Types of Voucher in Tally ERP 9 to Manage Transactions

| Created on January 8, 2020

Updated on February 17, 2021

Types of Vouchers in Tally ERP 9


As a business owner, you have to continuously record transactions for the purpose of accounting, inventory management and statutory compliance. In order to do this, different vouchers such as receipt voucher in Tally, journal voucher in Tally, etc. are used.

Vouchers in Tally ERP 9

A voucher is a document that is used by the accounting department on an organisation or a business. Vouchers are used for the systematic compilation and collation of data in the form of invoices, purchase order, certificates, along with other information required to process the payment.

Different Types of Voucher in Tally with Examples

Vouchers can be majorly divided in two categories, inventory vouchers, and accounting vouchers in Tally ERP 9. Under each category, there are numerous different types vouchers in Tally ERP 9 that the accounting professionals use. Here is an extensive list of some of the accounting voucher in Tally examples:

Accounting Vouchers in Tally Examples

Accounting Vouchers in Tally ERP 9

There are numerous types of accounting voucher in Tally ERP 9 which help in executing various important accounting tasks. Here, we have listed the accounting voucher in Tally examples:

  • Sales Voucher in Tally

Sales voucher is one of the most used accounting vouchers in Tally. Users can create this voucher in two different formats; as an invoice, or as a voucher. The invoice format enables users to print a copy of invoices for customers. The voucher format can be used to store transactional records electronically and it doesn’t need a paper copy for the customer.

  • Purchase Voucher in Tally

Like sales vouchers, purchase voucher belongs to the accounting category and is available in both invoice and voucher formats. Editing and modifying receipt entries in Tally are easy, as its voucher format helps accountants to do so quickly. Moreover, Tally also helps in converting a purchase voucher in the invoice format to the voucher format.

  • Payment Voucher in Tally

The payment voucher is another accounting voucher in Tally that helps create and print cheques against the order. Once the payment voucher gets passed, the corresponding cheque can be printed by clicking on ‘banking’ and then on ‘cheque printing’.

  • Receipt Voucher in Tally

When accountants make a receipt voucher in Tally, all the invoices which have pending payments pop up as a reminder. As soon as the client makes the payment through any mode, the receipt can be updated with the payment method details. In addition, all the details of this receipt can be sent to the customer. Thus, receipt vouchers make payment monitoring easy.

  • Contra Voucher in Tally

Contra vouchers are used to withdraw or deposit money in banks with the help of instruments such as cheques/ATM/DD or e-transfer to another account through NEFT/IMPS. With the help of contra vouchers in Tally, accountants can also generate deposit slips for recordkeeping.

Tally also provides exact currency denominations to monitor and print the deposit slip while also depositing the amount.

  • Journal Voucher in Tally

Unlike other vouchers, a journal voucher in Tally can come under the roof of both accounting and inventory vouchers. There are multiple uses of a journal voucher in Tally depending on the type of business it is being used for.

It can be found as an optional voucher in Tally to make sales and purchase by accountants. Professionals can also use it for the adjustment or transferring of stock from one warehouse to the other.

  • Credit Note Voucher in Tally

Credit note voucher in Tally has to be enabled manually. It is usually enabled by pressing F11 and they manually configuring its features. Credit note can also be passed by checking the original invoice. When a client is selected, Tally shows the transaction invoice history that have been raised.

  • Debit Note Voucher in Tally

Debit note voucher is one of the most-used types of voucher in Tally ERP 9, that is used for managing purchase returns. With the help of this, accountants can generate a debit note for invoicing as well as a voucher. Like credit note voucher in Tally, debit note too can easily be configured by pressing F11 and configuring it manually.

Examples of Inventory Vouchers in Tally ERP 9

Inventory Vouchers in Tally ERP 9

Like accounting voucher in Tally, there are inventory vouchers in Tally that help in efficient management of consignments and transaction of goods and services.

  • Delivery Entry and Receipt Entry in Tally

Delivery entry vouchers, also known as delivery challans, are one of the basic vouchers for inventory management in Tally ERP 9. It is used to monitor and track the delivery of goods. Some of the information that can be stored, are vehicle number, date of dispatch, loading count etc.

Receipt voucher in Tally does the same thing, where records for consignments such as consignment number, date of dispatch and date of delivery along with inventory count can be recorded. Like delivery entry, receipt entry in Tally is considered to be one of the most essential modules in inventory management.

Similarly, you can create a receipt note as and when you receive consignments from suppliers.

  • Material-In and Material-Out Voucher

Both Material-In and Material-Out vouchers are a part of inventory vouchers in Tally to keep a track of all the inventory movements happening in the warehouse. With the help of these vouchers, date and time of material in/out can be recorded, along with the lot number, vehicle and driver details. This too, can be customised by pressing F11 and then configuring the functions.

  • Purchase Order and Sales Order Vouchers

Purchase and Sales Order are those types of voucher in Tally that help businesses manage the whole transaction cycle of an order. The process can be simplified by generating both these types of voucher in Tally ERP 9.

These types of inventory vouchers in tally can record particulars such as order number, processing date, due date, price of the order etc.

How to Check the Accuracy of Vouchers in Tally ERP 9

In order to check the accuracy of the different vouchers, follow these simple steps:

  1. 1. Go to the Gateway of Tally
  2. 2. Then, hover to ‘Display’
  3. 3. Next click on ‘Day Book
  4. 4. Then press Select F2
  5. 5. Select ‘Period’ in the button bar
  6. 6. Input the time duration
  7. 7. You will be presented with all the vouchers of that specific time duration.

Shortcut Keys for the Types of Voucher in Tally

There are shortcuts for different types of voucher in Tally ERP 9 which help in quick execution of various functions such as voucher generation and data entry. Given below is a list of keyboard shortcuts provided by Tally related to vouchers and invoicing.

For specific tasks Tally provides combination of shortcuts, such as:

  • For Sales Order the shortcut key that can be used is Alt+F5
  • For Purchase Order Tally’s keyboard shortcut key is Alt+F4
  • Receipt Note’s shortcut key is Alt+F9
  • The shortcut for Delivery Note is Alt+F8
  • Rejection In voucher’s keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+F6
  • Rejection Out’s keyboard shortcut is Alt+F6
  • The keyboard shortcut Stock Journal is Alt+F7
  • Physical Stock Voucher’s shortcut key is Alt+F10

Apart from the combination keys, Tally also provides simple function key shortcuts for Accounting Vouchers:

  • For Contra Entry the function key shortcut is F4
  • For Payment Entry the keyboard shortcut is F5
  • For Receipt Entry the keyboard shortcut is F6
  • Journal Entry’s function key shortcut is F7
  • Sales Entry’s shortcut key is F8
  • For Purchase Entry the shortcut is F9
  • Debit Note’s keyboard shortcut is Ctrl+F9
  • Credit Note’s shortcut key is Ctrl+F8
  • For Reversing Journal, F10 can be used
  • Memo Voucher’s shortcut key is Ctrl+F10

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