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Found our list of Interior Design Software helpful? We’re here to help you make the right choice and automate your business processes. Let’s discover some of the essential factors that you must consider to make a smarter decision!

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  1. What is Interior Designing Software?
  2. 3D Interior Design Software Features (Essential & Advanced)
  3. Features You will Get with Free Interior Design Software
  4. Benefits of Using Interior Designing Software
  5. How to Choose the Best Interior Design Software?
  6. Interior Designing Software Solution Cost
  7. How to Use Interior Design Software?
  8. What are the Interior Design Software Requirements?

What is Interior Designing Software?

Wondering how to start with your new dream home project or that incredible office floor plan. Take the help of interior designing software for virtually staging beautiful homes that fit your tastes and preferences.

As a professional, you might be wondering what is the best way to go ahead with doing amazing interior designs. To make such a project of an incredible interior design a reality, make use of professional interior design software solutions. Take the help of interior design 3D apps for virtually staging beautiful interiors that fit the tastes and preferences of today's customers and clients.

3D interior designsoftware solutions are the ideal choice for architects, professional stagers, hobby designers and other professionals looking to create beautiful home renderings in a snap. Interior designing software is your trusted partner for converting existing room plans into amazing 3D displays. The software provides comprehensive landscaping tools for floor plans, customizing ceilings, walls, and pools. You can design a 3D home plan from scratch or take the help of pre-built design templates.

Simulating the interior looks and surroundings of a room is super quick with an intuitive home design plan software. Professional interior design software provides features for augmented reality, color customization, changing furniture stains, wall paint modification, commercial 3D modeling and photorealistic renderings.

3D Interior Design Software Features (Essential & Advanced)

Drawing detailed interior designing plans using the best architectural standards is easy with 3D interior design software. You can export 3D interior designs in any format of your choice and showcase well your product to clients, customers alike.

  • Integrated measuring tools

    Interior design software for PC offers a visual overview of a home interior design 3D so that the clients can have a detailed idea of its layout. How end-users benefit from these applications is they attach measurements for both exteriors and interiors to the room sizes. You can also rely on interior design tools to present interior designing plans as both, unfurnished and furnished.

  • Photorealistic renders

    Home interior design software helps create photorealistic renders quickly and with ease. You can set the desired lighting for further filling in shadows and highlights. You can also use this feature for real-time editing so that the shift between 2D and 3D modes is hassle-free and adjustments to the details are simplified.

  • 3D visualization

    3D visualization is used for switching from 2D floor plan view to real-time 3D view. Here you can also change textures, edit designs, modify colors and receive instant feedback reviews. Professionals use this option for its interactive 3D views and because there is an increased possibility here of experimenting with unlimited home and commercial interior designs.

  • Powerful rendering engine

    A powerful rendering engine is critical for setting in 3D mode scenes with the help of options such as clipper and conceal. The feature ensures the development of high-quality images in 3D format, all possible due to interior designing software’s smart docking and sunlight controlling capabilities.

  • Drawing prompts

    Drawing prompts are important for setting the angles of your wall and creating a room of any shape or size. Drawing prompts are quite a savior when it comes to reducing the time spent on tasks. For instance, if you want to draw a wall, you can double click on the dashed line and the wall is ready.

  • Support for multiple storey designs

    Sometimes when you build a single storey house, it is quite possible that you may sooner or later want to add another floor or level to it. Professional interior design software solutions serve this function by allowing end-users to duplicate the existing floor’s layout. Into these duplicated plans, changing borders of the room or dragging these to their desired locations is fairly easy. You can also draw a new wall here or divide a room into two or more.

  • Staircase constructor

    Staircase designs of multiple shapes and types are available with the best interior designing software that can be altered using the staircase geometry, size of the steps and adding/removing railing options. Opening a space in the ceiling for making way for stairs is also super easy with home design plan software.

  • House model

    Interior designing software is used for giving virtual tours to end users of the designed house and floor plans. You can change the transparency of walls and switch in between levels for viewing a house from every angle. This helps the client or customer see how the house would look like in real life.

  • Automated structural tools

    Home interior 3D design software solutions offer style palettes for changing the room’s style. For instance, the flip and rotate tool is critical for changing the orientation of the interior design plan. Also, there is the plan check tool for reviewing the layout of roofs, walls, etc.

  • Layout sheets

    Layout plans are used for organizing elevations, CAD details, plans, site plans and schedules. There are title blocks and borders available for developing templates for these templates. Such layout drawings can be both printed and scaled as per the user’s preferences. You can use layout sheets for all kinds of construction documents.

  • Room molding polylines

    Interior designing software solutions provide pre-specified dimensions in varied geometric shapes for attaching different molding profiles. You can use this functionality of home design plan software for specifying the floor and designating size to each profile. Molding polylines are also used for creating vertical and horizontal moldings.

Features You will Get with Free Interior Design Software

Change the texture, size and dimension of a house plan with the best free home 3D design tools. Various fixture choices and furniture options are also attached to let end users develop accurate interior designs. Some features, which are inbuilt into free interior designing software solutions are:

  • Extensive library for objects offering unique textures and surfaces
  • Turning easily 3D models to 2D presentations
  • Exporting and importing multiple graphic files
  • Mobile device viewing of 3D models
  • Virtual walk throughs
  • Magic layout for decorating a room in one click
  • Adjustable camera lighting and angles
  • Customizable floor plan templates
  • Easy to use with complete drag and drop functionality
  • Paintbrush tool for modifying the texture of doors and windows

Benefits of Using Interior Designing Software

A more realistic picture of how the future house or upcoming office space would like is possible through online interior design tools. Here’re some of the major benefits of using the interior design 3D apps.

  • State of the art 3D plans

    Get the best layout and look for your home using professional interior design software with 3D floor planning capabilities. For a better understanding of texture, color, potential and scale of space, online interior design tools are the perfect solution to help you visualize the future spaces. The design plans so created can also be rotated for checking the perfect viewing angle. You can also add labels, notes and room’s names to all your 3D plans.

  • Print to scale

    The best home design plan software solutions let you generate high-resolution outputs in PDF, JPG and PNG format for both web as well as print. These outputs can also be printed to imperial and metric scales. Printed outputs are customizable in nature and you can attach disclaimer texts and your company’s logo.

  • Add branding & customization

    There are a range of profile options available for creating both 2D and 3D designs. Through these options, it is easy to select the right kind of design plan, the colour of the wall-top, materials and textures. Businesses depend on add branding and customization options to create personalized profiles for project brands and their types.

  • Easy to use drawing tools

    The floor plan drawing process is further eased with the home 3D design app’s drawing tools. The most prominent ones in these being the drag and drop option that lets you draw walls and add doors, windows, fixtures, furniture, stairs, etc. In the best free interior design software as well as paid ones, there is a product library with a multitude of options for ceilings, walls and flooring.

  • Adjustable measurement units

    In paid and free interior design tools, end users can choose between different measurement units. You can switch easily from one measurement unit to another with this option. The measurements available are as per the protocols and practices being followed by different countries.

  • Auto-hide for clear navigation

    Navigating through small rooms requires a clear and crisp view of such spaces so that you can plan your furnishings accordingly. You can also use the settings option of the navigation camera to hide the backside of walls as well as the exterior walls. Hiding walls help clear unnecessary clutter for a precise view.

  • Draft plans for easy importing

    Importing draft plans is important for giving house plans and designs a more refined look. Whether saved on the net or a scanned copy, any kind of plan can be easily imported here using the best interior designing solution. Once you have imported the selected layout, just duplicate this plan by tracing its source image and set the scale.

How to Choose the Best Interior Design Software?

Create design layouts for your home with built-in drawing tools of interior designing software. One good part about using these platforms is that these allow sharing file with multiple other users for more collaboration.

1. Look for These Important Features: Based on where exactly you would like to make an improvement in the interior design, choose a platform accordingly. Different interior designing applications offer unique features. So, it is important that you select the software with the right set of features for your design plans.

  • Check if or not there is a provision to view the designs both in standard definition and in high definition quality too.
  • Option for exploring the interiors of a house virtually is mandatory for knowing how the house would look like once ready.
  • Putting high definition products into designs prepared are as easy as drawing walls with the best interior design 3D apps. Make sure these tools are available for smoothening the interior designing process.
  • Easy to toggle between 3D and 2D mode for quick saving/sharing of the rendered photos.
  • Product library offering multiple items to customize flooring, walls, doors, windows, ceiling, fixtures, etc.
  • Instant result for viewing designs in both 2D and 3D format. It should also let end users customize the placement, colour and size of the design anytime.
  • Resizing, rotating or adding new levels, all these processes would be a breeze with the best online interior design software solutions.
  • Intuitive, friendly user interface.

2. Budget Constraint: Budget is another important factor you need to consider before deciding to go ahead with particular software. It should be in sync with your individual or company's resources.

3. Feedback & Reviews: Read the reviews and feedback given by customers. User reviews are great ways to assess how the designing software would perform. It is best to check the trial version beforehand. Most of the trial plans are for a fourteen to thirty-day period.

Interior Designing Software Solution Cost

Interior Designing Software Price
Plans Starting Price
Standard ‎₹1,440.00
Advanced ₹3,900.00
Premium Price On Request


How to Use Interior Design Software?

Step 1 - Create a scaled 2D floor plan: Use the interior design animation software to first draw an accurate and scaled 2D floor plan. This is required to get a correct overview of the space being designed. For instance, pick a blank canvas and draw onto them exterior walls. You can also import a similar floor plan from an existing draft in your software.

Step 2 - Draw a spatial layout: Now it is time to draw a spatial layout of the floor plan by adding or removing windows, walls, doors, fixtures, etc. You can also mark the specific uses the different section of a room would be put to.

Step 3 - Adding new decor: Interior designing software offers a digital library comprising pre-set furnishings that can be fitted into different types of room set-ups. You can even customize these furnishing items as per your requirements.

Step 4 - 3D visualizations: Interior design 3D software supports 2D and 3D visualizations for helping end users visualize how a particular interior design would look like once it is complete. Automated 3D renderings are especially useful for professionals who prefer to show their clients a draft of their interior design plan for modifications and alterations.

Step 5 - Customizing the materials & surfacing: Interior design drawing software makes it easy to modify the look of a space by letting you customize the material and surfacing. You get to choose from a range of furnishing ranges like window frames, floors, countertops, walls, and doors.

Step 6 - Generate photorealistic renderings: Interior design software supports photorealistic renderings once the drafting process is complete. As soon as the design is ready, you can give your clients a final design tour while adjusting the lighting conditions. Further, these renderings can be easily exported for future sharing.

What are the Interior Design Software Requirements?

Every interior design software has its unique system requirements to function smoothly. However, we have compiled a list of must-have specifications for the optimal usage of any interior design software.

  • Operating system: It can be anything, Windows, Linux or Mac
  • Processor: Multi processor/AMD, etc.
  • Memory: RAM 16 GB is the minimum requirement, but 32 GB is preferred for optimal usage
  • Disk space: 1 TB or higher is preferred for solid state drive
  • Video display: Ultra HD monitor preferably 1680/1050 true colour or equivalent
  • Web cam: Get a new one or use the attached camera with visual & audio controls
  • Digital pen tablet: 4/6 digital pan tablet
  • Graphics card: Graphics card with 4 GB to 6 GB RAM is preferred
  • Web browser: Latest Chrome version or equivalent to enjoy the latest features
  • Internet connectivity: Fast wireless or wired LAN
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth compatibility for design sharing
  • Pointer device: Scroll wheel mouse for better functionality

Author: Kalpana Arya

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Q1 - What are some of the best interior design software?

The best interior designing software is meant to make your designing tasks organized, visually appealing and streamlined. There are the best interior designing software list: 3DS Max Interior Design, SketchUp Interior Design, AutoCAD Interior Design, Revit Interior Design, Sweet Home 3D Software

Q2 - Which interior design software is the best?

Some of the best interior design software for creating easily the best floor plans and layouts are Easyhome Homestyler, HomeByMe and SmartDraw.

Q3 - Which software is good for interior design?

Let us have a look at some good 3d interior design software for residential and commercial designs are Live Home 3D Pro, Infurnia, Morpholio Board and Revit.

Q4 - How to download interior design software?

Select the right interior design animation software as per your requirement and go to the website to see if it supports your operating system. Check the licensing fee and choose the plan, monthly or yearly. Register at the software’s website and follow the next few steps as these get displayed one by one.

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What is Interior Designing Software?

As a professional, you might be wondering what is the best way to go ahead with doing amazing interior designs. To make such a project of an incredible interior design a reality, make use of professional interior design software solutions. Take the help of interior design 3D apps for virtually stagi

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FAQs About Interior Design Software

Q5 - What is the best interior design software for beginners?

Some of the best interior design drawing software for beginners with useful tools for making room and floor designs are Autodesk Homestyler, Sweet Home 3D and DreamPlan.

Q6 - What is the best interior designing software for Windows?

Interior designing software for Windows with powerful design wizards and diverse templates library are MyVirtualHome, Ikea Home Planner Tools and Space Designer.

Q7 - What is the best interior design software for mobile?

Top interior design software online with 3D model mobile viewing support are Havenly, MagicPlan, Houzz and Room Scan Pro.

Q8 - What is the best interior design software for Mac?

Some of the popular 3D interior design software for Mac with robust design tools and extensive templates library are Live Home 3D, Home Design 3D, TurboFloorPlan and Morpholio Board.

Q9 - What is the best interior design software for PC?

There are a few trusted interior design software for PC with intuitive plan builders and extensive 3D objects library, such as, Planoplan, and LoveMyHomeDesigner and DFS Room Planner.

Q10 - What is the best interior design software for iPad?

Some of the best interior design software for iPad are Pantone Studio, iPhone Measure App and RoomScanner Pro.

Q11 - What is the best interior design software for non-designers?

A few trusted interior design software that can be used by non-designers and beginners in India are PicMonkey, Canva, Snappa and BeFunky.

Q12 - How to get interior design software demo?

Demo for all top interior design software is available at You can request a call back and schedule multiple interior design software demo.

Q13 - What is the procedure for interior design software install?

Once you purchase the interior design software license, you will get the SD card/dongle. With the SD card, you can install interior design software on your system. However, web-based interior design software can be logged in directly through any device with a stable internet connection, and does not need to be installed on your device.

Q14 - Who can benefit from 3D interior design software?

There is a multitude of functions you can expect to get fulfilled with the best paid and free interior design tools. These cover virtual tours, cost estimators, materials lists and lighting conditions help. Interior designers Engineers Architects Construction professionals Hobbyists Landscape designers

Q15 - Is there any free interior design app?

Some of the best free interior design software solutions for creating interactive floor and house plans are: Roomeon Roomstyler pCon Carpetright visualiser Planner 5D Dream Plan DFS room furniture

Q16 - What are the functions of 3D house designing software?

Professionals and beginners opt for the best 3D house designing software for their drag and drop interface, advanced customization capabilities and friendly UI. Other important functionalities of the best home interior designing software are: Curved and multi-layered wall creation support Staircase, landscape and elevation designing Extensive furniture catalogue Quotation generation and bills for materials Auto-backups for data security Cloud-based renderings

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