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About Ellucian CRM

What is Ellucian CRM?

Ellucian CRM software offers a comprehensive set of lifecycle solutions that are tailored for offering higher education. The CRM system allows its users to personalize their communication with potential prospects. Thus, allowing the institutions to fast forward their admission process in an efficient manner. Admins can create their personalized web portal where they can offer maximum clarity to the students regarding the enrolment status of a particular course and the right time to opt for it. Further, admins also get to unite all the departments and engage different stages of a student’s journey in an effective manner. 

How does Ellucian CRM Advance help educational institutes?

With Ellucian CRM Advance, users get to build a sense of philanthropism within their institution. It is primarily a web-based solution under Ellucian CRM, that allows users to monitor complete details about the donors to their institution. Most importantly, they get to incorporate detailed insights into the strategies of their educational institute and reach their goals in real-time. Users can create donor wise schedules and target new ones or establish a more personalized relationship with the existing donors. Moreover, they can review their campaigns, with the help of data sharing and configurable research techniques offered by Ellucian CRM Advance.  

Pricinpg of Ellucian CRM Software

The pricing of Ellucian CRM solution is available as per the customer’s request. You can request us for a callback and our product experts will get back to you in real-time. 

Compatible Platforms for Ellucian CRM

Ellucian CRM is a web-based software that can be accessed from any compatible web browser across multiple devices. It has a dedicated mobile app for Android and iOS operated devices.  

Benefits of Ellucian CRM System

  1. Personalized Outreach: Admins can design comprehensive workflows and generate intuitivooe communicative plans for its students to offer a personalized approach and create a bond between the students and the organization.
  2. Increased Staff Efficiency: As an admin, users can allow their staff and other faculty members to view the performance of an individual student. Thus, enhancing the efficiency level of their staff in real-time. 
  3. Trip Planning: With the help of Ellucian CRM lead management software, admins can manage their recruiter’s trips and monitor their success rate as well. The software offers a detailed summary of the total approached cases and the number of successful admissions. 
  4. Text Messages: Institutes can connect to potential school prospects over text messages. Most importantly, Ellucian CRM monitors the conversations between the leads and recruiters and scales their engagement level in an efficient manner. 
  5. Dynamic Application Forms: Institutes can customize student application forms. They can only include the course relevant details and mandatory fields that need to be filled. Thus saving a lot of their students’ time and energy as well.

Sold By : Ellucian

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Ellucian CRM Features

By using the CRM software, admins get to set up their own web portal. At the portal, students can track their application status and interact with the staff as well.
Ellucian CRM automates all the manual tasks and makes them online. Thus, improving the entire application process for institutions.
The CRM system allows admins to create prospect based entry and account forms, input codes within their websites and set criteria based filters.
Users get access to a wide variety of marketing tools, using which they can reach out to potential prospects.
Student performance tracking tools enables admins to track the engagement level of individual students and success rates.
The customer relationship management software detects potential risk factors within its user’s business and alerts them in real-time.
The detailed information offered by the software allows the advising team to offer personalized advice to their students as per their goals.
The degree audit feature of the software allows admins to monitor the progress of an individual student towards the completion of a certain degree.
Admins can personalize the access of their staff by offering them role-based dashboards, enabling them to monitor the progress of the parameters assigned to them.
The CRM solution offers holistic views of all student-related activities across multiple devices.
The software offers a wide variety of student-related analytics and detailed metrics, enabling its users to conduct proper research before scheduling a particular course.

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Ellucian CRM FAQs

A. Users can create plans for important events directly within the software, send in invitations to the guests and track all necessary requirements in a hassle-free way using the wide variety of event management tools offered by the best CRM software.
A. The advanced student planning system offered by the software allows the admins to map out the academic journey for individual students right from their admission.
A. Yes, you can send a demo request for Ellucian CRM. Our experts from Techjockey will get back to you as per your mentioned time and date.
A. You can import applications, suspect lists and test scores directly within the software.
A. Ellucian CRM has a mobile app named as Ellucian GO. It is compatible with Android and iOS operated mobile devices.

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