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Invoay Retail POS Software

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About Invoay Retail POS Software

What is Invoay Retail POS Software?

Invoay Retail POS Software is one of the best solutions to get your retail business in order. The POS software for retail helps in managing daily activities of a retail store. Everything from managing relations with suppliers and customers to conducting online payments - Invoay retail POS software covers it all and much more. It provides intelligent features that help retail stores with storage modification, resource allocation, purchase management, etc. It also helps with appointment management, point of sale, membership management, loyalty management & GST accounting.

Invoay Retail POS Software is compatible with different types of POS hardware. It can work with both touch and non-touch screens alike. Plus, this software for retail POS can also be integrated with cash drawers for automatic balances. This retail POS software can track your retail store’s daily sales for better financial accounting and employee accountability. 

Why retail stores prefer Invoay Retail POS System? 

Invoay Retail POS Software allows retailers to customize the software on their own terms. The software can be used for super market, hypermarket, or even a salon. Retailers can simply enlist the price of all the goods and services to smoothen the checkout process. This retail POS software has intuitive features for marketing management and customer retention. The solution helps manage contact details of customers to run promotional campaigns and wish them on special occasions. The system also provides an in-built option for running bulk email and SMS campaigns to existing customers regarding new launches and special offers. 

How is Invoay POS Useful for Salon Owners?

Salon owners can benefit significantly from online booking and touch-screen appointment management features of Invoay retail POS software. Your customers can make appointments based on location, stylish or timings, as per their choice. Also, you can create different service packages for your customers to choose the best one and pay through wallets and prepaid cards. 

What are the features offered by Invoay Retail POS? 

Here are some key features offered by Invoay Retail POS Software:

  1. Point of sale 
  2. Appointment 
  3. Inventory management 
  4. Marketing management 
  5. Employee management 
  6. HR and Payroll
  7. Customer management
  8. Service package management 
  9. Mobile wallets and prepaid card management 
  10. Loyalty and membership programs 

What is the price of Invoay Retail Software?

Invoay Retail POS Software is available in three pricing plans: 

  1. Start – ₹ 12500/- for three months 
  2. Grow – ₹ 14000/- for three months 
  3. Expand – ₹ 18500/- for three months

Sold By : Invoay Software

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Invoay Retail POS Software Features

This service is specifically designed for managing point of sale activities like checkout.
The software allows retail store owners to book and schedule appointments for customers. It is usually used for service providing businesses.
This POS software allows retailers to manage all the back-end tasks.
Invoay Retail POS Software offers a multi-user interface for retailers to onboard all their employees for better operations management.
The software provides a dashboard which can be customized to check the business and workflow analytics in real-time.
This retail POS software helps businesses to create a customer database for the future outreach regarding new plans, discount offers, etc.
Retailers are notified automatically about inventory status, customer requests, memberships etc.
Upon checkout, operators can create a customer profile to enlist them under loyalty program for the future outreach.
This retail POS software offers an E-wallet which can be used by customers for online payment.
Invoay Retail POS Software helps retailers and service providers to market their business through SMS and email marketing campaigns, while simultaneously allowing them to monitor their sales performance.
The software uses OTP-based authentication for extra security.
Business owners can run advertisement campaigns to inform their existing customer base regarding new product and services launches.
Attendance of all the employees can be recorded with the help of Invoay retail POS software.
This retail POS software helps in staff commissioning for better resource allocation and workforce utilization.
You can keep track of all the members and purchase patterns to provide them better services and discount offers.
This retail POS software allows business owners to maintain customers’ birthday details to provide them special offers.
Business owners can track and record all their expenditures in real-time.
The software helps record all the revenue generated through sales at any given time.
Inventory management module records all the retail purchase activity and reminds retailers to reorder the inventory. It also generates barcodes and price labels for the faster checkout.
Any doubts and issues of the customer can be sorted through the inquiry management feature.
Retail owners can take feedback from their customers for services they provide to identify the areas where they can improve on.
This retail POS software allows business owners to initiate loyalty programs for customers to provide them discount and rewards every time they make a purchase.
The inventory module provides detailed insights into the supply-demand cycle.
Business owners can use this software to manage multiple retail operations seamlessly.
Invoay Retail POS Software offers social media plugins to post promotional offers online.
The software facilitates accurate incentive and payroll calculations for your staff by incorporating the attendance data.
Invoay retail POS software provides a mobile application for managing your retail operations effectively through smartphone.

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Invoay Retail POS Software Specifications


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Invoay Retail POS Software FAQs

Invoay Retail POS Software supports both Android and iPhone platforms.
Yes, you can integrate this retail POS software with your website.
Invoay Retail POS Software has an in-built payment gateway system which facilitates online payment.
Techjockey offers a demo for Invoay Retail POS Software. Please request a call to get the demo scheduled for yourself.
Yes, Invoay Retail POS Software is fully compatible with GST guidelines and helps with GST accounting.

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