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sumHR is a modern, delightful, and extremely easy to use Human Resource Management Software that helps startups and SMEs streamline their HR & payroll processes. The software aims at automating the existing excel based manual process of managing employee payroll and undertake the required activities. The software brings together the various pieces of HRM together like attendance & leave management, payroll processing, employee data and profile management, etc.
Product Features
sumHR is a holistic HRM solution which aims at making the life of HR team easy by automating the various day to day activities and bringing them on a single platform and evading the boring spreadsheets from the process. The solution takes care of day to day management activities by empowering the HR folks with various tools and functionalities. Below are the specific features:
  • Attendance monitoring - With this, a user can create & manage shifts, define attendance policies, track every employee’s in/out time, record work-from-home/out-duty attendance, and much more.
    • Shift management - Easily create and manage shifts for employees across teams. Users can assign separate shifts for different types of employees based on departments, employee types, and multiple office locations.
    • Attendance policies – Users can create customized attendance policies as per their organizational needs with time tracking and attendance system.
    • Web based attendance - Employees can easily log in/out from the comfort of their browsers
    • Work from home – Employees can clock-in easily and mark the same online on sumHR
  • Leave tracking - Provides the flexibility to create and manage leave policies, track employee leaves, decide application workflows, and more
    • Leave policies – Users can customize leave policy rules regarding pro-rating balances, accrual calculations, half-day permissions, carrying over yearly unused leaves, applying for previous dates, clubbing of leaves, over utilization and more
    • Leave balance counters - Employees can effortlessly track past leave history and check current leave balances in a jiffy. The leaves page will also display all previous leave applications and their associated conversations under them.
    • Company policy FAQs - Employees can simply click-over to the policy and find the answers to their questions, themselves.
    • Holidays – There is a pre-defined list of public holidays for the year. Users can simply click-n-choose the ones you'd like to implement across the organization.
    • Bulk leave imports - Helps import existing leaves data into sumHR using .CSV files.
  • FnF settlement – Helps keep a track of all exited employee records and pending FNFs in one place
    • Manage salary structure - Create and manage multiple salary structures for various seniority levels with payroll management system
    • One click payroll processing - Setup and automate the most complex payroll procedures with ease and run entire payroll process with a single click using sumHR's payroll software
  • Employee directory – Employee database management is made easier than ever with:
    • Employee profiles - Employees can access and fill up their profile with all the important info like address, phone numbers, dates, etc.
    • Company directory - The Company Directory serves as a repository for easy access to every employee's profile. Finding employee information becomes a cinch through this directory.
    • Smart search – Users just have type what you're looking for, whether it's a name, address, or a number string, and watch sumHR do its magic!
    • Data filters - Irrespective of the number of employees, users can effortlessly sift through the company directory and list employees of their choice by just clicking on the filters
    • Quick action - Company Directory's intuitively designed interface allows you to carry out quick actions for any profile, with a couple of clicks.
    • Bulk import data – HRs can effortlessly import your existing employee data to sumHR, using spreadsheets. Names, addresses, numbers, dates, departments, bank details, everything!
  • Employee management – Provides a very useful and a much-needed tool which enables free and easy communication within people in organization, irrespective of their team, departments, or locations.
    • Share updates - Employees can post their thoughts, some news, an image, or may be an interesting link.
    • Democratize decisions – Undertake polls feature of Streams to democratize decision-making
    • Schedule events – Scheduling events will help employees show their intention about whether they'd be attending the event
    • Work/interest groups - Create work or interest groups in Streams to enable dedicated and private channels for employees to collaborate within
    • Reduce e-mails - Move away from inefficient email-based internal communication to quick, interactive enterprise social communications
    • Tags & tasks - When posting anything in Streams, you can tag the message with something contextual
About The Company
sumHR is a cloud based new-age product, designed and developed for growing companies. Our product now streamlines HR management for 20000+ employees across 250+ organizations in India. The company’s mission is to change the way companies look at Human Resource Management and want to make the lives of HR professionals easier and happier by automating processes and eliminating the error-prone, highly unreliable spreadsheets. 

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