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About sumHR

What is sumHR?

sumHR software is a cloud-based human resource management software based in India. The software enables startups and SMEs to streamline their day-to-day HR and payroll processes. It provides users with connectivity and access to valuable information from anywhere around the world. Users can automate the existing excel based manual process of managing employee payroll and undertaking the required activities. sumHR allows its users to monitor the attendance of employees and track their leaves along with biometrics integrations.

How sumHR Helps with Payroll Management

The software enables its users to keep track of all records of the exited employees and their pending full and final settlements in one place. Using the sumHR, users can automate and set up the most complex payroll operations easily and run the overall payroll process within a few clicks. The software assists its users to manage the salary structure of employees. You can create and manage multiple salary structures for various levels based on seniority along with the help of the payroll management system.

sumHR Features for Employee Management

  1. sumHR software enables its users to maintain secure and free communication among the people in the organization through the useful tool of employee management.
  2. The users can communicate to members of different departments, teams or locations within the same organization. 
  3. The software allows its users to create interest or workgroups in the stream and hence enable private and dedicated channels for employees within the organization to collaborate.
  4. It also allows users to share updates through images, links or news with the employees.
  5. The users can tag the messages sent with something contextual while posting it on streams.

Pricing of sumHR

sumHR software provides its users with one plan costing Rs.49/- for each month and allows one user.

Benefits of using sumHR

  1. There are several benefits of using sumHR software such as it helps maintain effective communication throughout the organization.
  2. The user can keep an accurate track of the leaves and unavailability of their employees with the help of biometric machines. 
  3. sumHR software assists users in maintaining their taxes and the bonus processings. 
  4. It enables users to complete full and final settlements without any hassle and store everything on the web.
  5. Consistent performance evaluation for employees
  6. Applicant tracking and social media recruitment

Sold By : sumHR

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sumHR Features

The software enables users to create and manage shifts and keep track on the attendance of employees through the software.
The new Performance Review module of sumHR allows users to keep track of the performance of every employee and also set reminders for timely reviews.
The software uses eSSL servers to provide users with a robust biometric attendance system.
Bid adieu to getting leave applications approved and tracked on emails. With sumHR’s Leave Management System you get the flexibility to create and manage leave policies, track employee leaves, decide application workflows, and more.
This enables users to upload data and export them in spreadsheets in an organized manner.
The software accumulates the data of employees into heavyweight text, files and images, making it easier for users to find information regarding their employees.
The software enables the HR team and management to make crucial decisions based on real insights through comprehensive and analytical data.
 This feature enables its users to tackle all the reimbursement requests from one place, hence reducing confusion for users.
The software allows tracking the entire work lifecycle of every employee to plan their learning & growth. 
sumHR assists its users to manage the recruitment of their employees.  
Users can manage and calculate the taxes of employees and organizations through the software.
The software enables its users to track and manage their expenses to get effective results.
This feature enables users to manage and track the schedule of individual employees with ease.
The software helps companies provide sufficient helpdesk assistance to its employees.
Users can track and manage the loans and proceedings of each employee. 
 The software generates educational strategies to achieve the learning outcomes for every employee.
The software records the amount of worker’s time spent on each task by individual employees. 
This feature helps users evaluate their daily business activities and make effective decisions based on the data generated.
The software keeps track of organiza enabling users to make decisions regarding buying and selling assets based on the information provided by the software.  

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sumHR FAQs

A. Yes, the software provides users with performance reviews of the employees.
A. Yes, the software provides payroll features that allow the user to manage the payroll activities.
A. Yes, the software is straightforward to install and use, and an individual can use it without any complications.
A. The software is suitable for industries like ITES, education, E-Commerce and retail.
A. The software provides various HRM services like attendance and leaves management, employee data and profile management and payroll processing.

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