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Endpoint Security Software

List of Top Endpoint Security Software



By Galaxkey


Price: 2000.00 INR /User

Galaxkey is a comprehensive data security solution for businesses to protect their data. The software with its advanced and complex encryption, protects the data effectively. Some integral features of the software are end to end security, support.

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Symantec Endpoint Encryption

Symantec Endpoint Encryption

By Symantec


Price: 12663.00 INR /User

Symantec Endpoint Encryption protects sensitive data from loss or theft and helps administrators prove weather a device was encrypted in case it goes missing. This solution is a combination of strong full-disk and removable media encryption and is.

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Endpoint Security for Business

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business Select

By Kaspersky


Price: 660.00 INR /User /year

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business Select is a security solution that helps you protect every endpoint used in business. It works for businesses of any size. The multi-layered security identifies suspicious behaviour and removes it ASAP. If.

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F Secure Business Suite

By F-Secure


Price: 800.00 INR /user/year

F-Secure Business suite is a best antivirus software and a complete bundle of anti-virus security tools that makes life of IT admin simple with in-built capabilities to safeguard endpoints like desktops/laptops, servers, tablets, mobile phones,.

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Best Quick Heal Total Security Software

Quick Heal Total Security

By Quick Heal


Price: 1909.00 INR /user

Quick Heal Total Security is the best antivirus software for pc offered by Quickheal Technologies which secure the PC from almost all external threats. Quick Heal Total Security ensures web security, Malware protection, e-mail security, theft, etc..

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What is Antivirus Software?
One of the most prized assets of any business organization is the data, which its employees have collected over the years with hard work and precision. The imagination of losing the data on the hands of hackers itself gives the goosebumps. Over the years, the number of cyber-attacks has increased and a large number of enterprises have suffered loss due to these attacks. To secure the data from being hacked, it’s important to download antivirus software in your Windows computer. A good and reliable antivirus software is what a business needs to secure their data from various cyber threats. Want to know how does antivirus software work? Let’s read more.
Need of an Antivirus Software
Today, a major part of any business is handled online, which undoubtedly make things easier. But, it comes with its own share of risks. There is plethora of online threats that are increasing day by day. Hence, it’s important to keep businesses safe from these threats and safeguard the company's data from falling into wrong hands. This can be done by installing the right antivirus software. Many antivirus software companies are online that are selling best antivirus for Windows 10 or 7. You can also find a list of antivirus for Windows 7 and 10 online. An antivirus software is an internet security solution that protects businesses from getting affected by online threats like Trojans, malware, ransomware, botnets, rootkits and other malicious viruses that enter the system and wreck it completely. As computer or network viruses are not the only online threats that impacts the online business operations. Hence, the need of a good network security software comes into play that will help in protecting computers, servers and other devices that are connected to the internet.
Benefits of an Antivirus Software Solution
For every internet user, it’s necessary to stay updated with the upcoming and ongoing internet threats. Even if the user is using the most advanced technology, it does not mean that he is protected from virus attack. Every device connected with the internet is prone to threat, hence, it becomes necessary for the people to gain education about the benefits of using an antivirus software that will help to protect your integrated solutions like Business Intelligence Software from becoming corrupted.

  • Real-time Protection from Online Threats: Online threats such as viruses, malwares, ransomwares etc., wreak havoc in the entire business system once they enter into a computer or a network. Therefore, real-time scanning of files, documents and software is important. But, without an antivirus software, doing so isn't possible. One of the major benefits of using antivirus protection is that it provides real-time security from online threats.
  • Saves Money: Data is one of the most prized possessions of any company thus, losing it is a huge loss.  The data theft can bring in both legal as well as financial obligations for a company. Therefore, to keep the data safe it’s necessary to use the antivirus software. It not only helps in protecting the company's data, but also saves a lot of money, which can be lost if the data or confidential information is compromised.
  • Protects Sensitive and Personal Information: One of the many benefits offered by an antivirus software is that it protects the personal information of users from falling into wrong hands. While the Internet is swamped with hackers, who constantly try to get their hands on personal and sensitive information of people on the Internet. They also target companies to gather information. Options from top antivirus software list helps in protecting sensitive and personal information from falling into the hands of hackers.
  • Two-way Firewall Protection: Firewall protection is important to keep the stored data safe. Antivirus provides two-way firewall protection, which keeps a check on all the incoming and outgoing data and mails to keep the systems safe from getting infected by viruses, malwares, ransomwares and various malicious software. If blocks both incoming and outgoing data or mails that look suspicious.

Things to look for while buying an Antivirus Software Solution
There are various ways through which hackers steal the confidential data. For a hacker it’s easy to sneak into the company’s server and procure the necessary data. Viruses, malware, phishing mails, etc. are some of the common ways hackers use to get into a user’s system. Ransomware is the new cyber threat that has baffled the world and affected a huge number of enterprises. Therefore, to protect companies' data from getting compromised, using a good antivirus software is important. Along with, it’s important to known that how does antivirus software work? Antivirus software can help shielding the data in all integrated solutions like billing and Invoicing software and keep it safe from falling into wrong hands. However, with different types of antivirus software available in the market, it becomes difficult to choose the appropriate one that fulfills the necessary business requirement. Here are a few tips on how to choose the right antivirus software-

  • Type of antivirus software: Before buying an antivirus software, it is important to decide that which antivirus software fulfills the complete business requirements. As, every software does not provide complete protection whereas some just provide protection from particular threats. Therefore, it is important to know about the type of software and the level of protection antivirus software offers.
  • Price: Without any doubt, this is one of the most important factors that needs consideration. This is because investment on software incurs ample amount of money and if the investment does not pay back, it will be a huge loss for the company. Therefore, considering the price of an antivirus software is an important factor before buying one.
  • Understanding the Modules of an Antivirus Software: Understanding the modules of an antivirus software is vital, as it gives the power to choose the right software that will provide an extra layer of security.
  • Real-time antivirus protection: Real-time antivirus protection is a module that is present in every antivirus software. This module is important as it helps in real-time scanning of viruses that might have entered into the system while you are browsing the Internet or while mistakenly installing an infected software.
  • Central Management: To have a bird's eye view of the defense on different systems of the company, today, most of the antivirus software comes with central management module. Antivirus software for PCs, allow managers to monitor each user's machine and check who has installed any software or recently updated it.
  • Anti-Malware: Malwares are common online threats that wreck the system after entering it, resulting in losing all the prized data. In order to prevent malwares from entering the systems, anti-malwares are useful. It blocks a software or a link with malicious content.
  • Peripheral Control (USB Blocking): Desktops and laptops come with USB ports that let connecting the machines with USB devices. Usually, USB devices are connected to transfer data and while doing so, sensitive data might be stolen by a malicious agent, which can lead to huge financial loss. Nowadays, security software comes with a module named peripheral control that lets blocking of all peripheral devices and completely disables all USB ports. So, USB devices cannot to connect to any of the systems. Thus, providing an added layer of protection.
  • Application Control: Application control is a module of an antivirus software that blocks unauthorized malware and applications from getting installed on the servers, corporate desktops and other IT devices. Having this module is important as it helps in protecting the data of the company from getting compromised.
  • Compatibility: Another important factor that should be kept in mind when buying a security software is checking its hardware and software compatibility. This is because different Windows, IOS & Android software comes for users. In addition, some software might not support the operating system that is installed in the systems of the company.

Must-have Features of an Antivirus Software
The wide usage of antivirus software from years, compelled the users to assume that every antivirus software has the same set of features. Hence, they do not pay much attention on the product they are using, or whether it is providing complete security to the device or not. Below is a list of some necessary features that an antivirus software must have. This will help customers choose the best antivirus software for their system.

  • Anti-malware and Anti-Spyware: One of the must-have features of an antivirus software is protection from malwares and spywares. Anti-malware and anti-spyware features are important as they prevent malicious applications from entering the servers, corporate computers and other devices.
  • Email Security: Today, most of the communication in a business organization is done through emails, which increases the risk of attack due to phishing mails. Owing to this, it is immensely important for a business organization to keep its emails protected to avoid the phishing attacks. Email Security feature not only prevents phishing attacks but also blocks any email that looks suspicious.
  • Scheduled Scan: This feature allows the user to schedule the scanning of computers and business software against viruses, malwares, ransomwares, trojans, botnets and other malicious applications. This feature is important as the antivirus software automatically scans a system regularly.
  • Auto-cleaning: Most of the antivirus puts any suspicious or harmful applications in the quarantine zone, which requires manual deletion. But, while deleting it manually some items may get missed out. It is also a time-consuming process. On the other hand, auto-cleaning feature automatically deletes all the malicious applications as soon as it finds them suspicious. It helps in saving time and ensures that the computers and servers are safe from malicious applications, viruses and other such threats.
  • Safe Banking: Today, most of the banking activities are done online as it saves time. But, without having proper security, users can land on fake websites or end-up sharing their bank details and personal information with an impostor. And, as a result lose ample amount of money. Therefore, safe banking is a must-have feature of an antivirus as it shields the users from all such possible situations, where there is a risk of user identity or information getting compromised.

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