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Microsoft Teams

Sold by : Microsoft

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About Microsoft Teams

What is Microsoft Teams? 

Microsoft teams is an essential official collaboration tool that allows offices to work from anywhere seamlessly. The software provides essential features such as live chat, video calls, video conferencing to stay in constant touch with their peers from remote locations. Companies can create focus groups based on departments and inter-departmental communication requirements. These focus groups provide users with features like chat and group video calling. It is a unified communication and collaboration platform that includes file storage and application integration for smooth operation. 

Microsoft Teams is the nerve center for teamwork under Office 365 package. The software facilitates effortless work from home as the solution allows users to share their work from one system to another. This online meeting software also enables users to work smoothly by providing tips to improve their workflow without any disruption. 

What are the features offered by Microsoft Teams? 

Here is a quick overview of the features offered by Microsoft Teams: 

  1. Online meetings 
  2. Phone calling 
  3. Video calling 
  4. Office 365 integration 
  5. Conversation channels
  6. Reduced dependency on email
  7. Direct access to email, Skype, OneDrive, and SharePoint 
  8. Third-party collaboration with vendors and clients 
  9. Automated setup across the suite 
  10. Email recognization 
  11. Advanced search
  12. Conversation threads

What are the benefits of Microsoft teams? 

  1. Interactive interface for enhanced productivity and communication
  2. Streamlining of all the tasks at hand 
  3. Transparent visibility of workflow 
  4. Digital workplace management
  5. Facilitates work from home
  6. Discussion threads for streamlined communication

Why Use Microsoft Teams? 

Microsoft Teams makes the meetings easier, flexible, and effective. If used efficiently, Microsoft Teams can be used to cut massive costs on office infrastructure as it digitizes the workplace. This online collaboration software is used by 3 million users across 181 different markets, ranging from the IT industry to automobile production. It is one of the fastest-growing collaboration tools worldwide. 

What is the price of Microsoft Teams? 

The price of the Microsoft Team starts from Rs. 150/- per user per month.

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Sold By : Microsoft

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Microsoft Teams Features

Microsoft Teams allows teams to directly switch to video call from group chat with a single click. 
This collaboration software enables users to make audio phone calls from phone and video calls with the help of skype integration. 
The software offers chatbots for team members to communicate with each other at any time. 
Companies can integrate Microsoft Teams with their ongoing APIs for data sharing and seamless functioning of inter-departmental workflow.
Microsoft Teams empower sales team, marketing teams, etc. to work in a collaborative manner and have the information about prospects and customers at their fingertips.
The software integrates with Office 365 and allows companies to share report files effortlessly. 
Microsoft Teams offers direct access to email (via outlook), Skype (for video calling), cloud storage (via OneDrive), and SharePoint (for collaboration).
This collaboration software allows users to work together on different projects easily. 
Microsoft Teams enforces top tier security guidelines to ensure user privacy and organizational confidentiality. 
This software offers compliance with all the essential guidelines and security protocols
The software allows user to establish communication through various means in real-time.
Companies can create interest groups for departments for instant communication and meeting through video calling. 
Microsoft Teams allows users to send voicemail messages in case the phone call does not go through. 
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Microsoft Teams Specifications


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Microsoft Teams FAQs

A. Techjockey provides a demo before purchase for interested buyers for Microsoft Teams. Please request a call to get the demo scheduled.
A. Microsoft Teams uses cloud-based services of OneDrive to save all the company details.
A. Yes, this collaboration software is available for both Android and iPhone platforms.
A. No, users can simply login with their outlook email ID from both Microsoft Teams and Office 365 to automatically synchronize their data.
A. Here are the hardware requirements for Microsoft Teams: ?1. Processor: Minimum 1.6GHz (both 32-bit and 64-bit)? 2. Memory: 2 GB RAM? 3. Hard Disk: 3 GB? 4. Display: 1024 x 768 screen resolution

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Microsoft Teams

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