e-commerce software, isn’t a straightforward process and can be a real nightmare. So make your selection after proper research, as that will ensure prudent and informed decision.


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